Singapore Man Toils For 6 Months To Wear Spider-Man Costume For Son’s Birthday

Boy gets superhero birthday surprise Parents are our unsung superheros. They protect us, put us first before themselves. And they do it without expecting anything in return. A touching video of a father turning into the superhero he wants his son to see him as has captured the hearts of...

10 SMRT Memes That Will Leave You Breaking Down In Fits Of Laughter

Singaporeans Unleash Their Funny Side Amidst The Numerous Train Breakdowns This must be the worst week for train service authorities in Singapore's entire history. Following the collision of two trains at Joo Koon station on 15 Nov, four out of the country's five train lines endured breakdowns this week. On the...

17-Year-Old S’porean Ran 10km Along School Corridor Daily; Now He’s A SEA Games Nominee

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

8 HDB Neighbours From Hell We Hope You’ll Never Encounter In Singapore

Some are really crappy neighbours.

LKY Is On Life Support, Because That’s What Mechanical Ventilation Is

Singapore media insists on using 'mechanical ventilation' over 'life support' As you probably know by now, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew is in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after being admitted for severe pneumonia. On Thursday (26 February), the Prime Minister's Office confirmed that Mr Lee remains on mechanical ventilation,...

NUS Students Mourn Engin Canteen’s Closure, Now S’poreans Are Sad Too

You will be dearly missed Ayam Panggang stall.

McDonald’s Curry Sauce To Finally Return After 4-Month Disappearance

McDonald Teases Singaporeans With Long-awaited Curry Sauce Comeback Today (16 June), McDonald's Singapore posted a Facebook post of a Minion drawn using some fries, nuggets, and dip sauces, and a super suggestive caption. Source Look out for mini moments of fun coming your way, very soon? What could that possibly be? Minion Fries? Nope! Minion...

Maids Of Singapore: Domestic Helpers Tell All – Part 1

Four domestic helpers tell us life stories from the heart A typical day in Singapore looks something like this: Source A sea of (mostly) tired and flustered faces amidst frustrating peak hour crowds, each with a different story to tell. Some longingly look forward to a hot bowl of rice back home, some excitedly anticipate...


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