Hong Kong Porn Sites Shut Down & Urge Users To Join The Protests

Please, there are more pressing matters than pornography.

Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign

She claims she gave birth without doctors and painkillers.

SBS Driver Stops Bus To Give Construction Workers Bread; Teaches Us The Value Of...

The bus driver used to work as a construction worker.

S’pore Artist’s Comic About Japan & Singapore Proves Both Societies Are Same Same But...

When was the last time you greeted the bus uncle/auntie?

Saffrons Restaurant Staff Wear Pick-Up Line T-Shirts That’ll Make Your Heart Less Kosong

These #mamakpickuplines are sure to work.

Busy Boyfriend Makes Chatbot To Reply His GF; She Ends Up Sending It 300...

300 texts a day, keeps relationship woes away.

Women’s Boot Camp 2019 Gives Girls A 2D1N Staycation In SAF Camp For Below...

Free facial, food-tasting and playground facilities.


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