12 Lessons Learnt From Bike-Sharing Companies’ Failure In Singapore

Can Han Hui Hui get our deposits back?

Yishun Has The Most Durian Trees In Singapore, Says NParks’ New Urban Forest Website

NParks' Urban Forest Website Maps Out 500,000 Trees In Singapore Yishun has been called many things. From the home of a serial cat-killer, to a place where bizarre things occur -- like a random temple-dwelling taxi or a local cannabis drug lab. But Yishun residents now have one more thing to boast about -- being...

6 Things About Peranakans In Singapore That ‘Little Nyonya’ Didn’t Teach You

Peranakans In Singapore - Wedding Specialists & Kitchen Gods Abound Many of us know that Peranakan men are called Babas while the women are known as Nyonyas. We play host to many Peranakans in Singapore, and enjoy their beautiful architecture, which have sometimes been dubbed as the "Chinese Baroque". "Chinese Baroque" Source But beyond...

Man Writes Heart-Wrenching Poem In Tribute To Fallen CFC Dave Lee, After Military Funeral

Tributes Pour In As CFC Dave Lee's Friends And Family See Him Off At A Military Funeral The wordless grief of a mother who's lost her son, echoes in stark contrast to a nation yearning for answers. 900 people turned up to pay tribute to Corporal First Class Dave (CFC) Lee...

Why Was The Sports Hub Rejected As NDP Host?

NS Square To Take Over As Primary Venue For NDP  On Monday (Oct 30) Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the NS Square - formerly known as the Marina Bay Floating Platform - would be taking over the Singapore Sports Hub as the primary venue for Singapore's National Day Parade...

CNA Documentary Shows That The Class Divide Is Real In Singapore

The Class Divide Only Gets Worse In Our Schools "If you have the most expensive things, you're the most popular also." This is how one lower primary student feels about the rich and the poor in her school. So what exactly was "expensive" to the student? Smiggle pencil case, Smiggle bag, whatever...

S’porean Father Shows Unconditional Love By Supporting His Daughter’s Life Choices

A touching tale of unconditional fatherly love.

7 Reasons Why Our National Stadium Has Been Nominated As World’s Best

Lee Hsien Loong outspends the Arabs Our beloved National Stadium finally makes the news for something other than its failed hybrid pitch. Believe it or not, the Stadium is running to be the Stadium of the Year 2014, a competition organised by website stadiumdb.com. Source To qualify for this competition, stadiums have to...

7 Singapore Icons That Have Been Bizarrely Struck By Lightning

Thunderstorm Galore Creates Damage Like A Hammer Down From Thor Located 127 kilometres north of the Equator, Singapore's tropical characteristics are highly favourable conditions for the formation of lightning-producing thunderstorms. Thus, in addition to many titles held by this country, the island also has another for being one the highest occurrence of...

S’porean Lady Shares What It’s Like To Live With 28 Different Personalities

She never lets her traumatic past define her.



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