Opinion: Singaporeans, Face It: We’re Still Not Wearing Our Masks Properly

Cases will only spread if we can't wear 'em properly, this reader argues.

Stop Smokers From Lighting Up In Crowded Areas, It’s Risky As They Have Masks...

Lighting up with masks down is a recipe for Covid-19 spread, he argues.

S’poreans Can Afford To Be Kinder To Themselves & Others

It is okay if we don't meet our expectations now.

We Must Increase Mental Health Awareness At Schools & Workplaces After RVHS Incident

Mental health issues must be discussed more openly.

Opinion: We Need To Take Action Against Scam Calls To Safeguard S’poreans

Taking a proactive approach may be required.

Local Qualifying Salary Should Be Pegged To $2K Monthly Due To Cost Of Living...

The reader is curious as to whether the amount is stagnant.

Opinion: Can We Trust The OneService App For Making Safe Distancing Reports?

The reader has made several reports, seemingly to no avail.

Opinion: S’pore Should Make WFH Default Until Cases Ease To Save Our Healthcare System

A growing number of clusters are at workplaces.

Sponsors Who Falsely Declared Info To ICA Under Familial Ties Lane Should Be Prosecuted

Strict deterrence is necessary after the KTV lounge cluster outbreak.


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