This Realistic Bak Kwa Pouch Helps You Prank Your Cousins During CNY

These bak kwa pouches are calorie-free.

WoodFire JB Sells Monster Burgers Dripping With So Much Cheese They Should Be Illegal

Meat you on the other side of the Causeway!

Milo Chicken Chop Is The Latest Craze At Cheese Banjir Restaurant In KL

This chicken chop will send Milo dinosaur into extinction.

Hi-Chew Ice Cream Bars Exist In Taiwan So You Can Officially Chew Your Candy...

One ice cream bar is bigger than an entire Hi-Chew pack.

Mala Nissin Cup Noodles Exist In Japan & You Can Get Them In Singapore...

Probably da la, so you've been warned.

10 Old-School Singapore Drink Advertisements That Prove Nostalgia Is Real

Old-School Singapore Drink Ads Most of us drink Milo or Horlicks every morning without much thought. But these brands have actually existed for decades, probably before you were even born. Before colour printing and social media existed, newspaper ads were traditionally the only way these companies could reach consumers. Here’s a flash...

$12 For 12 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts Only On 31 Jan

Donut miss this $1/piece deal.

Durian Lava Buns Shaped Like Real Durian Seeds From Bangkok Going Viral In Singapore

Durian Lava Buns From Phoenix Lava In Bangkok Are Every Durian Lover's Dream Come True Don't want none unless you got Durian Lava Buns hun. Char-grilled durians are so last season. Believe us when we say this is the new in-thing: Singaporeans are going cray cray for these Durian Lava Buns from Phoenix...

Goodbye, Childhood. Island Creamery Exits Serene Centre, Will Move To Holland Village

Island Creamery At Serene Centre Relocating To Holland Village, Photos On Famous Wall Taken Down Over the past few days, fans of the home-grown ice cream brand have been returning to Island Creamery at Serene Centre to collect nostalgic photos of their yesteryears. That's because Island Creamery has announced that they're...



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