Polar Curry Puffs Going For $1 Each At 12 Outlets Till 3 Apr

Cheap curry puffs, anyone?

Ikea’s Chicken Wings Are Finally Back And Selling For Just $1

Return Of The Wings Typically for Singapore, the most famous product from a household and furniture store isn't furniture, but chicken wings. When Ikea Singapore announced in May that it would stop selling its much-loved chicken wings due to customer feedback over the drop in quality, fans would be forgiven for...

Toblerone And M&M’s Ice Cream Sticks Now Available At S’pore Cold Storage

Childhood dreams do come true.

S’pore Style Ice Cream Sold In Taiwan As Street Food Is A Cult Hit...

Will we see ice cream bread in Taiwan next?

Ministry Of Food Closes S’pore Branches Suddenly, Only 26 Outlets Left From Original 80

The owner is unable to pay rent due to frozen bank accounts.

S’pore IKEA Hotdog’s Sausage Is So Long, You’ll Have To Jio A Friend To...

Frankly, it looks really good.

Free Kit Kat Blind Box Service Delivers 14 Crazy Flavours To Your Doorstep

Take a break, have a Kit Kat!

Durian Lava Buns Shaped Like Real Durian Seeds From Bangkok Going Viral In Singapore

Durian Lava Buns From Phoenix Lava In Bangkok Are Every Durian Lover's Dream Come True Don't want none unless you got Durian Lava Buns hun. Char-grilled durians are so last season. Believe us when we say this is the new in-thing: Singaporeans are going cray cray for these Durian Lava Buns from Phoenix...

Debris Found In Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea From Malaysia & Singapore 

Be careful when drinking packet drinks.


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