Capital 21 Mall In JB Opening On 17 October, So Get Your Wallets Ready

JB's Largest Mall With An Indoor Theme Park Opens In 2 Weeks Are you still thinking of how to make the most of the high SGD - Ringgit rate? Well, don't think any further because Capital 21 Mall will be opening in Johor Bahru (JB) on 17 October! You won't have to...

Nike & Adidas Goods On Sale From S$30 At KSL City Till 18 Nov

Sneakerheads, take note.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter JB From Singapore Via Different Modes Of...

Cost Of Travelling From Singapore To Johor Bahru It's no secret that many Singaporeans head across the Causeway to run errands, go for a massage or have a feast in Johor Bahru (JB). With the favourable exchange rate, you've probably set aside money for the fun stuff. But how much would you need...

12 Singaporean Army Songs That Will Make Any NSMan Echo Out Loud

Today is my bookout day.

4 Of Singapore’s Richest Families And How They Made Their Wealth

Meet Singapore's Richest Families The Young family of Crazy Rich Asians might have made a splash in Hollywood but they aren't the only crazy rich families in Singapore. Here are 4 of Singapore's richest families: 1. The Ng family Industry: Property Worth: S$16.24 billion You can't curate a list of rich Singaporeans without mentioning the Ng...

Netizen Allegedly Charged $50 Less Off SP Bills By Submitting Images Of Meter Readings

This will help you get more accurate utility bills.

Lucky 4D Number ‘7132’ Won $4850 Over The Years: 4D Analytics Project

Lucky 4D Numbers Real? 4D Analytics Project Done By Guys Who Took On MRT Delays After analysing MRT delays, a local team has put their knowledge of data analytics to good use again -- calculating 4D numbers and their winning odds. Users u/Sproinkerino and u/captmomo hoped to investigate whether it's true that "some numbers...

Legend Of Hao Lan Reunites 9 Yanxi Palace Actors & It’s Showing In S’pore...

To siam questions from kaypoh aunties, tell them about this show.


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