12 Singaporean Army Songs That Will Make Any NSMan Echo Out Loud

Today is my bookout day.

Pineapple Store Owner Gets Epic ‘Ong Lai’ Hairstyle To Increase Sales & It Worked

Why's that guy wearing a pineap... oh wait.

7 Reasons R&F Mall In Johor Bahru Is Basically City Square 2.0 For S’poreans

Has high-SES theatre & massive supermarket.

7 Ways To Become A Datuk In Malaysia, Just Like Jackie Chan And Aaron...

Attaining Datukship In Malaysia May Not Be As Impossible As You Think Back in the day, the title of Datuk was bestowed only to select individuals. This included aging high-ranking civil servants, ministers in the cabinet, and judges in the High Court and above. In some cases, super rich towkays were...

Mid Valley Southkey Is The Largest Integrated Mall In JB And Closer To S’pore...

A short 10-min drive from JB customs.


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