Suspended National Gallery Restaurant Sorry For Disappointing Guests, Will Improve Safety Measures

Gemma Steakhouse Suspended 20 Days For Halloween Party Involving 75 Guests Who Mingled Across Tables

Since we were allowed to dine out from the start of Phase 2, safe management measures (SMMs) have been conveyed clearly to all food and beverage (F&B) establishments.

Yet, in the last 6 months we’ve seen cases of diners flouting the rules at various eateries across Singapore, causing them to be fined and/or suspended.

The latest F&B outlet to attract attention in a negative way is Gemma, a steakhouse on the 5th floor of the National Gallery.


After being suspended for 20 days for hosting a Halloween party involving 75 guests, they’ve apologised for disappointing guests.

They’ll use the time to improve their safe management measures.

Restaurant hosted Halloween dinner

In a news release from the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) on Friday (4 Dec), the restaurant was the venue of a Halloween-themed dinner.

75 guests in total attended the event, which was organised by a private members’ club.

Photo for illustration purposes only

All the diners were either members of the club or their guests. They were seated at tables of up to 5 people.

Guests intermingled, didn’t wear masks

However, CCTV footage of the event was seen by the authorities.

It revealed that though the diners were seated in tables of up to 5, they still intermingled frequently between tables.

Restaurant staff didn’t take reasonable steps to prevent such behaviour from occurring, according to the footage.


The diners also didn’t wear their masks when they weren’t eating or drinking.

According to the law, specifically the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020, F&B outlets are not allowed to accept booking from groups of more than 5 people.

This applies even if the people are split across multiple tables.

Intermingling between the groups is also not allowed.

Gemma ordered to shut down

For its violations, Gemma was ordered by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to shut down its operations for 20 days till 22 Dec — double the duration compared with other restaurants that were given just 10 days.


Investigations are also ongoing into possible breaking of the rules for by various parties, and “a serious view” is being taken of the incident.

MSE added that although dining out “involves considerable risks”, a minority still continue to breach SMMs.

Thus, the ministry added,

We will not hesitate to take strong enforcement action against operators and individuals who treat SMMs with flagrant disregard.

Gemma apologises for disappointing guests

In a Facebook post on Friday (4 Dec), Gemma apologised for disappointing supporters and guests.


The restaurant didn’t refer explicitly to the breaching of rules.

But it did, however, mention that it was especially sorry for disappointing guests who had made reservations during the period of the suspension.

These reservations have now been affected.


The outlet will respect the authorities’ decision, and take the time in the next few weeks of suspension to improve its SMMs.

Gemma will reopen for business on 23 Dec.

According to a previous post on Facebook, the restaurant opened for business just weeks ago, on 21 Oct.


Unfortunately for them, that means they’ve had to close just 6 weeks after opening for the first time.

Netizen rages against restaurant

Not all took the announcement on Gemma’s Facebook post kindly, with one netizen of the opinion that the restaurant should have apologised for flouting SMMs, instead of disappointing customers.


However, at least one comment showed support for the outlet, telling them to “stay strong”.


Another netizen also accused the restaurant of blocking the comments.


Covid-19 still a grave threat, be socially responsible

6 months into Phase 2, it seems that some may have forgotten that Covid-19 still exists in Singapore.

As dining in at public places is considered risky due to the enclosed spaces and maskless eating, we still have to be socially responsible for the sake of community health.

Restaurant operators have a particularly tough job regulating the behaviour of its patrons, but it simply must be done.

Hear this restaurant owner’s plea on why safe distancing is important:

Safe Distancing Is Matter Of Life & Death For Businesses, Says S’pore Eatery Owner

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Jurong Big Box To Be Redeveloped Into Business Park, Expected Completion In Late-2021

Jurong Big Box To Be Redeveloped Into Business Park, Will Be A Convenient Working Space For Office Staff

Those who stay in the West will be familiar with the Big Box, the warehouse shopping mall in Jurong.

Ailing from low traffic, plans for its sale ran as far back as 2018.

On Friday (4 Dec), a $118 million deal on the Jurong property has reportedly been closed.

Big BoxSource

Come late-2021, the mall will be developed into a business park.

Big Box redevelopment to be completed in 2021

In a press release, Perennial Real Estate said they have bought over Big Box for $118 million.

The mall, which is located in Jurong Lake District, will be transformed into a business park that will house offices.

Big BoxSource

The redevelopment works are expected to be “progressively complete” from the fourth quarter of 2021.

The property will be renamed Perennial Business City.

Image courtesy of Perennial Real Estate Holdings 

Big Box to make way for office spaces

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), CBRE Singapore will be handling the marketing and leasing of spaces in Perennial Business City.

Managing Director Mr Moray Armstrong says the property has generous floor to ceiling height, allowing for high-play structures.

It is their hope that spaces within the business park will appeal to a younger workforce.


Furthermore, the property is conveniently situated near Jurong East MRT while being easily reached via various expressways.

Perhaps this would make it an attractive space for businesses to set up shop.

Image courtesy of Perennial Real Estate Holdings

Future business park near shopping malls

One potential reason for Big Box’s decline may be the presence of competitors like JEM and Westgate located nearby.

Nearby mallsSource

However, future business staff will have the benefit of working near such malls that are great for lunch breaks and post-work hangouts.

Goodbye Big Box

While some Westies may be saddened by the loss of Big Box, the silver lining is that there are still plenty of other malls and amenities in the area.

With this new business park on the horizon, Jurong is further on its course to becoming a bustling business hub.

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GBTB’s Majestic Castle & Nutcracker Dolls Will Transport You To Europe For Christmas

GBTB’s Christmas Decorations Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Holiday In Europe

Those who are planning a staycation itinerary have a new spot to consider. Gardens by the Bay’s (GBTB) Flower Dome has undergone a festive transformation with its new Poinsettia Wishes floral display this Christmas.


For those who’ve been craving a slice of Europe, this will be your chance to live that magical wintery holiday.

Castles & nutcrackers in a garden wonderland

While we cannot fly over to any temperate countries, the Flower Dome at GBTB may be the closest thing to a wintery holiday.

According to their website, visitors will get to see Gouda Townhall, a replica of the real one in the Dutch city of Gouda.


Though we can’t visit the actual place in the Netherlands this year, this almost life-like installation will give an experience close enough to it.

Standing guard in front of the townhall and all around the Flower Dome are tall nutcracker dolls that resemble soldiers.


Fans of the popular ballet and kiddos will have fun taking photos with these sculptures.

You may want to plug in your earpiece and play Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite to amp up that holiday spirit as you explore the Flower Dome.

Those who plan to visit GBTB at night will have the chance to see handcrafted light sculptures that will transport you to the streets of Italy.

Light sculpturesSource

With the starry sky as the backdrop when you look up, the entire experience will feel like an unbelievable dream.

Festive flowers bring Christmas to GBTB

On top of the decorations, deep red Poinsettia plants will make the Christmas vibes even stronger.

Festive flowersSource

They are native to Mexico, where they’re locally known as Flor de Nochebuena, which translates to “Christmas Eve Flower”.

Another festive red plant that will make an appearance is the kalanchoe.

Festive flowersSource

Looking a lot like red roses, this plant hails from Madagascar and South Africa, truly offering us an international experience.

Of course, no Christmas celebration is complete without Christmas trees.

Christmas treesSource

You’ll spot several fully decorated ones complete with Christmas Stars on top, spreading the festive cheer at every turn.

The Poinsettia Wishes display is on from 27 Nov 2020 to 3 Jan 2021, so mark your calendars for your visit.

Before dropping by this winter wonderland, you should purchase tickets via this link.

Once you’ve done that, check out how to get there:

Address: Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Bayfront

Bring your loved ones on a Christmas outing to GBTB

With decorations highlighting different ways countries celebrate Christmas, Singaporeans’ wanderlust may be satisfied with a visit to GBTB’s Flower Dome.

Since they’re working with 4 Nordic Embassies on the displays, you know you’ll be in for quite an authentic Christmas experience.

Plan a visit there with the fam soon, to round off your 2020 posts on Instagram.

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The Animal Resort In Seletar To Close After 20 Years, S’poreans Bid Farewell To Rustic ‘Kampung Zoo’

Seletar Zoo ‘The Animal Resort’ Closes On 10 Jan 2021

Tucked away in an ulu area of Seletar is The Animal Resort, Singapore’s very own little animal paradise.

The animal resort Source

Since its inception, the place has brought joy to many with their free roaming birds and close animal encounters.

But on Wednesday (2 Dec), The Animal Resort announced on Facebook that they will soon be closing the establishment.

The animal resort Source

After 20 years in operation, this animal haven will be sorely missed by visitors.

Last day on 10 Jan 2021

The Animal Resort will cease operations on 10 Jan 2021.

This comes after the animal feeding farm is unable to meet NParks’ requirements to renew their farm licence for another 2 years.

The animal resort Source

To continue their operations, they reportedly had to invest around $250,000 for the upkeep and maintenance of the place.

With no possibility of extension of their lease beyond 2 years, the decision didn’t seem feasible for a small business like theirs.

According to the Facebook post, half of the farm will soon be levelled to build roads.

The owners assured that they will rehome the animals after the farm closes, and will ensure that they are safe and in good hands.

Close encounters with animals at The Animal Resort

Unlike your usual menagerie, The Animal Resort has free roaming chickens and wooden huts that emanates kampung vibes.


Stepping into the farm is like stepping right back to 1960s Singapore.

With horses, peacocks, guinea pigs, fishes and many more, the place has brought smiles to many faces, young and old alike.


From getting up close and personal with animals to feeding them, The Animal Resort has certainly provided an experience like no other.


Spend an afternoon in the company of animals

While not as massive as other animal sanctuaries like the Singapore Zoo, The Animal Resort has a rustic charm of its own.

So if you’re planning to spend an afternoon in the company of some animals before the place closes, here are their details.

The Animal Resort
81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798058
Opening hours: 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm on Fri-Sun and Public Holidays
Nearest MRT station: Yio Chu Kang

After reaching Yio Chu Kang MRT, you will have to catch bus 86 and alight at ‘Bef Seletar West Farmway 4’.

Do remember their last day will be on 10 Jan 2021, so don’t miss your chance to catch these adorable animals.

Will you want to visit The Animal Farm? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Geylang Resident Refuses To Sell Terrace Bought By Late Mum, Condo Developers Build Around It

2 Geylang Homeowners Refuse To Sell Terrace To Condo Developers

As Singapore continues to grow and develop, more residential areas are being built. Like all things, however, there’s inevitably a price to be paid.

In this case, old properties have to be acquired and demolished in order for new ones to be built.

Recently, developers looking to build a condominium along in Geylang encountered difficulties when 2 homeowners refused to sell their properties despite being offered high prices.

The developers have literally resorted to working around it as they build the condominium in a ‘U’ shape next to the 2 terrace houses.

geylang refuse sellSource

One of the houses is located in the middle of the condominium property while the other lies behind it.

Geylang Resident refuses to sell house late mother bought

One of the Geylang residents who refused to sell their house is 60-year-old Mr Goh.

Currently, his house is sandwiched between the construction site of Noma – an upcoming condominium – and La Brisa, another condominium.


Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Goh expressed that the house was bought by his late mother. He now lives with his sister in the Geylang residence.

Besides the sentimental value that the house holds, Mr Goh also reportedly enjoys sitting out in the garden – where angelfish and birds are kept – and watching the city “come to life”.

Mr Goh also felt that the freehold property lease is now hard to find.

The Noma condominium developer first approached the stretch of 7 landed houses with offers in 2017. While the other 5 houses struck a deal with the developer that amounted to $20.55 million, Mr Goh and another owner refused, reported

Turns out, Mr Goh had apparently received tempting offers on previous occasions too.

In fact, this was already the second time Mr Goh refused a lucrative offer. Years ago, he also refused to sell to a developer that eventually built La Brisa condo — now located right beside his house.

geylang refuse sellSource

The Geylang resident was adamant that no amount of money will sway him, reports Shin Min Daily News.

Guillemard Road terrace is the lone house standing

Down the road, the owner of a property along Guillemard Road also refused to sell their home.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the first floor of the property is being used as a Buddhist hall while the second floor is occupied by the caretaker.

Speaking to the Chinese newspaper, the caretaker isn’t sure why the homeowner refused to sell the property.

Houses beside the residence, however, were all sold to the developer.

geylang terrace condoSource

As of Aug 2020, the house is the only one of its kind in the area and is surrounded by the construction site of Noma condominium.

geylang terrace condoSource

Condo to be built around Geylang terrace house

While Mr Goh’s refusal to sell his house does not disrupt the building of the new condominium much, the other property – which houses the Buddhist hall – will be right in the middle of it.

geylang terrace condoRed: Condo development
Yellow: Houses which were not sold 


This means the Noma condominium will literally be built around the house along Guillemard Road in a horseshoe shape.

geylang terrace condoSource

This makes for a site design that segments the condominium into 2 parts.

Conveniently located near several MRTs, coupled with the fact that it’s a freehold area, its easy to see why properties there are attractive to potential buyers.

Geylang is a highly sought after area

Given the above reasons, it is easy to see why homeowners will be reluctant to sell their long-time homes.

Nonetheless, we’re glad the developers eventually found a way to literally work around the dilemma. It certainly gives the new condominium some added character!

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Universal Studios Japan To Have Mario Kart AR Ride That Lets You Throw Shells At Other Racers

Universal Studios Japan Has Mario Kart AR Ride Set In Bowser’s Castle

Many of us will have fond memories of huddling around the TV racing each other in Mario Kart, while throwing shells at each other in-game

Well, Mario Kart fans have something to look forward to when Covid-19 dies down and borders reopen.

Super Nintendo World will open in Universal Studios Japan on 4 Feb 2021 and will feature Mario Kart rides that incorporates augmented reality (AR).

Mario KartSource

With the help of technology, riders will be able to collect items and throw shells just like in the game. Mamma-mia!

Opening postponed during pandemic

Super Nintendo World is built in Universal Studios Japan and is a life-sized replica of different segments of the game, such as Bowser’s Castle.

Mario KartSource

Its opening was supposed to take place this summer but that was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Bloomberg.

Mario KartSource

IRL Mario Kart allows you to throw shells at racers

Over the course of the ‘race’, riders can challenge each other and collect virtual coins via a smart wristband.


Smart WristbandSource

Those who have played the game will be familiar with the shells that are used to sabotage enemy drivers.

While wearing AR headsets, visitors will be able to do this for real as they can collect items and throw shells at targets along the ride to collect points.


Along with the Mario Kart ride, visitors can also get on Yoshi’s Adventure ride and more.


Japan still out of reach

While the new attraction at Universal Studios Japan looks plenty fun, it seems that avid travellers and fans of Mario Kart will still have to wait.

Overall viewSource

After all, a travel bubble between our two countries hasn’t been formed. Here’s to hoping that things get better come Feb next year. Wa-hoo!

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HaveFun KTV Opens Bistro At SAFRA Yishun, Dine In Insta-Worthy Private Rooms From $10

HaveFun Bistro In Yishun Has KTV Rooms So You Can Dine To Your Fave Tunes

Singapore’s karaoke outlets are some of the businesses worst hit by restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They’ve been closed since Mar, though an upcoming pilot will see them reopen soon with stringent safe management measures and Covid-19 tests.

However, before they can reopen for singing activities under the pilot in Jan, KTV outlets are finding other ways to make use of their gorgeous and comfortable premises to gain income.

One of them is HaveFun KTV, which has just opened a bistro at its premises in SAFRA Yishun.


While no singing is allowed, guests can wine and dine in their Insta-worthy KTV rooms where you’re free to take photos and listen to music in privacy.

Prices start from $10++

Facebook user Ms Vivien Teo shared this new destination in the group Daiso & Lobang Lovers SG, saying that prices start from just $10++ for a private KTV room.


The best part is, you don’t need to be a SAFRA member to eat there.

And since it’s new, the prices are affordable and it won’t be too crowded.

Luxurious private KTV rooms

Here’s a glimpse of some of the the luxurious private KTV rooms.


As expected, they’ve been fitted out for maximum comfort and Insta-worthiness.


We think groups (of up to 5 people, of course) will have great time accumulating gorgeous shots for the ‘gram.


All the time in the world to pose for photos

The best part is, you’ll be mostly doing it in a private room, that means you can take all the time you want posing for that perfect shot.


No curious stares from onlookers and annoyed glares from others who also want their glamour pics.

Of course, the plush couches with cushions are also perfect for lounging around, listening to music and gobbling down food.


A range of gourmet delights

Speaking of the food, HaveFun bistro at SAFRA Yishun serves up a range of local and Western gourmet delights. For example, noodles with juicy-looking prawns.


As well as pizza, too.


Apparently, there’s something for every palate.


If you just want a snack, they have that too, like this crispy fried chicken.


Or more succulent prawns.


How about just some keropok?


A playground for the little ones

Apparently, HaveFun Bistro is quite the family establishment too, as they’ve also got a children’s playground.


Thus, families can let their little tykes work off their boundless energy while the adults indulge in a little rest and relaxation.

As close to a normal KTV experience as possible

If you miss visiting a KTV outlet, check out HaveFun Bistro to get as close to the experience as possible by dining at one, in the hope that we’ll be able to sing there again someday.


The outlet is located inside SAFRA Yishun, so head there now before the crowds descend.


Here are the details so you can plan your trip:

Address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, #01-04/05/06, Singapore 769027
Opening hours: 2.30-10.30pm (Weekdays), 12-10.30pm (Weekends)
Contact number for reservations: 6261 3534
Nearest MRT station: Yishun

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Free Sentosa Fun Passes Available Till 31 Mar 2021, Bring The Fam For Beachside Activities

Free Sentosa Fun Passes Still Available For Redemption

With all the hype surrounding staycays lately, most of us are likely planning a local hotel retreat soon.

But for some who don’t have many leave days to spare, a quick, fun activity will do, and having free Sentosa Fun Passes sounds like just what you need.


First introduced in Aug as part of an NDP promo, stocks are apparently still available, so you should consider redeeming soon if you haven’t.

Only 1 redemption per household

Like the SingapoRediscovers vouchers, you’d have to redeem the fun passes individually when you register online.

They’ll require you to key in your personal deets including home address, to check that only 1 redemption has been made per household.

This means you’ll only get 2 passes for the fam, comprising 20 tokens in total.

Sentosa Fun Passes entitle you to a range of activities

If you think that 2 passes seem insufficient, let us tell you what activities you’ll get to enjoy for free with them.

Half of the tokens or 1 pass will allow you to try out one of these fun attractions FOC:

  • Mega Adventure Park: MegaBounce (U.P. $15)
  • HeadRock VR: 1 Ride from Green Zone or Orange Zone (U.P. $12 & $13)
  • Ola Beach Club: Single Kayak (30 min) (U.P. $12.50)
  • Sentosa 4D AdventureLand: Desperados + Free Cornetto Ice Cream (U.P. $22.90)
  • Sentosa Island Bus Tour: Standard (U.P. $25)


That’s quite a lot of savings if you don’t have to pay for 1 or 2 members of the fam.

Even if you’re not planning to bring the entire kampong along, this could be a fun date idea with bae too. Of course, your group shouldn’t be larger than 5 pax, so make sure to do a headcount.


For a full list of activities and number of tokens they require, you may visit the Sentosa Fun Pass landing page here.

Here’s the direct link if you want to skip ahead to registration. Only locals and residents may apply.

Registration and redemption are valid till 31 Mar 2021, so you’ll have sufficient time to plan ahead.

Take note, however, that once you’ve claimed your passes at the counter, you may only use them for 2 consecutive days afterwards, or until the attractions close.

Free & paid activities for the entire family

If you’re thinking of trying out multiple activities, you may consider purchasing extra passes as the free ones aren’t valid for top-ups.

But even if you wanna cut down on the expenditure a little, there are many free attractions you can check out, like the beaches and Fort Siloso Skywalk.


You may see all that they have in store via the link here.

Plan your beachside holiday

Whatever your plans for the holidays may be, we’re sure a beachside escape will be a much-needed relief from the wild ride that has been 2020.

Gather a few of your loved ones to spend the retreat with, and end the year on a fun and positive note.

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S’pore Trains & Buses Feature Christmas Decor With Gingerbread Mazes To Solve During Rides

Singapore Trains & Buses Decked Out In Christmas Decorations Until 3 Jan 2021

To usher in the upcoming holiday season, some popular spots like Our Tampines Hub and Changi Airport have begun putting up festive decorations.

Not surprisingly, our public transport network has followed suit with their own jolly revamps.

Changi Airport’s Festive Village Has Huge Dinosaurs, 16m Christmas Tree & Snow Slide Till 3 Jan

On Thursday (27 Nov), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) shared photos of trains and buses decked in Christmas decorations which will last till early-January next year.

christmas decorations mrtSource

Let’s take a photo tour of this nice surprise you can expect on your daily commute.

MRT transformed into festive ‘Polar Express’

According to LTA, some trains on the following lines have been plastered with Christmas-themed decorations:

  • Circle Line (Yellow)
  • East West Line (Green)
  • North East line (Purple)
  • North South Line (Red)

christmas decorations mrt 1Source

Lucky commuters can relish vibrant pictures of presents and Christmas trees on this jubilant ‘Polar Express’.

christmas decorations mrt 2Source

Christmas isn’t complete without a few ornaments. Hence, LTA improvised with an illustration of string lights with hanging motifs of Santa Claus, snowmen, trains, and buses.

christmas decorations mrt 3Source

This cute reindeer with rosy cheeks is hopefully a reflection of our happiness when on the trains.

christmas decorations mrt 4Source

Dhoby Ghaut station with Christmas decorations

The festive motifs at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station will also ‘infect’ commuter with an upbeat attitude to start their days.


The platform doors seem to be an entrance to a Christmas wonderland. Yet, only time will tell if you’ll be lucky enough to ride the festive trains.


Procrastinators who have yet to buy their Christmas presents will be reminded by these illustrations to start their shopping early to ensure they arrive on time.

Buses to extend the celebration to heartlands

For commuters passing through Bedok, Clementi, Orchard, Tampines, and Jurong, bus services 14, 65, 123, 132, and 197 are guaranteed to bring a merry Christmas.


If you are on your way to shop for gifts, we heard hopping on these festive buses may give you the extra luck you need to spot deals and bargains.


While we’ll never get dreamy snowflakes in sunny Singapore, these merry slogans remind us to remain hopeful for a better 2021.


Hope you can see Christmas decorations soon

Locals who spot these festive trains and buses from far away should hurry up and queue immediately. After all, you never know when you can snag another opportunity to ride them again.

Though Singapore does not have reindeer like the North Pole, we can take heart in the fact that we at least have trains and buses with jovial interiors.


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Featured image adapted from Land Transport Authority on Facebook

Khatib Shooting Arena Lets You Have Real-Life Counter-Strike Games In Residential & Industrial Settings

Khatib Shooting Arena Will Open To HomeTeamNS Members On 29 Nov

Many of us look back on the first-person shooter game of Counter-Strike (CS) with fond memories, having accompanied us through many years of our childhood.


Soon, Singaporeans will have the chance to put their CS skills to the test with TactSim, our country’s first indoor multiplayer airsoft arena in HomeTeamNS Khatib.

Khatib shooting arenaImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

The attraction will open on Sunday (29 Nov) and features 2 competitive airsoft arenas and a shooting range.

Capture the flag at Khatib shooting arena

In a press release, HomeTeamNS says TactSim’s 765 sq m facility has 2 airsoft arenas that can simulate residential and industrial environments.

Those who’ve been through Singapore Armed Force (SAF) training may find the facility similar to those they trained in for urban ops, with movable walls and even cut-outs on some of them.

Khatib shooting arenaImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

Furthermore, “Capture the Flag” and “King of the Hill” game modes are available, just like a first-person shooter video game.

Khatib shooting arenaImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

With these game modes, friends ca build teamwork, communication, and camaraderie with one another all while having a real-life CS match.

After all, you can’t cash on premium weapons for an advantage.

CounterstrikeImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

See who’s the marksman among your squad

In addition to the airsoft arenas, the facility also has a target shooting range.

Khatib shooting arenaImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

It’s equipped with reactive falling targets and steel plates that are suitable for both beginners and pros.

Shooting rangeImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

Perhaps they are best for those who want to practise before an adrenaline-fuelled match at the arena.

Airsoft weapons modelled after real-life guns

HomeTeamNS says the replica air weapons are modelled after real guns like the MP5 submachine gun and M4 assault rifle.

That said, their 6mm plastic pellets are launched at safe velocities so nobody gets seriously hurt while having fun.

Airsoft weaponsImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

In any case, protective gear such as vests and masks will be issued to ensure the safety of players.

EquipmentImage courtesy of HomeTeamNS

Equipment and high-touch surfaces will also be wiped down after every use as per Safe Management Measures (SMMs).

Open from 29 Nov for HomeTeamNS members

HomeTeamNS says TactSim will only be open to members when it first opens on Sunday (29 Nov).

However, a gradual expansion of capacity will hopefully allow members of the public to book the facility in the future.

Teams of 5Image courtesy of HomeTeamNS

The airsoft area can be booked at $120 per hour for HomeTeamNS members while the shooting range costs $30 per hour.

SAFRA or PAssion Members can book the facilities for $170 per hour and $45 per hour respectively.

Prices above are based on a group of 5 visitors — the minimum number required for each booking.

Here are TactSim’s opening hours:

  • Tues-Fri: 3-10pm
  • Sat, Sun & public holiday: 9am-10pm

Some of our colleagues had the opportunity to head down for a game or 2, check out what they thought of it here!

SG’s First Airsoft Arena Opens At HomeTeamNS Khatib, Is A Call Of Duty PvP Battle In Real Life

Counter-Strike in real life

With TactSim’s imminent opening, perhaps our squad can trade our pens and keyboards for a “Capture the Flag” match.

Do remember to avoid physical contact with the opposing team though.  After all, a melee match isn’t one of the game modes.

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Featured images courtesy of HomeTeamNS.


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