Outram Park House Has All-White Interior That’s Every Asian Mum’s Beautiful Nightmare

Outram Park All-White Apartment Is Now A Co-Living Space

Outram Park is home to many heritage shophouses that showcase Singapore’s multicultural architectural influences throughout the years.


Over time, shophouses have in many ways, become art. Now, modernity has found a way to make its mark on these iconic structures.

Canvas House is one such example. Nestled in the heart of Outram Park, this all-white shophouse is a fascinating masterpiece that incorporates elements from the past, present, and future.


Apartment with all-white interiors

This 4-key shophouse at 28 Blair Road has an all-white interior created by Ministry of Design.


Trust us when we say it is unlike anything you’ve seen before — almost every surface in the apartment has been painted white, including the furniture.


It definitely is a thing of beauty — just imagine waking up in a world of whiteness.

We aren’t sure if there are 50 shades of white, but if those exist, you can probably find them all in this house.

apartment all-whiteSource

You wouldn’t dare to spill any wine or kopi in this space.

Designers want to showcase shophouse’s origins

Despite blanketing the house in white, the designers remain keen on showcasing the shophouse’s origins.

Around the house, circular incisions in the paintwork uncover fragments of its past.

“Peek-a-boo” vignettes also reveal the brickwork behind the whitewashed walls.


In the bedrooms, the beds cast a wooden ‘shadow’ on the floor, offering a distinct contrast to the clean white surroundings.

apartment all-whiteSource

The original finish of the traditional decor pieces can also be seen despite being covered in white.

apartment all-whiteSource

Finding splashes of colour here and there will make for a fun adventure.

All-white apartment blurs boundaries of past & present

The all-white interior doesn’t just blur the lines between object and space, it blurs inherent boundaries of past and present.

apartment all-whiteSource

While the pure white aesthetic gives the apartment a modern finish, you’ll find that the white house experience is a lot more layered upon closer inspection.

From furniture pieces to house decor, the space perfectly blends tradition with modernity.

In the designer’s words, they wanted to leave “choreographed glimpses into the past”.

A traditional patterned Chinese window design and a wooden bench hang from the ceiling, giving the house a vintage touch.

apartment all-whiteSource

All around the apartment, the modern and traditional intertwine.

In this room, designers incorporated traditional Chinese wooden screens side by side with their modern counterparts.

apartment all-whiteSource

The motifs of tradition and the past don’t just stop at the design of the house.

Even in the kitchen, plates reveal antique Chinese porcelain designs beneath the white.

apartment all-whiteSource

Just eating your meal on these unique plates will carry the nostalgia of the past with it.

A house with character for the future

It goes without saying that this white house makes a bold statement.

apartment all-whiteSource

In the common area, a neon sign on the wall reads,

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past

Perhaps summarising the architectural masterpiece, the saying seems emblematic of how the clean white design will be ‘disrupted’ as tenants move in and live out their everyday lives. A homage to the past, but with character for the future.

Canvas House rental costs $3,300/month

We may have seen many amazing house designs before, but nothing quite like this.

An entire apartment, draped in white, has something terrifyingly beautiful about it.

This co-living space is up and running but it does not come cheap. Rentals start from $3,300 a month. A unique experience in a one-of-a-kind space, however, could be something worth paying for.

Would you like to stay in this all-white house? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Korea’s 3-Storey Starbucks Has Scenic River Views, Can Paktor With Bae Like In K-Dramas

3-Storey Starbucks In Yangpyeong Lets You Savour Coffee & Enjoy Scenic Views Of Han River

For K-drama fans, the Han River is a memorable destination for breakups, confessions, and romantic dates.

The next time you make a visit, you can even get a panoramic overview of the scenic riverside at this new Starbucks outlet.

In August, Starbucks Korea opened its Yangpyeong outlet. This massive 3-storey structure boasts tall glass walls for sightseeing with a delicious kopi or frappuccino in hand.


From the inside, you’ll be able to watch the natural landscapes and boats floating along the shining stream.


If you’re planning a K-drama tour, here’s the lowdown on the must-visit Starbucks branch where you can frequent once leisure travel is allowed again.

3-storey Starbucks outlet in Yangpyeong

Located near the South Han River, the Starbucks Yangpyeong outlet is the company’s largest branch in South Korea.

The 3-storey building can cater to an astounding total of 260 customers on its 2nd and 3rd floors.

3-storey starbucks 1Source

Unlike the typical Starbucks branch, this outlet is located beside lush greenery and a picturesque body of water. As time passes, you’ll be able to witness clear skies turning to grey in the nighttime.

3-storey starbucks 2Source

Modern interior with glass walls

When working from home, it can be difficult to muster the necessary motivation. Yet, this branch will provide you with a change of scenery that will refresh your mind and spirit.

3-storey starbucks 3Source

To level-up your café experience, these floor-to-ceiling glass windows enable visitors to bask on the flourishing flora and fauna, with distant mountains as the background.

3-storey starbucks 4Source

Just like a real-life K-drama, you can bring bae and immerse yourself in this romantic atmosphere. As you feel the cool breeze, you can have intimate conversations and plan your upcoming itinerary.

3-storey starbucks 8Source

Bonding with bae while gazing at these clear skies will help you forge a deeper connection and an appreciation for the little moments.


All-in-one Starbucks experience

Coffee aficionados will be happy to learn that the outlet combines these 3 distinct experiences—a Teavana bar, a Reserve coffee bar, and a drive-thru kiosk.


If you prefer speedy service and multiple cups of coffee, hang out in the bar or the wooden benches for easy access to local baristas.


The wide variety of local blends and diverse tea could inspire you to make a return visit to savour drinks exclusive to South Korea.


Meanwhile, coffee lovers can start their day right with their preferred pick-me-up and get the energy boost they need to visit nearby temples and tourist attractions.


While waiting for your order, look up to catch these golden leaves seemingly falling from the sky.


Bakery & brunch sets

Travelling requires a jam-packed brunch set so you’re energized for upcoming adventures. Fortunately, they have a bakery with an assortment of cheesecakes, croissants, sandwiches, and salads to fuel you throughout your stay.


Those eager for a loaded meal can get their fill through their brunch sets which include potatoes, toast, and sausages.


Bookmark 3-storey Starbucks on wishlist

Due to the pandemic, Singaporeans are not allowed to travel for leisure to Korea just yet.

While we can’t predict the end of the Covid-19 outbreak, the declining cases in Korea and Singapore make us feel hopeful that we can visit in the upcoming months.

Until then, you might want to leave this café in your Starbucks wishlist, so that you can get the ultimate coffee experience while marvelling at the beauty of Han River.

Address: 76 Yanggeun-ro, Yangpyeong-eub, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 9am-9pm
Drive-thru Kiosk Operating Hours: 7am-11pm
Contact number: 010-1522-3232

Are you planning to visit this Starbucks outlet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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People Seen Drinking Alcohol Past 10.30pm, As 7 Places Caught Breaching Measures On 16 Sep

breaching measures

3 Places Close For 10 Days After Breaching Safe Management Measures

Despite authorities announcing that they’re stepping up checks to see if places are breaching safe management measures, some restaurants still fell short of the standards.

In a press release on Thursday (17 Sep), various agencies found a combined 7 breaches out of 56 F&B places inspected.

Insert disappointed dad face.

Among the breaches were places seating large groups — in 1 case, 12 people were sitting in a private room across 2 tables.


Another 15 places also breached the rules and were fined, while 3 places, including one which served alcohol in teapots, were ordered shut for 10 days.

7 more places found breaching distancing rules

Out of 57 visited places on Wednesday (16 Sep), agencies found 7 places breaching rules.

1 of them saw 12 people seated among 2 tables in a private room.


This scene took place at an F&B outlet in Tanjong Pagar, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

In another F&B outlet in Punggol, there were people drinking alcohol at 10.45pm.


Under the current dining rules, you must not consume or buy/sell alcohol past 10.30pm, and the rule’s as strict as they come.

3 places ordered to shut for 10 days for breaching measures

Remember the legendary restaurant which served alcohol in teapots?


Yeah, the place, Jia Hu Xia Ke, is now shut for 10 days, until 25 Sep.


Those seemingly innocuous teapots were anything but.

Another 2 places – 96 Food Fusion & Bar, and Frog Meat Fish Head – were also ordered shut for 10 days. They’ll only reopen on 26 Sep.

Take Covid-19 seriously outdoors

There’s still a risk of community transmission during these times. A lack of cases in the community now doesn’t indicate that the virus has disappeared.

We have to change some of the ways we socialise in these times.

Authorities are reviewing the breaches from yesterday and will issue the punishments in due time.

Yes, it’s odd to have to finish your drinks before 10.30pm or go out only in groups of less than 5.

But these are the sacrifices we must make for our safety.

Featured image adapted from Ministry of Sustainability & the Environment

Rainy Days In S’pore Enshroud City In Mist, Giving Us Silent Hill Vibes

Rainy Days Cover Different Parts Of Singapore In Mist

With rainy days, Singaporeans get to enjoy a respite from the country’s tropical heat. However, the temperature wasn’t the only thing that lowered due to the heavy and continuous rain.

For those who frequent the Downtown Core or Bukit Timah area, you may have noticed a mysterious mist that veiled these areas.


Rain brought ‘Genting’ mist to the CBD

Over the past few days, a mist has enshrouded the Central Business District (CBD), loaning it a Genting-esque vibe.

Low-hanging clouds could be seen draping over the buildings of  our Downtown Core.

An MS News reader who was enjoying the change in scenery from his balcony shared this breathtaking clip:

rainy days mist CBDVideo courtesy of MS News reader

Bukit Timah Hill became Silent Hill

Hikers who explored Bukit Timah Nature Reserve after the rain may have noticed an eerie fog that lingered in the area.

rainy day at Singapore Bukit TimahImage courtesy of MS News reader

We can’t help but be reminded of the horror video game Silent Hill. Something may be lurking in those woods…

Mist at Bukit Timah HillImages courtesy of Facebook user and MS News reader

You should definitely bring a friend along if you’re planning to go for a hike there soon, in case you slip or can’t find your way through the mist.


Explore a different view of Singapore after the rain

For those who miss travelling to countries with temperate climates, you may not have to look further than exploring Singapore after it rains.

Raining gifSource

The much cooler temperature and almost mystical appearance will surely transport you to a whole other place — if you get imaginative enough.

If you do plan on going out and exploring in this weather, remember, safety is key, so bring along an umbrella and some non-slip shoes!

Featured images adapted from Reddit and Facebook.

BooksActually Closes Iconic Tiong Bahru Store After 14 Years, Will Go Online Fully

BooksActually Closes Tiong Bahru Store For Good After Months Of Not Opening

Whether you’re a hipster reader, lover of local literature or just a curious explorer, you may have passed by a quaint bookstore in the quiet neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru.

Tucked away in an alley, BooksActually thrived on adventurous minds who seek the store out, but now, its time has come to an end.


After operating solely online for several months, BooksActually is closing the physical store for good.

Store has been closed for several months

Staff members and owner Kenny Leck announced the news in a candid post on their website early Sunday morning (13 Sep).


True to the store’s aesthetics, the rather sad news was delivered in a creative, conversational format that belied the heartbreak.


Like many shops, BooksActually had to close during the ‘CircuitBreaker’ period and take its business online.

However, the store stayed close for months after, spelling an inevitably permanent goodbye.

Books still on sale via web store

Singapore literary aficionados need not worry, as BooksActually will still be operating online.

Its publishing branch Math Paper Press is also alive and well, so you can expect more exciting local literature.


Instead of tiptoeing to peek at the upper shelves or bending to reach the ones below, you can now browse through the collections online here.

Once you’ve decided what to buy, add to cart and check out.

BooksActually events will return in Phase 3

Fans of the store would know about their literary events like the annual #BuySingLit street party and 24-Hour Bookstore.

Those aren’t going away either, as owner and co-founder Kenny promises to bring them back once Phase 3 kicks in.

As for the resident cat Cake, we hope that it’s leading a comfortable life, still cosying up to books and perching atop bookshelves.


Continue to support local

To hear or read about brick-and-mortar stores closing amidst a health and economic crisis isn’t news at this point, but tragic nonetheless.

Let’s show our support for our local entrepreneurs and keep their businesses running, in this case, by shopping online.

We hope that BooksActually can indeed continue to be Singapore’s “neighbourhood” bookstore for years to come.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

Starbucks Container Café In Shanghai Has A 3D Art Gallery & Glass Rooftop Nooks

Starbucks Container Café In Shanghai Is Made Of Glass Shipping Containers

For ardent Starbucks fans, the main purpose of travel is to experience completely new Starbucks branches with hyperlocal aesthetics & brand new concepts.

For this sprawling Starbucks Container Café in near the Huangpu River – home to numerous 100-ton cargo ships – the brand drew inspiration from the community, with stunning results.


Located beside Wisdom Bay Park in Baoshan, Shanghai, the store is built from 6 shipping containers and adorned with 3D printed paintings.

Let’s take a quick virtual tour of this new addition to your Starbucks bucket list, since it just opened on Wednesday (9 Sep).

Starbucks container café has an industrial aesthetic

This Starbucks Container Café sits alongside the popular Huangpu River, where cargo ships pass daily. Just like the cargo they bear, the premises of the branch are built to resemble creatively-stacked shipping containers.


From up above, you’ll find that the containers were assembled in such a way that it creates open-air balconies, corridors, and overhead spaces.


As time passes, you’ll be able to sip your frappuccino while watching the sunset or starry skies on the terrace.


We imagine the cool breeze can make the coffee aroma even more apparent, heightening your premium café experience.

Scenic views while sipping your frappucinos

An afternoon spent inside a typical shipping container may seem dark and dull. But, the tall glass windows of this cafe create a bright and airy atmosphere.


No need to fight for a window seat because most tables are situated beside glass walls which provide a scenic view of Shanghai.


We bet you can even spot your BFF heading to join you while peering from the outside.

Art gallery-themed interior resembles a museum

Since the café is beside the Wisdom Bay Park 3D printing museum, this outlet mimics the interiors of an art gallery. Upon walking the flight of steps, you’ll be able to gaze up at the ever-changing skyline.


Just like a real-life museum, the interior is decked with pristine white walls to highlight café-themed paintings.


A section of the café features a 3D-printed undersea kingdom — imbuing this outlet with a pastel hues and playful tones.


Don’t fret you prefer to people watch alone, because you can sit next to this siren who’s single & ready to mingle.


Whenever you want to take a break from bingeing on your latest read or finishing up some work, simple exchange a knowing gaze with your sub-aquatic friend.

Container café concepts in Taiwan & Seattle

Starbucks container cafes aren’t exactly a brand new concept, as Shanghai’s outlet isn’t the first that the company has pulled off.

In Taiwan, 29 recycled shipping containers were stacked to create this 4-storey Starbucks outlet.


Last 2012, Starbucks launched its first container outlet in Seattle by combining four shipping containers.


Since our shores are also filled with cargo ships, we hope these Starbucks container cafés will pop up closer to home in the near future.

Will stay on our Starbucks bucket list for now

The Starbucks Container Café is definitely sparking our wanderlust.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans can’t travel for leisure due to the pandemic. On the bright side, the declining Covid-19 cases in Singapore and China make us feel optimistic that we can visit Shanghai in the upcoming months.

Until it’s safe to return to China, you should add this container café in your travel wishlist for 2021.

Starbucks Container Cafe Shanghai
Building 48, No. 6, Wenchuan Road (near Metro Line 1, Hulan Road, No. 4)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-10:30pm, Sat-Sun, 7am-8pm
Contact Number:021 – 6622 0092

Can’t contain our excitement for chio Starbucks outlets

We can’t imagine the thought of dining inside a shipping container. But for cafe concepts as chio as this, we surmise it’s like visiting an art exhibition & coffeehouse all rolled into one destination.

In that sense, we can hardly contain our excitement to visit, once the situation abates & travel is allowed once more.

We’d love to hear what you think about the concept. Share your first impressions of this container cafe with us below.

Featured image adapted from SohuEnglish Eastday

Decathlon Orchard Is A 2-Storey Sportswear Haven, Has VR Camping, Robots & Foot Scans

Decathlon Orchard Outlet Opens On 12 Sep At Centrepoint

Singaporeans love a good deal and nothing beats getting quality items at good bargains, especially for sportswear & peripherals.

The Decathlon Orchard outlet officially opened its doors to welcome guests to the brand’s 5th local retail store in Centrepoint, on Saturday (12 Sep).

decathlon orchard outlet

The massive 2-storey premise features futuristic technology, including Virtual Reality (VR) that allows you to take a ‘camping trip’ in different climates without leaving our sunny shores — to try out their gear.

decathlon orchard outlet

We’ve toured the premises for you to give you a glimpse at what to expect if you’re headed down today.

Covers 60 sports across 3,200 sqm store

Located at the heart of Singapore, the 2-storey, 3,200 sq metres large Decathlon Orchard outlet boasts products across 60 sports.

The store lets you try out almost everything before making your purchase, to let guests get their money’s worth.

decathlon orchard outlet

Bicycles have been Decathlon’s top selling product since the Circuit Breaker. Here, you can take bicycles on a ride to get a feel of it before purchasing.

Terrains to test hiking boots & sports-themed areas

For avid hikers, Decathlon also has different terrains that allow you to assess the traction of hiking shoes.

Be it rock climbing, skating, or basketball, whatever sport you choose to dabble in, you have not been forgotten.

decathlon orchard outlet

Decathlon provides designated spaces so you can be sure of exactly what you’re getting.

Also, the arcade-style basketball is just so much fun.

decathlon orchard outlet

First VR camping experience in Singapore

The main draw to the highly anticipated Decathlon Orchard is their new interactive in-store technology.

For those who want to embark on their maiden camping trip but fear what that will look like, Decathlon got you covered.

Simply put on the Virtual Reality (VR) headset and you’ll be transported to a whole new world.

This experience allows you to check out larger-sized tents, in multiple terrains and different times of the day.

The VR simulation allows you to check whether the tent’s opaque enough for sleep when the sun’s out, or how dark it is at night.

decathlon orchard outlet

For the casual shopper, just basking under a magnificent blanket of stars ‘outdoors’ is sure to be an enjoyable experience, even if it is all virtual.

Free foot scans at Decathlon Orchard

Decathlon has always been at the forefront of new sports technologies. Besides the VR experience, Decathlon Orchard also offers free foot scans.

The scan even takes into account the type of activities you engage in. This allows you to become better informed on what kind of shoes are suitable for you.

This cutting-edge technology is only the 3rd of its kind in the world and is certainly no small feat.

Fully automated inventory system

While roaming the store, you might encounter a friendly little robot.

The bot takes stock of everything in the store, literally. With over 5,000 products available, it goes around keeping check of available stock.

So, don’t be afraid when you see it wandering around!

Decathlon Orchard outlet is a short walk from Somerset MRT

Decathlon Orchard opens its doors to the public on Saturday (12 Sep). If you happen to be the first 100 store visitors you will even get a free goodie bag.

Already planning a visit?

Well, Decathlon Orchard is conveniently located at Centrepoint, right opposite Somerset MRT.

Decathlon Orchard
176 Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-10pm
Nearest MRT: Somerset Station

Why not tag your friends in the comments down below to jio them to make a visit down together!

Featured image adapted from MS News. Photography by Pichan Cruz & Alaric Sim.

Topshop To Exit VivoCity On 17 Sep, Has Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale

Topshop VivoCity Has Closing Down Sale Till 17 Sep

Selling cute outfits to match the latest trends, Topshop is one of the top shops youths tend to get their clothes from.

When everybody’s buying from Cotton On and H&M, those who aspire to be a little different would head to Topshop at VivoCity to update their #OOTDs.


Sadly, they won’t be able to do that anymore from 17 Sep, as the store will be rolling down its shutters.

Last physical outlet in Singapore

Fans of the British fashion retailer would know that it had several outlets in Singapore, other than the one at VivoCity.

After the recent ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, a shopper had noticed a closure sign outside Topshop’s ION Orchard outlet.


While the brand has not announced the closure anywhere, a check on ION Orchard’s website doesn’t show the store in its listings.

Topshop had closed its Bugis Junction outlet earlier in 2018. A quick Google search shows that another 2 at Tampines 1 and Jem are also no longer around.

In a recent email to customers, the brand revealed that it will soon be closing its VivoCity outlet too.

As the last Topshop outlet standing in Singapore, the impending closure becomes even more saddening.

Buy 2 get 1 free sale only at Topshop VivoCity

In line with the closure, Topshop is currently having an exclusive sale at its VivoCity outlet, until 17 Sep.

Not only can you get a third item free when you purchase 2 pieces of clothing, but all pieces will be sold at much lower prices too.

Blouses that used to cost $69.90 are now going for only $19.90, while over $100 jeans are now less than half the original price.

Screenshot from Topshop sale poster

The offer applies to all regular-priced and sale items, so you can let loose and buy pretty much anything you want at a steal.

Still around online & on Zalora

If your tears of grief over Topshop’s closure are already blurring your vision as you read this article, we’d suggest wiping them off.


This may be goodbye, but not forever, as Topshop will still be around in Singapore via their online store here and on Zalora.

But of course, heading to VivoCity to score the deals and say goodbye one last time would probably be better for now. Here’s all the info you need:

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01 – 72, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm daily
Nearest MRT station: HarbourFront

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

Apple MBS Store Sees Long Queues On Opening Day, Can Only Visit On 11 Sep

Long Queues Outside MBS Apple Store On 10 Sep

Apple stores’ official openings are always grand affairs that draw large crowds.

On Thursday (10 Sep), the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Apple store opened its doors to the public.


Although visits were by appointment basis only, by noon, snaking queues were seen outside the store front.

MBS outlet is world’s first floating Apple store

While many businesses might have taken an economic hit from the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple spared no expenses on their newest store in Singapore.


Fully indulging in their penchant for grand, eye-catching designs, this unique and outlandish floating Apple store generated quite the hype amongst Singaporeans.

The futuristic illuminating orb is the world’s first floating Apple Store.

Apple MBS StoreSource

The dome structure allows natural light to filter into the store, giving it an open and calming ambience.

Long queues outside MBS Apple store at noon

On Thursday (10 Sep), the MBS Apple Store officially opened its doors to the public.

Apple MBS Store

That is, only for those who were quick enough to snag an appointment time slot.

This measure was in place to limit the number of visitors in line with Covid-19 health and safety precautions.

According to TODAY, the public was also told to limit their visits to 15 minutes.

Even though visitors had specific time slots, a long queue had already formed outside the store around noon. 

Apple MBS StoreSource

If you did not manage to book a time slot, not to worry, from tomorrow (11 Sep) onwards, the MBS Apple store will be allowing walk-in visitors.

First visitor arrived at 6am, waited 4 hours for store to open

The 3-storey Apple store saw visitors streaming in since its glass doors slid open at 10am.

Apple MBS StoreSource

The first visitor to walk through the Apple Store doors arrived at 6am, and waited for 4 hours till the store’s opening, reported TODAY.

The 19-year-old polytechnic student was also the first visitor to enter Apple’s Jewel Changi Airport store back in July last year.

This tech giant must really be the apple of his eye.

Walk-in visitors allowed from Friday

The new floating Apple store at MBS is definitely a sight to behold.

For Apple fanatics raring to visit the store, you can simply walk in without an appointment from Friday (11 Sep).

Not to worry, the store will be around for a long time, so there will be plenty of opportunities to visit in the weeks to come.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

2 Bars Suspended For Breaking Safe Distancing Rules, 17 People Also Fined: URA

F&B Places See Closures After Breaking Safe Distancing Rules: Authorities

Authorities are still finding people who are gathering in groups of more than 5 at food establishments, as recently as 3 days ago.

While some may wonder about the continued existence of this particular rule, authorities have shown no sign of easing this measure.

Rather, they’ll now impose fines at the 1st offence if found, they said on Wednesday (9 Sep). This takes effect immediately.

Previously, only warnings were given, but the message doesn’t appear to have sunk in.

17 individuals fined after breaking safe distancing rules

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said that 7 places were fined $1,000, The Straits Times reported.

Among these places, 2 bars were also closed for a week, from 10-19 Sep.

They are:

  • Le Noir
  • Coyote Ugly Saloon

Both bars are located in Clarke Quay.


Additionally, 17 people were also fined for breaking the rule on gathering in numbers of more than 5 — more cases are under investigation.

The maximum number in a party should be 5, no more. 6 shall not count, nor 7 or 8. 4 is fine, but make no mistake that 5 is the upper limit.

Other rules broken include:

  • Serving and consuming alcohol after 10.30pm
  • Lack of mask-wearing
  • Intermingling between different groups
  • Lack of distancing of customers
  • Playing loud music

All these can increase the risk of transmission of droplets.

Other agencies fined

Besides the URA, other agencies have also found groups and F&B places breaking rules.

It’s been busy for safe distancing ambassadors, indeed.

Enterprise Singapore fined 5 places for not distancing customers 1 metre apart.

Meanwhile, the Singapore Food Agency closed 1 bar and 2 restaurants.

Lastly, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) also closed a restaurant on 5 Sep.

20 places in total were suspended since the start of Phase 2, including British Indian Curry Hut in Holland Village.

Both restaurants & diners must play their part

Unfortunately, when diners gather in larger groups than they should, the blame falls on the restaurants.

Times are tough and rejecting customers is not an easy decision. However, not doing so can spell a week of closure as well as fines.

There are still Covid-19 cases in the community who aren’t detected yet, if a former NTU employee is any indication.

He never displayed any symptoms even after his swab test came up positive. Large gatherings can potentially cause the virus to spread even with no symptoms.

We’ll just have to wait a while longer for our larger gatherings. Hang in there, everyone.

Featured image adapted from TripAdvisor and Google Maps.


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