Sim Lim Retro Games Store Brings Old Consoles Like Game Boys Back To Life

Sim Lim Game Store Sells & Repairs Old School Consoles

With every new game pushing the technological limits, gaming has become more life-like than ever.

However, there will always be an appeal for the games we grew up playing in our childhoods. Think the OG Mario and Donkey Kong series.

If you’ve been longing to finally beat that level in Sonic that you never managed to pass through, Retro Nutz would be the place for that second chance.


The Sim Lim Square retro games store sells refurbished old gaming consoles and games from yesteryear.

Retro Nutz is filled with old-school consoles & games

If you’ve always grown up envying how that one kid in class was able to play the latest Sonic game on his SEGA Genesis, Retro Nutz may be your chance to fulfil some childhood dreams.

The store sells retro consoles from the 90s and early noughties that would evoke all sorts of old-school gaming experiences.


Nintendo Switch may be all the craze these days, but nothing beats the nostalgia of staring for hours at the smol Game Boy screens playing games like Tetris or Pokémon Gold and Silver.

There is even a dedicated section for all the different generations of Game Boys and some limited-edition releases.


Besides consoles, the store has plenty of games from classics like Golden Axe to more recent titles like Yu-Gi-Oh, so that no matter which generation of gamer you are, they’ll have you sorted.

And don’t worry, we don’t think you’ll need to huff and puff at the cartridges to make them work.


To complete the whole analogue experience, there are even old TVs to purchase so that you can connect your consoles.


Word on the street is that the owner has updated some of his products to keep up with the times, like providing USB compatibility.

Seeing all the nostalgic playthings of the past will surely make the inner kids in us squeal in delight. As they say, adults are just children with money.

Retro game store is a hidden paradise in Sim Lim

If you’re ready to embark on another spending spree, head over to Retro Nutz for a unique trip down memory lane.

Here’s how you can get there:

Retro Nutz
Address: #03-41 Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Rd, 188504
Opening Hours: 12.30pm-7pm daily
Nearest MRT: Rochor Station

Get your game on

Since many of us are already on work from home (WFH) arrangements, why not make the best out of it and get our game on again.

Kudos to this amazing retro game store for bringing back our favourite games so that we can enjoy them all over again.

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Featured image adapted from Rueven Tan on Facebook.

Redditor Spots Positive Message On Tanjong Pagar Building Rooftop, Shares Good Vibes

Message On Rooftop Of Shake Shack’s Tanjong Pagar Outlet Reminds Us To Be Happy

No matter how well we may be dealing with the ongoing pandemic, we can’t deny that there’ve been tough days. We’d thus appreciate any form of encouragement, even this positive message on the rooftop of a building in Tanjong Pagar.


Telling anyone who can see it to be happy, the message surely uplifts spirits amidst turbulent times.

Surprise message on Tanjong Pagar rooftop

Redditor u/IHaveVividDreams shared the high-definition photo on Friday (11 Jun). Accompanying it is a caption that says, “A reminder that this will all be over soon”.

Likely referring to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems like the Redditor wanted to share the photo to encourage the Internet to keep holding on.

Though the pandemic seems to be neverending, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

And other users appeared to concur, as many echoed their positive sentiments.

Message spreads positive vibes on the Internet

In response to the post, netizens thanked the Redditor for sharing, while others chipped in with their own motivational words.


This particular user reminded everyone of the age-old saying that challenges are only temporary.


Clearly, the positivity the Redditor introduced built on, and was passed along many others who engaged with the thread.

Building is Shake Shack’s Neil Road outlet

According to u/IHaveVividDreams, the message is actually atop Shake Shack’s Neil Road outlet, in the Tanjong Pagar area.

You’d likely have to climb up to the higher floor of a nearby building like Pinnacle @ Duxton to catch sight of it.

A sharp-eyed netizen also spotted a QR code on the exclamation mark, which apparently leads to real estate firm Triple P’s website.

More specifically, it takes us to a landing page featuring the original music video for the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

A message on the page addresses Pinnacle residents, but we’re sure everyone could take some time to relax and chill out to the music.

In response to queries from MS News, Triple P’s founder and CEO Ben Gattie shared that they decided to use the rooftop space to spread some love.

The building at 89 Neil Road is apparently one of their anchor properties housing not only Shake Shack but also enterprise companies like Rapyd and Black Sun.

Mr Gattie asks for the public to look out for more of such messages in the future and to reach out via the Triple P website if they’d like to leave any special messages of their own.

If you’d like to catch a view of the message yourself, here’s where you can go to see it:

Pinnacle @ Duxton
1G Cantonment Rd, Singapore 085301
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar Station

The 50th storey skybridge is open to the public from 9am-9pm daily, so you might want to try that. But note that you’ll have to pay to get up there, so get your EZ-Link cards ready.

Stay positive & hope for better days to come

In tough times like these, it’s easy to slip into a rut and start feeling sorry for ourselves.

However, we should stay hopeful that things will get better one day, and encourage each other to keep going.

Kudos to the folks behind this rooftop message for their creativity, and spreading positive vibes among Singapore residents.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit and Shake Shack.

Jewel Changi Reopens On 14 Jun, But Passenger Terminals Not Accessible Yet

Jewel Changi Reopens After Cleaning & Disinfection

When Changi Airport became the site of a Covid-19 cluster, the authorities took the drastic but necessary step of closing off all its terminals from the public. To the dismay of many Easties, megamall Jewel Changi Airport also shut down from 13 May.

Since then, we’ve been missing the Rain Vortex and exclusive stores like the Pokemon Center.

Thankfully, the mall will reopen on 14 Jun after a closure of exactly 1 month.


However, the airport terminals themselves will be remain closed to the public.

Jewel Changi & airport terminals cleaned

The good news was revealed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in a press release on Friday (11 Jun).

This comes after deep cleaning and disinfection of Jewel had been completed, as well as the airport’s Passenger Terminal Buildings.

As the mall was intended to be Changi Airport’s crowning jewel, its reopening is certainly a positive sign of recovery.


While the mall may not see visitors from overseas as yet, businesses there will hope for Singaporeans’ support despite its far-off location.

Access Jewel Changi from T2

Those who don’t drive may be wondering how they can get to Jewel if the terminal’s aren’t accessible.

According to CAAS, those taking bus can reach the mall from the Terminal 2 bus bay.


Those arriving via MRT can take the T2 link bridge from Changi Airport MRT station.


No airport workers tested positive since 20 May

For members of the public who’re uncertain whether it’s safe to visit Jewel, CAAS has assured that no airport worker has tested positive for Covid-19 since 20 May.

That’s about 3 weeks ago.

42 out of the 43 airport workers who were infected have already been discharged from hospital.

The remaining one is recovering in hospital without supplementary oxygen.


Zoning system implemented at Changi

To further assure visitors, Changi Airport has implemented a new segregated zoning system that was announced on 24 May.

As part of the zonal system, staff who need to interact with arriving and transfer passengers must remain in their work zone for their whole shift, including during meals and rest times.

They must also wear higher levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).

As for Jewel, the mall said in a Facebook post on Friday (11 Jun) that it’s under Zone 3.


That means it has the lowest risk of exposure from passengers arriving from overseas.


Airport workers need time to adapt to new measures

As these new measures require “significant operational adjustments”, airport workers need some time to adapt.

That’s why the airport terminals will still be closed to the public.

CAAS will reveal more details about their reopening later.

The staff will be reminded regularly on the health protocols, and there will also be checks and audits.

Some airport staff to undergo breathalyser testing

One of the ways to ensure staff health is for them to be tested regularly.

To the end, Changi Airport has started trialling the use of the TracieX breathalyser since 3 Jun.

This involves staff blowing into a disposable breathalyser fitted with a sensor chip.


CAAS and the Changi Aiport Group (CAG) will also help airport workers affected by the new measures by providing them monthly special allowances for 6 months, catering their meals and defraying their PPE costs.

This will cost about $15 million, and is set to benefit about 5,000 aviation workers.

Hope the worst is over

Now that we have a date for Jewel’s reopening, we finally know when we can gaze at the Rain Vortex again.

However, since dining in isn’t allowed till 21 Jun at least, that and shopping is the only thing we can do for 1 week.

Let’s hope that the worst is truly over for Changi Airport, and it can return to its hustle and bustle soon.

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Featured image adapted from Albert Vincent Wu on Unsplash

Mini Overhead Bridge At Fernvale HDB Is Unsheltered, MP Says It’s An Observation Deck 

Roofless Overhead Bridge At Fernvale Block 407C Sparks Questions

Overhead bridges are useful structures that allow us to cross busy roads without having to put ourselves in harm’s way.

A particular overhead bridge in the estate of Sengkang, however, has recently become the subject of much interest after a TikTok clip questioning its purpose vent viral.

Going by the footage, it seems the bridge extends only across a narrow section of the road leading to the nearby blocks.


However, residents could easily cross the road by doing so underneath the shelter. Hence, it’s slightly bewildering as to why there was a need for the overhead crossing – and the steps leading up to it – in the first place.

Sengkang overhead bridge located at Fernvale Road

On Monday (31 May), TikTok user @dweedavid uploaded a short clip featuring a blue and silver bridge near Block 407C Fernvale Road.


♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

But this isn’t the typical neighbourhood tour video. Instead, the user took the opportunity to question the purpose of the bridge.

Here in Singapore, sheltered crossings serve many purposes, including shielding users from the sun and rain.

However, it seems slightly puzzling as to why there’s a need for steps connecting to the top of the crossing — which isn’t covered.


Furthermore, the road which it extends across comprises just 2 lanes – 1 in each direction – and doesn’t appear to be terribly busy too.

TikTok user gives a tour of the bridge

To illustrate his point, the TikTok user gave viewers a virtual tour of the bridge.


One end of the bridge appears to lead to a garden pavilion across the housing blocks.


The other leads users down a long flight of stairs directly into the HDB estate.


It certainly serves its purpose of connecting one end of the road to the other, but at the same time, walking underneath the shelter without climbing the flights of stairs does seem a lot more chill.

MP says bridge serves many purposes

Responding to Lianhe Zaobao’s queries, MP Gan Thiam Poh shared that the bridge has 3 uses.

Besides being a sheltered walkway for people on the ground, the bridge also doubles up as a drop-off point.

As for the upper portion, Mr Gan says it’s an observation deck that offers residents a vantage point from which to take picturesque images of the estate.

A multi-purpose bridge

Covered walkways and overhead bridges are common structures in our country, where the sun could be shining down hard at one moment and rain could be pouring the next.

We’re glad that Mr Gan has since shared about the uses of the bridge. Who knew such an unassuming structure could serve so different purposes?

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Joo Chiat Mee Pok Stall Closes Until 15 Jun, SFA Found Cockroach Infestation On 2 Occasions

Ah Lim Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok Suspended For 2 Weeks By SFA

Food is practically a national religion in Singapore and there is no shortage of good places to eat at. However, they must also have stringent hygiene standards to operate.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) recently announced that a popular fishball noodles stall in Joo Chiat will close for 2 weeks after racking up too many demerit points.

The stall had failed to ensure that there was no cockroach infestation at their premises on 2 undated occasions.

It was also fined a total of $800.

Ah Lim Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok closed for 2 weeks

The stall is popular and well-loved for its mee pok tar (dry noodles).


So it will come as a shock to fans that they’re closed until 15 Jun.

The suspension period started on 2 Jun.

According to SFA, the stall at Joo Chiat Place failed to keep its premises free of cockroach infestations.


Accumulating 2 or more demerit points over a 12-month period means the place may be suspended for either 2 or 4 weeks, or even have its license cancelled.

Food handlers will also have to re-attend and pass Food Safety Course Level 1 before they can continue working as food handlers.

Reminder to keep premises clean and hygienic

SFA notes that food operators should observe good food and personal hygiene practices at all times.

Something like a cockroach infestation can be disastrous for customers and the stall.

Although some may find that hygiene standards are inversely proportionate to food quality, we should always strive to keep food and kitchens free of pests and clean.

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Coney Island OBS Campus Construction Underway, Netizens Mourn Partial Loss Of Nature

Outward Bound Campus Construction Begins On Coney Island

Coney Island has been synonymous with photogenic wedding photoshoots and cycling destinations for quite some time now.

The rustic green space is a favourite spot for Singaporeans seeking an escape from urban life.

Unfortunately, the island will soon see 10% of its rich biodiversity make way for a new Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) campus, as shared on Facebook.


Netizens are up in arms, taking to the comment section to mourn the partial loss of one of our beloved parks.

New OBS campus to take up 10% of Coney Island

According to the OBS website, the new campus on Coney Island will occupy about 10% of the area.


The construction of the campus is part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

OBS has described the development as a “necessary expansion” to “cater to a larger profile of participants”.

They’ve also claimed to minimise their environmental footprint by seeking input for the design and taking mitigating measures during construction. In addition, OBS programmes help to promote environmental sustainability.

OBS didn’t specify the duration of the construction but cautioned that visitors may expect some inconvenience closer to the east entrance.


They can take the alternative route marked in the map above from Monday (7 Jun).

Netizens upset at the loss of greenery

In light of the imminent construction, netizens have taken to the comment section to voice their displeasure at the inevitable loss of natural greenery.

One netizen questioned the need for another campus as there are already sufficient alternatives in close proximity.


Another comment suggested that the ‘destruction of habitat’ would be contradictory to teaching the youth how to appreciate nature.


A worried animal lover also suggested that the native dogs may also be displaced as a result of the construction.


OBS has explained on their website that they’ll be working on diversifying planting to “help create new habitats for a wider range of fauna species”.

Whether their efforts will fulfill the goal is something we’ll have to see once the project is completed. In the meantime, MS News has reached out to NParks for comments and will update the article once they’ve replied.

A fine balance needs to be observed

While construction of the new campus is still planned to continue, the sentiment from netizens is loud and clear.

Promises have been made to ensure minimal disruption to the biodiversity of this treasured park, and we hope that the authorities will try their best to achieve those aims.

In a country with few natural spaces left, it’s important that we strike a balance between urbanisation and conservation. We thus hope the parties concerned will take the issue seriously, and consider nature lovers’ feedback when embarking on such projects.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Share them with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Jnzl’s Photos on Flickr and Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) on Facebook.

JEM & Westgate To Reopen On 6 Jun After 2-Week Closure, Westies Can Shop There Again

JEM & Westgate Due To Reopen After 2-Week Closure

For the past 2 weeks, Jurong East residents have been without 2 of the popular malls in their vicinity due to a precautionary closure. This was following the discovery of a large number of Covid-19 cases linked to JEM and Westgate malls.


But today (5 Jun), the 2-week closure is finally coming to an end, heralding the long-awaited reopening of the malls.

From tomorrow (6 Jun), Westies can look forward to shopping there again, if the reopening is on schedule.

JEM & Westgate likely to reopen on 6 Jun

After the Ministry of Health (MOH) declared JEM and Westgate as a Covid-19 cluster, they instructed the malls to close for 14 days.


The move was to facilitate deep cleaning and disinfection, as a significant number of cases were traced back to the 2 locations.


As of yesterday (4 Jun), the cluster recorded 63 positive Covid-19 cases.

But now that 6 Jun is around the corner, the malls are expected to reopen, with JEM earlier stating that it’ll do so after 7am tomorrow.


MS News has reached out to both malls’ managements for confirmation of this matter.

Good news for folks in Jurong East

Westies, particularly those in Jurong East, will be delighted to know that the 2 malls will soon be open again.

Though they’ve still had IMM and JCube nearby, JEM and Westgate offer a variety of shops one would often find in faraway areas, like Foot Locker and their very own IKEA.

Now that the shops and eateries are reopening, there’ll be more options for Westies to get their retail fix from.

Take care while out & about

While the reopening of JEM and Westgate is something many have anticipated, we hope this doesn’t invite crowds to queue up there.

With Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) still in place, hopefully, visitors will adhere to the measures and stay safe while shopping.

We also wish the patients a smooth recovery and pray that MOH will eventually close the cluster.

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Amoy Street Old-School Kopi Stall Sees Few Customers Due To WFH, Netizen Appeals For Support

57-Year-Old Amoy Street Kopi Stall Has Charcoal-Grilled Toast & Handmade Kaya

Apart from putting our physical and mental health on edge, the Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately placed some pressure on beloved food institutions in Singapore.

Selling one of Singapore’s last charcoal-toasted bread, Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee on Amoy Street embodies the core of our hawker culture.

With a glorious history and excellent reputation, the old-school kopi stall has attracted many loyal customers over the years.

However, with the recent dine-in restrictions and most people working from home (WFH), it’s seeing a significantly reduced footfall.


Saddened by its plummeting traffic, a netizen called for support on Facebook for the heritage stall that’s worth preserving.

Amoy Street kopi hawker reportedly earns $20 in 5 hours

Located at Amoy Street Food Centre, Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee is smack in the middle of Singapore’s CBD.

Prior to the pandemic, the kopi stall used to enjoy brisk business from the office crowd and weekend cyclists.

However, paying the stall a visit around 11am on 29 May, Facebook user Ms Yap claimed she was only their 2nd or 3rd customer since 6am.


With the previous customers buying 1 or 2 cups of coffee, the mother-son duo running the stall apparently earned only $20 after 5 hours into business.

Ms Yap felt the amount didn’t do justice to their artisan spirit over the years, as you’re about to find out why.

57-year-old business started at Lau Pa Sat

Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee has its origins at Lau Pa Sat back in 1964. 13 years later, it relocated to Amoy Street Food Centre, which it has called home ever since.

In an interview with Our Grandfather Story (OGS) in 2018, the stall’s previous owner, Mr Wong Lock Seng, said he’d been a kopi kia or coffee boy since he was 9.


The stall owes its name to Mr Wong, who unfortunately passed away sometime later, according to Daniel Food Diary.

As such, the late Mr Wong’s wife and son took over the business, as well as Uncle Wong’s legacy of artisanship.

Old-school kopi stall on Amoy Street has handmade kaya

Staying true to the stall’s Hainanese origin, Uncle Wong kept the old-school way of making kaya butter toast for decades.

Grilling bread over charcoal fire, Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee is possibly among the last few to still do so in Singapore.


Many savour the unique charcoaled fragrance that’s hard to find anywhere other than at the Amoy Street kopi stall.

What’s more, Mrs Wong spends 5 hours daily making the kaya jam from scratch with fresh pandan leaves, coconut milk, and fresh eggs.


Besides the signature bread toasts and kaya jam, the stall is also famed for its strong and authentically Hainanese Kopi C.


Stall sold out thanks to supporting crowds

Ms Yap’s post in Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 spurred on crowds of supporters who went down to give the mother-son duo a hand.

The next day after Ms Yap penned the post, the stall owners apparently had their bread sold out by 10.35am.


Another netizen pledges to patronise the stall in the coming week when they return to the office as our old-school hawkers serving hearty food are worth preserving.


Some have also offered testament to the stall’s superb kopi and toast, saying few in Singapore are still staying true to the old-school way.


Protect & preserve our hawker culture

Heritage gems like this kopi stall on Amoy Street don’t come across easily.

Protecting them amid a raging pandemic is how we keep our traditions and hawker culture alive and vibrant.

So do swing by the stall and order yourself what might just be the best toasties you’ve had in a while.

Here’s how to get there:

Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee
Address: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-95, Singapore 069111
Opening hours: Sat-Wed (6am-2pm), Thurs & Fri (closed)
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer Stations

If you’re intending to visit soon, we’d suggest heading there early to enjoy the cool morning breeze and beat the breakfast rush.

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MINDSville Hougang Residents Haven’t Left Home Since 7 May, Staff Only Went Out For Essential Purposes

Testing For MINDSville Hougang Residents & Staff Complete With 27 Cases Found

Amid Phase 2 Heightened Alert, new clusters are sprouting more rapidly than ever before.

The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) said on Thursday (3 Jan) that residents at its MINDSville @ Napiri adult disability home (ADH) haven’t left the home since 7 May.

Meanwhile, live-in staff were only able to leave except for essential purposes since the same date.

There are 27 Covid-19 cases at the home as of today.

MINDSville Hougang live-in staff only go out for essential activities

MINDS said in the statement that since Phase 2 Heightened Alert, the home has taken more measures and restrictions.


Among them are daily temperature checks twice a day.

Residents have also not been on outings or home leave since 7 May, and live-in staff haven’t gone out except for essential purposes.

Safe distancing is also a thing, with staggered meal times and activity timings.

Staff also avoid physical and social interaction with other staff.

A full list of measures can be found here.

Visitors not allowed until further notice

Besides working with authorities to ensure all residents and staff are safe, MINDSville will also be closed to all visitors and non-essential services until further notice.

Deep cleaning and disinfection, as well as swab tests, are also complete.

Lawrence Wong calls to take precautions seriously

In a quick update on social media on Thursday, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong gave an update on the Covid-19 situation.


He said that the current viral variants are spreading much faster than anything we’ve had to deal with before.

This is causing large clusters to break out easily, ala the MINDSville one.

As such, precautions and safeguards must be taken very seriously.

Staying home as much as possible, working from home, and seeing a doctor if you feel unwell are just some of these.

There’ll be more testing and speeding up of the vaccination programme, he also said.

Ringfencing clusters

At the moment, the origin of the cluster at MINDSville appears unclear.

Given residents and staff have largely not been out since 7 May, the virus may have entered through other means, but this can’t be confirmed.

Regardless, testing is already complete. More vigilance will be needed for sure.

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TEMT Paya Lebar Closing Sale Has Everything At $4.99, Get Your Clothes Haul ASAP

TEMT Closing Sale At Paya Lebar Has Everything Priced At $4.99

Singaporeans are suckers for a good deal. We just can’t pass up on one when we see it.

Having previously announced its permanent closure in May, the TEMT outlet in Paya Lebar is experiencing an overwhelming response to its sale.

And for good reason too, with everything in the store priced at just $4.99 apiece.

To curb the crowd, they’ve begun to open booking for 30-minute slots to adhere to safe distancing measures.

TEMT closing sale lists every item at just $4.99

The popular fashion retailer that specialises in fashionable yet affordable female essentials recently announced that they’ll be closing all their Singapore stores.

TEMT S’pore To Close All Stores In Mid-Jun, Will Have Massive Sale At Paya Lebar Outlet

The news saddened many female shoppers, who regard TEMT as their go-to store for inexpensive apparel.

True to their previous announcement of a massive closing sale, TEMT has slashed prices so that every item in the store is listed at $4.99.

That includes dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and even activewear.


Overwhelming response led to slots to curb the crowd

To no surprise, the sale has garnered an overwhelming response from the public, with many flocking over at the news of the huge discounts.

After a visit to the store, MS News can confirm that much of the stock has diminished ever since the initial announcement with large portions of the store emptied out.


However, there are still some pretty good deals left if you can secure a slot.


Final hurrah for the fashion retailer

While there has been no news of them shifting the business online, this is one way to go out with a bang.

It’s rare to see such huge discounts so if you’re keen on heading down to get your last haul, you ought to make your booking soon.

Here’s how to get to the TEMT store in Paya Lebar:

Address:#02-15/16 PLQ Mall, 10 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 8pm daily
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar Station

The discount will last until 13 Jun, which will be the last day before the brand exits Singapore for good.

Let’s hope that check comes in before the sales are done and dusted.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of the article stated that shoppers will have to book a slot to visit the store. However, staff have confirmed that this is no longer necessary. The article has been updated for accuracy.

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