Boon Lay BTO At Old Jurong Fire Station Retains Iconic Tower & Has A Themed Playground

Boon Lay BTO Flats At Old Jurong Fire Station To Keep Parts Of Iconic Tower

So many HDB flats have come up in recent years that you can’t tell most of them apart.

The uniform concrete blocks tend to look more functional than fabulous, so any pop of colour or quirky feature is sure to catch people’s attention.

Boon Lay Glade on the site of the old Jurong Fire Station promises to be a standout HDB development with a unique incorporation of the old and new.

HDB blocks themed after fire station

The HDB blocks will be built on the site of the old fire station which is no longer there, save for the iconic 7-storey tower.

The tower will remain and transform into a heritage gallery commemorating the history of the fire station.

4-storey high rock walls will cover two sides of the tower, so those who like the adrenaline rush can also catch the feels of being a fireman.

Young children can play pretend firefighters at the fire station-themed playground that comes complete with a mini fire truck.


Most noticeably, the HDB blocks will be in the signature red colour of fire trucks and carry the distinctive tile motif of the tower.

This tile motif will also appear on the childcare centre block, so the entire estate will have a singular theme.


Forget the fictional Avengers Mansion from the popular Marvel movies; this estate will be Singapore’s residential spin on a hero headquarters.

Jurong Fire Station tower to remain

Long-term residents of Jurong West would remember the Jurong Fire Station tower at Boon Lay Drive.


The tower was part of the Jurong Fire Training School where career officers and NS firemen trained from 1976 until the Civil Defence Academy was completed in 1999.


Now that Jurong Fire Station has a new home, the exciting new development will be a great way to remember the past and forge a new beginning.

HDB sale started on 12 Feb

HDB launched the sale of Boon Lay Glade flats on 12 Feb, so interested buyers can already start applying.

Prices start from S$95,000 for a 2-room flexi but can go as low as S$15,000 with grants.

Eligible first-time families can get up to S$40,000 of Additional CPF Housing Grant and up to S$40,000 of Special CPF Housing Grant. These families will receive priority allocations.

Three-Generation (3Gen) flats are available from S$382,000 for couples who wish to live with their parents.

If you’re looking for a new place for your family, you might want to consider Boon Lay Glade. The site’s rich history will give you plenty of interesting stories to tell.

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Party On An Island With This Crazy 2-Day Beach Rave Happening On St John’s Island This May

Island Escape Takes Place On St. John’s Island In May

If you are not really the type to spend a hefty amount of money to attend EDM music festivals like the ULTRA Music Festival, this news will be a godsend.

Priced at only $55 per ticket, Island Escape is poised to impress all the EDM fans out there. The 2-day rave festival will be hitting the shores of St. John Island from May 27 to May 28.


The rave is organized by BLACKOUT and After Dark, two companies that are well-established in the party business, so you can expect this festival to be lit.


Although Ultra features world-renowned DJs like Hardwell and Steve Aoki, Island Escape doesn’t quite have the same budget. Instead, the festival will feature local acts like DJ KFC, Zig Zach, and Brendon P. It will also showcase other musicians from Indonesia like Sunju Hargun and Jonathan Kusuma.


Food Galore

Of course, hardcore clubbing requires a lot of energy. That’s why the festival also features very aesthetic foods that will help you pull off the Coachella vibes.

Selva Foods will be dishing out tasty Açaí smoothie bowls which is sure to hit the spot.


If you’re feeling a little bit more hungry, fret not. The Camp Kilo Charcoal Club will also be there to serve up their roast meats.



To make things more interesting, the festival is happening at St. John’s Island, which is just a short ferry ride away from Marina South Pier.

How many of you have actually been there before?


While the island looks like #beachgoals today, it has a rather eerie history. It used to be a quarantine station for diseases like cholera, beri-beri and leprosy back in the 19th century!

It eventually also developed into a drug rehabilitation centre in the mid-20th century. Don’t get too scared though, it’s totally safe now.

Never heard of the headliners? Never mind, because you’ll be partying on an actual island, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

We just hope this won’t turn out to be as disastrous as the recent Fyre Festival.  


Each ticket costs $55, and includes a 2-way ferry trip to and from Marina South Pier. However, party goers will have to download the WAAVE app on your phone, because the entire festival is cash-free, and this app is the only way to purchase food and drinks at the event.

You can find out more about the rave and buy your tickets here.

Featured image from @fonc

Sawasdee Village Resort Is A Grand Palace With Lavish Pools In Phuket For Just S$155/Night

Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa In Phuket Has Opulent Rooms For S$155/Night

A trip to Thailand conjures dreams of opulent temples and sky-high spires adorned with decor invoking a rich culture.

While you’ve probably visited the country’s famous palaces, have you ever lived in one? We’ve found a themed hotel patterned after the grand palace in Thailand with lavish pools just an hour away from Phuket International Airport.


The Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa lets you live like royalty for just S$155/night.


The resort is a sight to see for art and culture connoisseurs because the architecture mirrors local temples and palaces. If you’ve ever dreamed of living like a king or queen, here’s what else to expect.

Oasis, pools & waterfalls

Lots of hotels claim to be a hidden oasis, but Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa is literally one.


Parents might opt for the Garden Zone which includes a jacuzzi and a children’s pool. Feel free to lie down on a lounge chair and sip on cocktails, whilst watching the kids’ have water fights.


Luxury-loving kings and queens often bathed in canals and waterfalls, and you can have the same experience at the Baray Villa zone.


The elephant is Thailand’s national animal and it was often worshiped as a religious icon or used on battlefields. You’ve probably seen elephant statues in numerous temples, but you can now swim amongst them too.


We can’t deny that the resort looks beautiful during the day, but pools of starlight takeover at night.


The underwater fairy lights make the water shimmer and sparkle like a scene straight out of a fairytale.


Royal dining halls & pool bars

The dining hall mirrors the grandeur of a luxurious palace with its rich tones of gold.


Thanks to the favourable exchange rate, you can binge on Thai soups, salads, appetizers, seafood and noodles.


You might have a fantasy of swimming in an opulent-looking pool bar and drinking your favourite drinks. At the Baray Villa pool bar, this dream turns into reality.


We really don’t mind staying in the water all-day long at the Garden Deluxe Pool bar which serves pizzas, salads and specialty cocktails.


Thai massage & aromatheraphy

We all crave a day full of pampering by skilled Thai masseuses, and the resort doesn’t disappoint.


Their spa was named as one of the Top 50 Spas in Paradise by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


Their offerings include a wide range of treatments such as aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage and Swedish massage.


Enjoy an afternoon in heaven at their steam rooms, Vichy Shower room, foot baths, bathtub, rain shower and beauty room.


Opulent Southeast Asian-style suites

The hotel has four types of luxurious accommodations – Garden Deluxe, Oasis Suite Garden View, Cabana Suite Pool Access & The Baray Villa.


The Garden Deluxe suite is inspired by Southeast Asian style and culture. We’re falling in love with the massive master bed and the scenic pool view.


The Oasis suite is lavishly decorated with a dramatic domed roof and ornate hand-cut mirrors.


The Cabana suite is inspired by the legend of Ramayana in Hinduism with a touch of modern architecture. We may not know the entire epic legend, but a night here will give you a legendary sleep experience.


Those who crave for privacy with bae should book the Baray Villa which is located in a private corner of the Sawasdee Village. You’ll undoubtedly feel like you’re in a secluded tropical paradise.


Getting to Phuket paradise?

You can book a flight from Singapore to Phuket International Airport via AirAsia, Scoot and Jetstar. From there, take a 1 hour and 30 minute cab ride to Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa.

Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa is an idyllic Thai-style paradise near Nai Yang beach, Chalong Temple, Big Buddha, Karon Temple Wat Suvarnkiri, Karon Temple Wat Suvarnkiri and Phuket FantaSea. You’ll surely end up with a lot of selfies that seem like you’re a member of a royal family.

Opening Times:
Check-in from: 02:00 PM
Check-out until: 12:00 PM
Location: 38 Kade Kwan Rd, Tambon Karon, อำเภอ เมืองภูเก็ต Chang Wat Phuket 83100, Thailand
Website: Sawasdee Village

Featured image from Sawasdee Village.

S’pore Could Have A Floating City With 26°C Temperatures In 10 Years

Singapore’s Floating City Could Be Real In 10 Years

Do you feel like Singapore is getting more crowded by the day? Apartment blocks are rising quickly everywhere, yet securing a home is still difficult for many.

Our land shortage problem is an age-old conundrum and having taller buildings isn’t going to help much anymore.

But Shimizu Corporation’s plans to build a floating city could provide a new solution for Singapore.

Floating city for more than 50,000 people

Japanese engineering company Shimizu Corporation first announced plans to start research on the Green Float project in 2010.

Back then, the proposed location was vaguely described as somewhere along the Equator, which “isn’t prone to typhoons” and has a stable climate.

In case you didn’t know, Singapore is so close to the Equator that we’re basically on it.

Fast forward 9 years and the project is likely to come to fruition right here on our tiny island country.

Shimizu Corporation is looking to build the floating city on water, where it can accommodate more than 50,000 people.

Cooler temperatures all year round

The floating city will comprise of a 1km-tall tower and “a base that is 3km in diameter”, according to a report by Channel NewsAsia.

Construction could take roughly 10 years, after which the structure could stand for about 100 years.

In the original proposal, project leader Mr Masaki Takeuchi explained that with towers that high, temperatures would remain at 26°C all year round.


So when the heatwave hits, we won’t have to head to Genting or Cameron Highlands anymore, since a cool escape will be right here on our shores.

Everything in one tower

The topmost part of the tower is slated to be the urban area with residences and hospitals in the outer circle and offices and commercial facilities on the inner one.

The mid-section of the tower acts as a plant factory where vegetables are grown.

Move further down and there will be fields for wheat as well as shallow waters for cultivation of fish.


Self-sustaining and eco-friendly

Carbon dioxide and waste from the urban area above will provide nutrients for the cultivation below, while produce will be channelled upwards.

This way, the floating city will become self-sustainable and eco-friendly, since it will also run on solar energy.

A possibility for Singapore

The Green Float project hasn’t been confirmed for launch here yet, but a team from Shimizu Corporation has been scouting for locations around Singapore.

If they eventually follow through with the project, our modern city could transform into something even more advanced.

Imagine that — living in a futuristic city right out of the movies.

Featured image from New Atlas.

8 Free Things To Do At Sentosa Since Admission’s Also Free For More S’poreans

8 Free Sentosa Activities For The Family

Back in the day when the Merlion was all the island resort had to offer, locals loved to gripe that Sentosa was too expensive.

Which probably explains this hilarious interpretation of their name:

SENTOSA: So Expensive and Nothing TO See Anyway

But from 1 Oct, Sentosa’s offering free admission to these groups of guests, perhaps in a bid to change this perception:

  • School groups on weekdays*
  • Community groups on weekdays*
  • Cyclists and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users

*Excluding public holidays.

Now that entering Sentosa isn’t gonna cost you a single cent, here’s how you can enjoy a fun day out with family friends at no cost at all!

From firework shows, free bird shows & exploring hidden caves, here are 8 things we recommend that you check off your to-do list when you’re there.

1. Super fun beach activities

Want to get away from the city buzz? Now you can head to Siloso beach to play beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee and football for free!


Don’t forget to head over to Palawan Green too if you wanna catch free screenings of Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar-worthy films.


Not an athletic type? Don’t worry – you can read a good book and listen to music at Tanjong Beach. Best part is, the scenic view!


Single and ready to mingle? Or just want to have some fun? You can party here too! Tanjong Beach Club has a lively string of parties you can join all year round.


If you, have spare cash to burn however, consider having a DIY BBQ or enjoying live music on Beerkini Rocks and Beach Brunch Beats.

2. Become one with nature

If you love nature, then take a hike at Sentosa Nature Discovery. The short trek offers an up and close experience with 20 different species of birds, insects, wildlife and plants.


What about shows or antics by birds, reptiles and monkeys? You can enjoy them for free at Animal & Birds Encounters.

Their free program starts at 2pm with live commentary on lories, followed encounters with parrots and animals.


If you want to embrace your wild side, you can experience multi-animal encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre.

3. Discover reefs & hidden caves

Located behind Rasa Sentosa, Tanjong Rimau never fails to attract visitors looking for a seaside adventure.

Travellers often find themselves exploring off the beaten tracks and small caves.


Do come early to see the many crabs, corals and starfish that are only visible during low tide.


4. Go back in time & visit an actual fortress

Want to dive into history? You can find a wealth of historical treasures, including memorabilia, coastal guns and remains of fortified military tunnels at Fort Siloso.

Priding itself as “Fortress Singapore” at the start of WWII,  it boasts of fortified tunnels and interactive zones, amongst other military structures.


Much to our delight, they’ll offer free day tours between 3-4:30pm this October!

5. Imagine you’re at a coastal city at Quayside Isle

At Quayside Isle you get an amazing view of the setting sun and nearby yachts.

It’ll almost seem like you’re traveling to a coastal city.


6. Take selfies with the other Merlion

No adventure is complete without a selfie to immortalise the event.

So grab your smartphone, find the perfect angle, and take loads of pictures with the larger Merlion!


On 29 Sep, you can also enjoy a free performance from Suncountry Dance Studios from 5-7pm at Merlion Plaza.


7. Magnificent views at Fort Siloso Skywalk

Speaking of selfies, Fort Siloso Skywalks boasts magnificent views of Keppel Harbour, Mount Faber and Western Sentosa.

The scene will make your jaw drop, but be careful not to drop your smartphones in the water while taking those pics.


8. Stunning light shows & fireworks

Conclude your adventure with a superb fireworks show & stunning light and water effects at the Waterfront of Resorts World Sentosa at 8 pm.


The show also includes massive steel cranes that move in the midst of the special effects.


Not impressed by fireworks and steel cranes? At Sentosa Boardwalk, you can take a stroll, gaze at the stars and enjoy the dazzling lights.


Mark your calendars

Forget aspiring to be a Crazy Rich Asian, and say hello to all the crazy free things you can do.

With all the fun-stuff you can enjoy with your squad, you won’t have to cancel hangouts or wait for your dream vacations to come true.

Block out a day or two, coordinate your calendars, and get ready to have a blast for free at our island’s island getaway.

Featured image from Instagram.

New Premium Outlets At Genting Highlands Is Yet Another Reason To Visit

Malaysia’s Second Premium Outlet Mall

If the allure of casinos and roller coasters is not good enough reason for you to spend your holiday at Genting Highlands, maybe the new premium outlet store might change your mind.


Genting Highlands Premium Outlets had its soft launch last week (June 15), and the discounts look very promising.

This comes hot on the heels of a new luxury hotel that just opened its doors, so now you can also buy luxury goods to complete your atas aesthetic when you stay in the hotel.

Over 150 Branded stores

If you are brand conscious, or just feel more real if you own authentic goods, this mall will feel like home.

The complex boasts more than 150 branded stores, with every designer good that you can fathom — from stiletto heels to luxury chocolates.


Regardless of whether you want to get thrifty at Cotton On, or if you want to treat yo self at Coach, Genting Outlet Mall has got you covered.


Insane Discounts

To commemorate its opening, the mall is also having an enormous sale, with prices going at up to 50% off outlet prices.


If you’re looking to pimp your sportswear game, this would be a solid opportunity to do so. With everything at 50% off at New Balance, you can go home with twice the goods.


Even luxury brands like Braun Buffel and Carlo Rino are having rare discounts on their products.

Pig Out

All that shopping sure can be tiring, but don’t worry. There is a plethora of food available at the outlet mall, so you definitely won’t go hungry.


With so much good food around, you’ll definitely being home heavier — even if you don’t buy anything.


The Premium outlet mall is located 45 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur, and is just a stone’s throw away from the Genting Highland Casinos.

However, the entire complex spans over 55,741.8sqm of land (think 10 football fields), so it would be advisable to wear comfortable shoes. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose out on great deals because of sore feet.


Time to get shopping!

Address: KM13, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur

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China’s Zhongshuge Bookstore Has An Inception Mirror Maze That’s Mindbendingly Beautiful

Zhongshuge Bookshop In Chongqing, China Is A Mind-Boggling Masterpiece

Chinese bookstore chain Zhongshuge (钟书阁) is no stranger to outlandish, mind-boggling designs. That’s probably what earned one of its stores – in Xuhui (徐汇), China – the title of “Most Beautiful Bookstore In China“.

On 25 Jan 2019, the bold bookstore expanded its enterprise — this time with a store featuring an Inception-like, M.C. Escher-esque library in the hilly city of Chongqing (重庆).


Yes, that’s also the province where the Mala Hotspring is located. Let’s take a closer look at this mind-bendingly beautiful library.

Mind-bending & mirrored communal area

The unorthodox bookstore houses multiple sections, each as intriguing as the other, but all guided by a single aesthetic — haphazard geometry and mirrored ceilings.


Those familiar with the paradoxical stairs in the movie Inception – adapted from M.C. Escher’s famous painting – may have already begun theorising from where the bookstore designer got his inspiration.


Trippy mountain book shelves for kiddos

Reading is a habit best sown when young.

With vibrant colours and shelves shaped like mountains, the dreamy pink children’s section will easily steal the young ones away from their electronic addiction.


Though not as extravagant, the quiet reading spaces are equally stylish with dark wood and cosy curves.

For those who prefer more privacy, there are cushioned ‘caves’ perfect for both solitude and refuge from the clamour of the crowd.


‘Infinite’ tunnels & Alice In Wonderland themes elsewhere

If there’s one thing about Zhongshuge bookstores, it is that every one of them will dazzle and impress.

The Yangzhou (扬州) store features an ‘infinite’ space-age tunnel — once again making clever use of reflective surfaces.


Li Jiang’s (丽江) branch takes you down the rabbit hole into a colourful world not much different from the one Alice discovered.


Finally, Zhongshuge in Hangzhou (杭州) will give you glimpse of a distant, sterilized future. Or the inside of an alien abductor spaceship — we’ll leave it to your imagination.


Chongqing, China is a 5-hr flight away

Chongqing is a major city in southwest China. The city is about a 5-hour flight from Singapore — same as a flight to Shanghai and about an hour shorter than one to Beijing.

Zhongshuge’s Chongqing store, the brand’s 14th, is at a part of the city called Yang Jia Ping (杨家坪). The city’s trains run directly to the area, and from what we’ve read, the bookstore is only a short walk from the station.

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Address: 3 Floor, Zhongdi Plaza, No. 8 Yangzheng Street, Yangjiaping, Jiulongpo District (九龙坡区杨家坪杨正街8号中迪广场3楼)

Many ‘Zhongshuge’s scattered across China

The inventive bookstore has footprints all across China — Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhoi, Wuxi, Xi’an, Guiyang and Chongqing.

If for some reason you’re flying to any one of those cities during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, it will be worth your time paying a visit to a Zhongshuge bookstore.

They say reading feeds the imagination. But sometimes, the bookstore feeds it just as well.

You’ll also love:

Seoul Library Literally Brings Books To Life In Stunning Christmas Display

Featured image from Sohu.

Amoy St. Bloc Party Returns For A Second Round With Free Yoga Lessons And Live Music

Amoy St. Bloc Party Is Back Again!

After a hugely successful debut party back in November, the Spa Esprit Group returns with the Amoy St. Bloc Party this April.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

If you cannot resist good food and some hip-turning music, then this is the party to be at — just look at how fun the previous party was.

We haven’t even showed you what you can do there.


If you are anything like me, then good food is a must have at any event. Luckily, the Bloc party will have tons of food.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

From gourmet burgers to exotic South-East Asian delicacies, Amoy St. will definitely have something to suit your palate.

Featuring many local establishments on Amoy Street like boCHINChe and Le Binchotan, this Bloc party is the place to be.


Rockin’ Music

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

Tired of the suffocating night-clubs and the same old music?

Fret not, the Bloc Party will feature fresh new DJs like Chris D and Zig Zach who are straight outta Singapore. The lineup even include international artists like Maribou State, performing for the first time in our small island.

Work it Out

Some of us can’t afford to take a day off the grid, i.e the fitness-junkie life.

It’s okay, you can channel your inner basic b*tch and try some yoga instead.

Yoga Movement and F45, two well-established fitness studios, are also coming down to give lessons on yoga.


You could also get nostalgic by playing traditional ‘kampung’ style games, or break it down with dance sessions.


If the very sound of the word ‘exercise’ turns you off, fret not.

You could just go down for a beer and have a chill day in a hammock.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

Sign me up!

Amoy Street Bloc Party hits Amoy Street on April 23, 3pm to 10pm.

Be there!

Featured image from Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

Malaysia’s Zoo Negara Needs More Visitors Or It’ll Run Out Of Money To Care For Animals

Malaysia’s Zoo Negara Urgently Needs Money To Sustain

Though opinions are split between the pros and cons of zoos, they are undeniably sanctuaries for endangered animals.

Our very own national pride, the Singapore Zoo, has helped tremendously in global animal conservation efforts over the years.

Likewise, Malaysia’s Zoo Negara is doing its part to keep many animal species alive. But its efforts could go to waste, if visitor footfall continues to drop and the zoo stops making money.

Malayan tigers most at risk of losing funding

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are only 250 to 340 Malayan Tigers left in the world, making the species “critically endangered”.

Zoo Negara helps to look after some of these surviving tigers, feeding them, and ensuring that they’re in the pink of health.


But their care costs a significant amount of money, with each tiger setting them back roughly RM40,000 (S$13,200) a year.

The zoo estimates that it needs at least RM500,000 (S$165,000) to keep up with tiger care, but hopes for RM1 million (S$330,000) to focus on conserving all Asian tiger species.

Currently surviving on limited funds

Since 2015, the number of visitors to the zoo has fallen, with the latest record accounting for only 368,000 in a year. The zoo needs at least 500,000 to break even.

The falling numbers means expenditure is really tight, with almost as much money going out as it is coming in.

Five-year grants had long ended in 2004, and the zoo is currently getting by on a one-off government aid for general maintenance.

Future remains uncertain

It is not known what the consequences will be if funding eventually runs dry and the zoo is unable to make ends meet.

But Zoo Negara has arranged talks with Malaysia’s Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister as well as Prime Minister Mahathir to discuss ways to sustain the zoo and possibly upgrade it to a dedicated conservation centre.

For now, we can help keep a roof over the animals’ heads by making a visit to the zoo the next time we’re in Kuala Lumpur.


Here’s more information on how to get there:


Address: Jalan Ulu Kelang, Kemensah Heights, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 

  • Mon-Fri: 9am-4.30pm
  • Sat-Sun: 9am-5.30pm

Nearest LRT stations: Sri Rampai & Wangsa Maju
Entrance fees (for ASEAN citizens): 

  • Adults – RM61 (S$20)
  • Children (3-12 years) – RM33 (S$11)
  • Senior Citizens (60 years & above) – RM61 (S$20)

It’ll be a nice change from the usual city shopping sprees that people go on to whenever they visit KL. A visit to the zoo will surely be a fun trip for the entire family.

Let’s do our part to help the animals. This is, after all, a matter of preservation of life rather than national interests.

Featured image from and 8excite.

Mandai’s Eco-Tourism Hub Is Set To Open in 2020, And We Just Can’t Wait

Mandai Eco-Tourism Hub

Good news for nature lovers: Two new wildlife parks are coming to Mandai, and they are set to boost eco-tourism, as Singapore aims to become the leading nature hub in Asia.

The construction phase of the project was launched on Monday (Jan 16), with the first phase set to be completed in 2020.

Currently, the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari attract 4.6 million visitors per year, and they’re hoping that the rejuvenation of Mandai to be an eco-tourism hub will increase visitor numbers to more than 10 million annually.

Take a look at this video that Mandai Park Holdings released on Sunday (Jan 15) to promote this project.

New Attractions To Look Out For

Apart from the new Bird Park and Rainforest Park, which are projected to be completed by 2020 and 2021 respectively, there will be also be a nature-themed indoor attraction and eco-lodging.

Here’s a map showing where the new attractions will be located:



Bird Park

The new Bird Park will house some of the world’s most endangered bird species.

Visitors will be greeted by a majestic waterfall at the entrance as they begin to feast their eyes on a variety of exotic birds that are found in the rainforests of Africa, flooded savannahs of South and Central America and the Australian bushlands. Some species that we can expect are hornbills and birds of paradise.



The Bird Park will feature an underwater-overwater habitat for penguins, allowing viewers to see the penguins “flying” through the waters.



Rainforest Park

Starting from an underground cavern, visitors will walk their way up to the tree canopies at the Rainforest Park, as they experience the lavish flora and fauna of an South-east Asian jungle. Keep your eyes peeled and you may spot apes swinging from tree to tree!mandai eco-tourism park


Nature-Themed Indoor Attraction

After spending a whole day out in the sun, seek comfort at the nature-themed indoor attraction.




You can even book a hotel room at the Eco-Lodge to experience eco-accommodation – or just to rest your sore legs.

mandai eco-tourism park


We Can’t Wait

The opening of the new attractions may be a couple of years down the road, but we’re already eagerly anticipating them. It’s so impressive, other countries may go green with envy!



Featured image from Facebook


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