Neon Pastel Beach In Cebu Has A Rose-Tinted Pool & Rainbow Cabanas

Happy Beach Resort In Cebu Is A Pastel Paradise

Remember the amazing inflatable unicorn island at Zambales, Philippines?


The Happy Beach is a boutique resort in Cebu, Philippines birthed by the same creators. They promise that it’s even bigger and better than its predecessor.


Described as an island paradise come to life with massive inflatables, a world-famous unicorn island, colorful lounges and a humongous pink pool, The Happy Beach opens on 15 Dec, and it looks like everyone’s raring to visit.


The official announcement is going viral on Facebook with more than 17,000 comments and 42,000 shares at the time of writing.


Excited to book a trip? Here’s what you can expect from this stunning pastel beach retreat.

1. Gorgeous pink pool

Clear blue waters are a must-have for any island, but The Happy Beach’s humongous pink pool will definitely put a smile on your face.


Imagine soaking up the sun while swimming knee-deep in rose-tinted water. Katy Perry herself would approve.


2. Rainbow lounges galore

Lounge around on their neon orange daybeds while tapping your feet to California Gurls, or relax in absolute bliss with a cocktail in hand.


Palm trees usually conjure the image of a tropical paradise, but The Happy Beach proves that their extensive palm grove looks even better.


Each daybed comes with their signature “tampipi” feast and two free towels. You could spend hours enjoying the heat of the sun or taking pastel-themed selfies for Instagram.

3. Colorful cabanas

Don’t want to frantically kick and flap to keep your head above water? You can ride their cute animal floats while enjoying the island breeze.


Or watch the clear blue skyline while lying down on their gigantic pink flamingos.


4. Floating unicorn island

If you want to check out the unicorn island, also known as the biggest floating playground in all of Asia, then there’s no better time to book a trip.

Spanning over 4,500 sqm, it’s about the size of 9 basketball courts.


There’s tons to do at this giant playground.

Have a splashing fun time at their obstacle course which you can do at your own pace. They have inflatables slides, bridges, human launchers, towers and so much more!


Walking and running definitely sounds like a challenge, because the floating grounds are slippery and wet.

Be daredevil at their Happy Swings by taking a leap of faith and experiencing the thrill of jumping right to the sea.


Or embrace your wild side and show off your acrobatic skills like flipping, tumbling or diving.


5. Hues of pink everywhere

Take a break from reality in their rooms swathed in comforting hues of pinks.


Each room includes a queen-sized bed, a double deck and pull-out beds. One room can accommodate 6 people at most, so you can bring your entire family or friends along.

Getting there & booking your stay

Here’s how to get to this pastel paradise.

You can book a flight from Singapore to Mactan-Cebu International Airport on Scoot, Cebu Pacific or AirAsia. You can then take a 30-minute taxi ride to Angasil Port.


From there, ride their Happy Boats and cruise around Cebu’s restaurants, shops and landmarks to reach the resort.


An All-Day Beach Pass starts at PHP 699 (S$19), a Happy Jungle and Pink Pool Pass starts at PHP 1500 (S$40), and A Happy Room will cost you PHP 5999 (S$157) per night, which is a fair price for an unconventional getaway.


Visit the website to book your tickets now during their pre-opening sale.


Now go forth and have a magical holiday.

Featured image from The Happy Beach PH.

Bangkok Skyscraper Has A Glass Floor That Gives You A 360° Panoramic View Of The City

MahaNakhon SkyWalk Sits Atop Thailand’s 2nd Tallest Building

Bangkok has everything Singaporeans love about a city — night markets, hipster cafés, and most importantly, budget shopping.

But for a place that has so much to offer, it’s sorely missing something that’s present in most metropolitan cities — the go-to spot for a 360° panoramic view of the city.

Lucky for us, that’s no longer the case. The MahaNakhon SkyWalk is a 78-storey high experience that will acrophiles and avid thrill-seekers will love.


King Power MahaNakhon building opened the doors to its latest attraction on Friday (16 Nov). Here is what’s in store for the brave travellers who dare to make the journey to the top.

Walk amongst the clouds on the 78th floor

Perched atop the second tallest building in Bangkok, the MahaNakhon SkyWalk isn’t for the faint of heart. But we’re sure a pilgrimage to the summit will well be worth the trip.


The SkyWalk comprises of 3 levels on the 74th, 75th, and 78th floor.

Daredevils seeking the best view can consider breezing past the lower floors and heading straight to the top.

There, you’ll find this glass-bottomed observation deck that allows visitors to experience how it feels to be suspended 314 metres from the ground.


If you’re deathly afraid of heights, it’s probably best not to stray too far from the edge.

Rooftop bar with craft beer & cocktails

All that vertigo getting you thirsty? There’s a fabulous rooftop bar on the 78th floor which boasts a huge collection of cocktails and beers.


We recommend going for their signature white ale — the perfect way to beat the pesky monsoon humidity that Bangkok is famous for.

Heading up at around 5.30pm with your loved ones will give you a glimpse of a stunning sunset.


A fitting backdrop for that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Boyfriends, you know the drill.

Night view’s even better

If you think that’s all, it only gets better at night.

Stay past 7pm to watch every building in Bangkok put on a mesmerising light show just for you.


The building’s cylindrical elevator is also encircled by a stairway that takes on an ethereal glow in the dark of the night.


A worthy stairway to heaven in the City of Angels.

Fancy a challenge?

Here’s something fun you can do while you’re up on the SkyWalk — challenge your friends to see who can stare down the glass panel for the longest time.


Last one standing gets free coconut ice cream from Chatuchak.

Indoor observation deck

Consider visiting the indoor observation gallery on the 74th floor at a fraction of the price, especially if setting foot on the glass viewing deck isn’t your cup of tea.


Don’t worry, paying less doesn’t mean your view is compromised.


Staying indoors in the air-conditioned gallery will also save you from the notorious Bangkok heat.

Vintage-themed merch

You can head down to the souvenir store to pick up some cool merch after your ‘perilous’ walk.


Tote bags, post cards and quirky keychains would make wonderful gifts for your friends back home.


But our clear favourite by a country mile is definitely this understated white T-shirt.


2-min walk from BTS station

Have we succeeded in piquing your interest? Well, here’s how to get to the MahaNakhon Skywalk.

Travelling by BTS:

  1. Alight at the Chong Nonsi BTS Station (on the Silom Line)
  2. Head towards Exit 3 and walk straight for 2 minutes

Address: 114 Narathiwas Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Opening hours: 
10-12am, daily. (Last admission at 11pm)
74th floor: Adult – S$35.40, Child/Senior – S$10.40
74th floor + Rooftop: Adult – S$43.75, Child/Senior – S$18.75


Book your tickets: King Power Mahanakhon Building

We’ll see you at the man-made summit, hopefully in one piece!

Featured image from Chakorn Sirisuwansit on Facebook and King Power Mahanakhon on Facebook.

NTUC Enterprise Will Own Kopitiam By Jan 2019; Watchdog Clears Deal

NTUC Will Own Kopitiam By Jan 2019

The internet was abuzz with whispers of whether NTUC’s acquisition of Kopitiam was bringing our hawker scene one step closer towards a monopoly.


However, the Singapore’s competition watchdog, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has given NTUC the go-ahead to proceed with the deal on Thursday (20 Dec).

Some 80 Kopitiam outlets across the island including 2 central kitchens will come under the umbrella of this sale.

This means the following stores will now be owned by NTUC Enterprise:

  • 56 foodcourts
  • 21 coffee shops
  • 3 hawker centres

NTUC Enterprise is expected to purchase everything at an undisclosed sum by Jan 2019.

Won’t lessen competition, says CCCS

CCCS explains the acquisition won’t lead to “substantial lessening” of competition within “relevant markets” locally.

A 2-week long public consultation in October was apparently done to evaluate this.

CCCS adds,

The majority of the stakeholders indicated that they have no concerns with the proposed transaction.

CCCS spoke to stakeholders like hawker associations, landlords and customers to arrive at this assessment.

Only a few raised concerns

Apparently, only a few “raised concerns” about the arrangement. And these concerns involved Foodfare possibly asking for higher rent or an increase in food prices for consumers.

Another notable merger that CCCS has allowed this year is S11’s $200 million sale to Broadway.

S11 Coffee Shops Bought Over By Rival Chain Broadway For $200 Million

Singaporeans still have plenty of alternatives when it comes to food centres. Brands like Food Republic, Kimly and Koufu will still pose sizeable threats to NTUC-Kopitiam consortium, according to CCCS.

No collusion?

CCCS waived rumours of “collusion” between coffee shop operators, citing difficulties in competitors monitoring each other.


This is because store rentals and fee prices aren’t exactly made publicly known in the industry.

Currently, life will proceed as per normal for current stall owners, clarifies CCCS. There will be no rule that hawkers may only procure their produce only from NTUC either.

NTUC Enterprise will also not be allowed to restrict leasing of their stall spaces to competitors under the new deal.

Done deal by Jan 2019

Under the new deal, NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam will continue operations as per normal as separate entities, managed by separate teams.

The loyalty card and cash top-up system by Kopitiam isn’t expected change anytime soon either. Good news for Kopitiam card users indeed.

We hope the new Foodfare-Kopitiam hawker centre giant will stay true to their word, and continue to provide low-cost meals for everyone, while ensure hawkers stay afloat.

Makansutra Founder Concerned Over NTUC-Kopitiam Takeover, Wants Watchdog To Step In

Or possibly face the wrath of Makansutra founder KF Seetoh once again, as he continues to speak out on behalf of local hawkers.

Also read:

Makansutra Founder Urges NEA To Help With Rising Hawker Rental Fees

Featured image from Kopitiam.

M’sia Has An IG-Worthy Hello Kitty Playground Just A Bus Ride Away, For Those Who Miss JB Sanrio Town

Paradigm Mall JB’s Hello Kitty Sweet Escape Event Lets You Work Off School Stress This Mar Holidays

Quite a number of people were saddened by news that Johor Bahru’s (JB) Sanrio Hello Kitty Town closed down on 31 Dec last year.

But there’s short – yet still sweet – relief coming up for those who may not have gotten the chance to visit the pink wonderland before.

Paradigm Mall in JB will be running a Hello Kitty-themed playland plus fun-filled events that’ll be a nice relief from work and life in general.

A giant Hello Kitty-shaped arch welcomes visitors as they prepare to step into the realm of cuteness.

For those who may be hesitant, rest assured that Paradigm Mall JB is taking active measures to clean and sanitise the playland to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Children will also have their temperature taken before stepping into the play area, to ensure everyone is safe amid the ongoing. Of course, those who are unwell won’t be allowed into the area.

Sugary decor for the sweet-toothed

As the title suggests, the Hello Kitty Sweet Escape decoration consists of various desserts — from doughnuts to cakes and macarons.

While they’re not edible, they’ll certainly work up an appetite and get you craving for some sweet treats — or at least put a sweet smile on your face.

You’ll also get to witness a stunning display of a Macaron Cake — officially hailed as the Tallest Macaron Replica Tower in the country by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Malaysia Book of Records marketing solutions director Mr Jwan Heah Yeow Hooi (right) handing over the certificate to Paradigm Mall JB general manager Ms Catherina Quek.

Behold, the cake in all its glory. Or better yet, head down to see it with your own eyes.

Insta-worthy playground for kids & children at heart

Devotees of the Hello Kitty Temple will be glad to note that the Sweet Escape event will feature a very pink play area, with rides for little ones.

One of the highlights includes the carousels, which may not induce thrill but might just get a rush from the kids.

There’s also a see-saw, as a representation of how one can never achieve work-life balance. You just gotta ensure both sides have some weight.

Paradigm Mall might just be the stage for your next insta-op with these decorations and rides.

Pop-up store with Hello Kitty goodies

Nothing screams Hello Kitty fandom like the myriad of goodies one can adorn all over your person.

This Hello Kitty paradise features limited-edition plushies, bags, water bottles, tote bags, clothes, and even more.

Even if you’re not a fanatic, you might just turn into one after seeing this display. And for those who are, surely this is heaven.

Colouring & painting for the kids

It’s said that activities like painting and colouring stimulate creativity of young minds. There’s also an avenue for parents to supervise their children through paint-by-numbers workshops.

These activities are available at the following times:

Meanwhile, colouring activities are available from 10am until closing time throughout the event.


Exclusive gifts are up for grabs — snag a sweet exclusive Hello Kitty Drawstring Pouch with S$98.30 (RM300) minimum spend, with a maximum of 3 combined receipts in a single day.

Meanwhile, WCT Buddy members need only spend S$81.93 (RM250) to redeem the pouch, though the maximum of 3 combined receipts in a day condition still applies.

Those who fancy a mug instead can aim a little higher — an exclusive Premium Mug can be yours if you spend S$163.88 (RM500) with a maximum of 5 combined receipts on the same day.

However, WCT Buddy members can spend just S$147.51 (RM450) with a maximum of 5 combined receipts on the same day, and they’ll have a cutesy mug to bring home.

Hello Kitty Sweet Escape Event from now till 29 Mar

This Mar holidays, there’s finally a place that’ll fill the void in your heart left behind when Hello Kitty Town in JB closed its doors.

Bring your friends and loved ones for a fun-filled sweet adventure at Paradigm Mall.

Location: Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, Main Atrium Ground Floor
Address: Jalan Skudai, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 7-2313 800
Website: Paradigm Mall JB
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Paradigm Mall JB is about an hour’s drive away from the Woodlands Checkpoint. You’re recommended to head to JB Sentral Bus Terminal and take a bus as an alternative to driving.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Paradigm Mall JB.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Mall JB, unless otherwise stated.

This $54/Night Marble Hotel Makes Us Want To Train To Busan Right Now

Marble Hotel In Busan From Only $54+ Per Night

Busan – one of Korea’s largest port cities – has been at the top of everyone’s bucket list, especially after the hit movie Train to Busan.

For Singaporeans, a trip to Busan may seem like a stretch because of the hefty cost of airfare. But if you’ll be in the vicinity, we’ve found a gorgeous and affordable alternative to boring and expensive hotels.

Bask in panoramic seaviews in your very own alabaster room or capsule apartment from just S$54/night.


We’ve done your homework for you, if you’re already completely sold by the Kinfolk-esque aesthetic. Here’s what else to expect.

Marble tiled rooms with seascape views

Rooms with an exquisite marble finish distinguish Gwanganli Hotel 1 from the many other boutique alternatives within Busan.


Marble tiles have graced the palaces of royal families, so you’ll definitely feel like a king or a queen while relaxing inside this luxurious interior.


Gangwan Bridge is the second longest bridge in Korea – spanning 7,420 meters!

The windows give you an interrupted view of this massive structure, which makes the experience a thousand times more breathtaking.


Each room comes fully equipped with a flat-screen TV, comfy beds and a kettle where guests take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At S$108+/night for a room, the costs are far more affordable than your typical 5-star hotel.


Whitewashed capsule rooms

If you’re far from royalty and just getting by on meager savings, we’ve got awesome news for you. The hotel comes with whitewashed and bare capsule rooms at S$54+ per night.


Like most capsule hotels, there are floors exclusively for male and female guests to ensure safety and security.


Each pod is decked with futuristic ambient lights – which come in colours like blue, green, orange and purple. The neon-colored minimalist theme looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.


Missing the sea? Book an ocean-facing capsule and you’ll get to admire a stunning view of the Gangwan Bridge in all its postcard-worthy glory.


Common rooms & hearty meals

Tired of staying in the hotel room all-day long? Explore their common areas.

The first floor features a stadium-like seating with cute stuffed animals which the kids will love.


The second floor features individual and group seating areas where you can see the vibrant city life amidst the towering buildings and the sparkling seawater.


You’ll need a ton of snacks if you’re going to explore Busan all-day long.

Lucky for us, there’s a pantry area with unlimited and free snacks like ice cream and juice. This means you’ll never go hungry even if you’re on a tight budget.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Gwanganli Hotel 1 seems to believe it too. Their breakfast buffet costs S$9 per person and it includes scrumptious pastries, hearty sandwiches, yummy desserts and other treats.


Train to Busan anyone?

You can book a flight from Singapore to Busan’s Gimhae International Airport via AirAsia. From there, ride the Haeundae MRT station and depart at Gwang-Andong station. Afterwards, go on a 10-min walk to reach the hotel.

Gwanganli Hotel 1 is an idyllic seaside escape for those looking to visit Busan’s famous landmarks like Busan Museum Of Art, Shinsegae Centum City, Haedong Yonggung Temple and more. You’ll surely end up with a lot of gorgeous selfies that’ll make your friends jelly.

Opening Times:
Check-in from: 04:00 PM
Check-out until: 11:00 AM
Location: 203, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Suyeong-Gu, 48303 Busan, South Korea
Website: Gwanganli Hotel 1

Featured image from Gwanganli Hotel 1 and The InnBox.

Bangkok’s Kafae Tuktheaw Is An Old-School Tokyo Cafe That Lets You Time Travel To ’80s Japan

Kafae Tuktheaw Has Retro Japanese Vibe & An Authentic Menu From S$2 In Bangkok

You may think that only pictures and movies can help you revisit the ’80s and ’90s era of Japan. But we’ve recently found a stunning cafe in Bangkok that’s a fun blast to the past.

Enter, Kafae Tuktheaw. This unassuming storefront that looks lifted off the streets of Japan literally transports you to a whole other city from within.


Inside, you’ll recognise the retro aesthetic of old Tokyo’s tiny bars and traditional Japanese pubs and hawkers.


The walls are filled with references of an old era through postcards, anime classics and old Japanese corporations.


We absolutely love the attention to detail for the decor, with Easter eggs referencing old-school manga characters and brands littered all over the posters and car plates. Here’s what else to expect, so buckle up if you’re joining us for the ride.

‘80s Japanese aesthetic

For self-proclaimed otakus born in the ’80s or ’90s, Kafae Tuktheaw will most definitely take you back to your childhood.


Hanging out at a cafe is something that we’ve all experienced. But it becomes a lot more special when you’re surrounded by cigarette vending machines, postboxes and vintage chairs. Kafae Tuktheaw places great care in replicating the atmosphere of an entire Japanese street throughout its premises.


As an ’80s kid, you might long for the days when windows had wooden panes and each table had a telephone. Fortunately, time seems to stop in this quaint hole-in-the-wall corner of the cafe.


You can even test your childhood memories by recalling familiar characters like Astroboy and Sato-chan.


Wagons, posters & anime

Before the age of iPads, kids would put their toys in wagons and pull it to their neighbours’ house. While it might not be as common now, we’re tempted to use the wagon to get all these classic merchandise.


Automobile fans will be happy to find old models of their favourite motorbikes, cars and scooters. It’s never too late to bring back your wild side.


We’re used to ordering our toys online now. But just a few decades ago, cheap capsule vending machines were the go-to way to lay our hands on classic figurines and miniature trinkets.


Posters of Bruce Lee and the Green Hornet, Tiger Mask and Ultraman take us back to the days when we watched the television with our cousins.


Authentic Japanese food from $2

The cafe’s menu consists of tea, desserts and bento meals from S$2.50 (60 Baht).

Their Sukiyaki bento has a beef donburi with tender slices of beef and onsen eggs for S$5.83 (135 Baht). While the cafe perfectly nailed the ‘80s aesthetic, we’re excited to see if they did the same with the food.


Beat the tropical heat with their refreshing Yuzu orange juice which tastes sour with a hint of sweetness for S$2.81 (65 Baht).


End your meals with these cute miniature brownie doughnuts that will bring you comfort as you remember bits and pieces of your younger years.


How to get there

Kafae Tuktheaw is a 30-minute cab ride from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Take the airport link to Ramkhamhaeng and ride a taxi to reach your destination. The cafe is near the Thai Airways Operation Centre.

Kafae Tuktheaw
Address: 1144/17 Phatthanakan Rd, Khwaeng Suan Luang, Khet Suan Luang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8:00am to 8:00pm, Sat to Sun, 7:30am to 8:00pm
Contact Number: +66 082 584 4073

Time travel isn’t possible yet. But this rustic cafe in Bangkok will let you visit 2 cities for the price of one. If you’re paying this place a visit, we’re sure you’ll love reliving the good old ’80s, especially if you’re an otaku at heart.

Featured image from Facebook.

13-Year-Old Video Of Geylang Serai Market Makes Singaporeans Miss The Good Old Times

Geylang Serai Market Video From 2006 Makes Singaporeans Nostalgic

The call for more traditional food items at Geylang Bazaar wasn’t the only indication that Singaporeans miss the past.

The country’s quick pace of progress has seen drastic changes over the years, including the transformation of Geylang Serai Market.

Singaporeans only realised how different things are today when a video of the market from 2006 circulated on Facebook on Tues (7 May).

Narrow walkways between stalls

The new Geylang Serai Market with its bright lights and ample space is a far cry from its state 13 years ago.


The 2006 video shows a cramped, dimly lit wet market with stalls standing so close together, there’s barely space to fit a shopping trolley.


You’d wonder how your mum and grandma did their grocery shopping without feeling stifled back then.

The tight spaces were common in the clothing section too, with sale items everywhere, even hanging over people’s heads as they walked by.


Now you can do your shopping in relatively more comfort as there’s at least some elbow room so you won’t brush against a stranger.


While the old video gives us all the feels, we can be thankful that the new market has improved our shopping experience.

Singaporeans miss the good old days

The sight of the old market sparked Singaporeans to fondly recall the cheap food and kampung vibes, despite the smell, which they collectively do not miss.


The market’s atmosphere today may not be comparable to its state 13 years ago, but we can appreciate the fact that essential elements like the hawker centre remain.


You can still find the usual nasi padang, mee rebus and many other Malay food stalls there.


New look but same old feel

As to many things in life, change is the only constant. We have to keep evolving to move forward and keep up with the times, and so does Geylang Serai Market.

Perhaps a lot of its old character is lost, but the essence of the kampung spirit will stay alive as long as generations of Singaporeans continue to visit.

Featured image from Facebook and YouTube.

Free Entry To Sentosa Extended Till End-June, Will Cover Mar & Jun Holidays

Free Entry To Sentosa Previously Announced For Mar Holidays Only

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many Singaporeans are cancelling their overseas trip. Those who planned on travelling are now also hesitant about doing so.

While overseas travel might be a no-no for many of us, there remain many gems in Singapore for us to rediscover.

One of the attractions is the resort island of Sentosa.


In a bid to attract more local visitors, Sentosa is extending its free entry promotion till 30 Jun.

Free entry to Sentosa will save visitors $2-$6

Back in Feb, the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) announced that they will be offering free entry to the island during the Mar holidays.


This came amid a drop in number of visitors and sales between 20% and 50%.

Back then, SDC mentioned that the promotion might be extended “if the situation does not improve”. Looks like that’s clearly the case — bad news for them, but looks like we’re in luck.

Entry to the island ranges between $2 and $6. Normally, entrance fee is free if you decide to brave the 670-metre broadway, but hey, ain’t nobody got time for that.


With the extension, visitors will be able to enter the island for a grand total of $0 till 30 June.

This means entry to the island will also be free throughout the Mar and Jun holidays. Who said remaining in Singapore necessarily equates to stay at home zo bo?

Lots of Sentosa attractions also running their own promotions

If you and your ‘lil ones haven’t been to Sentosa in ages, here’s an update — it ain’t just for Pokémon Go trainers eager to fill their Pokédex.

From trilling fun at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) to educational excursions at the S.E.A Aquarium to no-frill picnics at one of the beaches, Sentosa island has something for every family.

S.E.A Aquarium 

Adding on to the appeal, many of Sentosa’s attractions are also running promotions of their own, so you’ll be able to combo both promo to your wallet’s delight.

Universal Studios S’pore Has Free 6-Month Unlimited Entry If You Buy 1-Day Ticket By 12 Apr

If you’ve yet to make plans for your ‘lil ones during the school holidays, perhaps you should consider heading down to Sentosa.

After all, with all the promotions going on, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with your ‘fam without breaking the bank. What’s not to like about that?

Having said that, do observe good hygiene practices during your time there. The worst thing that anyone hopes for is for the youngins to contract the coronavirus during their school holidays.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

This Basket Café On Jeju Island Is A Jumbo Container In The Heart Of An Orange Orchard

This Basket Café On Jeju Island Is A Chic Container In A Mandarin Orange Paradise

Jeju Island conjures images of cliffs overlooking the ocean and memories of popular Korean dramas like Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers.

Enjoying the beach isn’t the only thing you can do in this destination, because we’ve recently discovered that it’s a mandarin orange paradise too.


Café the Container is a basket café that’s surrounded by a lush plantation of mandarin oranges. As its appearance suggests, you can pick mandarin oranges and store them in baskets.


This largely unknown destination will put your past café experiences to shame, so here’s why you need to add it to your bucket list.

Orange container café on Jeju Island shaped like a basket

The café’s exterior accurately mimics the appearance of an orange basket.


The humble establishment is surrounded by a lush green plantation of mandarin oranges. So, if you wanted to taste fresh tangerines, then this is the place to be.


You might’ve loved cafes with sweet frappuccinos, but pretty soon you’ll be tempted to spend the afternoon grabbing oranges instead. 


Feel free to wander on the fields then relish the simplicity of the island life.


Comfortable interior

Guests can enter the café by entering a hidden door in the basket from the upper floor.


The café’s interior features glass windows that let you enjoy the peaceful scenery and escape your busy life back home.


Those who are tired of exploring the beach and various destinations in Jeju Island can take a break by lounging in these comfortable sofas.


Guests can get a complete overview of the massive plantation and surrounding forests from the upper floor. If you reach the end of the path, then maybe you’ll find a gorgeous seaside view.


You can even walk to the balcony and enjoy the cool breeze for hours on end.


Fruit juice, tea, & coffee

The café offers coffee, tea and fruit juice that is priced around S$5.80 (5,000 won) to S$8.15 (7,000 won).

Their mandarin orange juice is topped with a slice of orange. We bet it’s freshly-picked from the fields, so we’re curious to discover the taste of this healthy drink for S$8.15 (7,000 won).

Meanwhile, coffee aficionados can start the day right with a strawberry latte from S$7 (6,000 won).


For a truly unique experience, enjoy the refreshing drinks with your friends near thriving crops.


Before you leave, make sure to pack some mandarin oranges. We rarely get the opportunity to enjoy freshly-picked produce.


How to get there

Café the Container is a 4-hour bus ride from the Jeju International Airport. It is located along Hamwa-ro street.

You can check out their Facebook or Instagram to learn more details.

Address: 513, Hamwa-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju City
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm; closed Tuesdays-Wednesdays
Contact Number: +82 64-784-5130
Website: Café the Container

Café the Container is the ideal place to binge on oranges amid a calm scenery. This hidden basket cafe is something that you have to see for yourself.

Are you planning to make a visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Naver and Instagram.

Jewel’s Canopy Park Has Free Entry For 2, Time To Plan Dates In The East With Bae

Free Entry For 2 At Jewel Changi’s Canopy Park If You Spend At The Mall

On the highest floor of Jewel Changi, lies the flora-filled Canopy Park.

With its spherical glass ceiling to let sunlight gently kiss the lush greenery within, the picturesque place looks as if it was built with Instagram OOTD maestros in mind.


Entry to the coveted gardens usually come at a price. But since the September holidays are approaching, visitors can enter the Canopy Park for free after spending in Jewel itself.

This perk is granted in pairs. So if you and bae are running out of places to date, now may be the best time to plan a trip to the east.

Free entry for 2 to Canopy Park after spending at Jewel

A date won’t be complete without a meal.

Since we have to fill our tummies up anyway, going to Jewel to level up photography skills for the ‘gram doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea.

After all, as long as you spend in Jewel, you can get this free entry perk for 2 when you flash the receipt.

If your Instagram feed has been stagnant since ‘Circuit Breaker’, you can explore these places for beautiful photo opportunities at the park:

  • Discovery Slides
  • Foggy Bowls
  • Petal Garden
  • Topiary Walk

Head to level 5 once you’re ready to enter.

50% off Changi Experience Studio tickets

Families won’t be missing out on the fun, as Jewel has a few other promotions lined up for the holidays from 4-13 Sep.

At Changi Experience Studio, you can get 50% off on certain Adult Bundle Packages or with every adult ticket purchased with a child.

This is a place where you can learn about aviation and explore the virtual world of Changi Airport via projection.

This attraction is at level 4.

T3 attractions reopening on 4 Sep

It’s been a long, long time since any of us were at Changi’s terminals. But it doesn’t mean that things have gone stale over there.

Changi Airport’s T3 is ready to welcome visitors again on 4 Sep, as the Sanrio-themed playground and the airport’s tallest slide will be reopening then.


For those who are interested, you can check out here for more details.

Time to rediscover Jewel & Changi Airport in Phase 2

Ever since ‘Circuit Breaker’ and widespread travel restrictions due to Covid-19, visits to the airports are fast becoming a fading memory.

We may not be able to fly overseas for holidays, but there’s still lots to explore in the world’s best airport and Jewel, which houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Perhaps now’s the best time to rediscover these little thrills with bae and the fam.

Featured image adapted from Singapore Changi Airport.


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