MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Closed Till May 2021, Tell Your Outdoor Kakis To Take Other Routes

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Closed For Maintenance Works

Dining out and shopping with friends have become such a norm since Phase 2 started that we’re now looking for other things to do. Outdoor activities seem to be a popular choice, and the famous TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir is no doubt on many people’s lists.


Unfortunately, you may have to put your plans on hold if you’re planning to drop by anytime soon for exercise or Instagram photos.

TreeTop Walk closed for maintenance

According to a notice, NParks has closed the TreeTop Walk along with 2 other paths within MacRitchie.


The closure has apparently been in effect since 11 Aug, some time after Phase 2 began.

The 2 other routes that will be closed are Peirce Track and part of the Petaling Boardwalk.

NParks states that the closure is due to maintenance works, which will likely finish around 31 May 2021.

So if you happen to go on a hike there and see signs blocking entry, please don’t try to bypass them.

Other routes still open in MacRitchie

Of course, this news shouldn’t bring your outdoor plans to a halt, as the rest of MacRitchie is still open for an immersive natural experience.

Instead of taking the Petaling Boardwalk towards the TreeTop Walk, NParks has suggested taking the Sime Track, which cuts straight to the Terentang Trail.

Though the trek may not be as picturesque, we’re sure the lush greenery and occasional wild animal sighting will make for a fun time nonetheless.

Explore Singapore safely

The last time the TreeTop Walk was closed was earlier this year, as part of safe distancing measures.

It seems like NParks has decided to carry on with it a little longer to spruce up the area again, perhaps so visitors can fully enjoy the amenities once authorities ease measures.


Hopefully, we’ll have an even more beautiful and delightful nature trail to explore once it reopens.

Till then, continue exploring other parts of Singapore safely, and adhere to any rules in place.

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Featured image adapted from NParks.

Changi Jurassic Mile Is A Cycling & Jogging Path With Life-Sized Dinosaurs Along New Airport Connector

Changi Jurassic Mile Is Part Of New Park Connector Which Has Life-Sized Dinosaurs

You’ve probably had your fair share of shopping and eating since Phase 2 started, and are now looking for more exciting things to do.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) seems to have heard your gripes, and recently opened the Changi Jurassic Mile, a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience.

A jogging and cycling path unlike any other, you can add this spot to your family’s next must-visit list.

Jurassic Mile connects Changi Airport to ECP

With over 20 life-size dinosaurs from 9 different species along a 1km stretch of the park connector, it will be a delight for people who are fans of the prehistoric era.

The 3.5km park connector which links Changi Airport to East Coast Park can be used for cycling and jogging.

Thrill seekers can go all the way to Coney Island or even Jurong from there, if they wish to.

Otherwise, a casual ride or stroll around the area is exciting enough, with the unique features around.

Life-sized dinosaurs make for great photo ops

One of the dinosaurs you can look forward to taking a picture with is the most ferocious beast, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The display even has the towering creature biting on a steel fence to demonstrate its strength.

No one can resist missing out on a spectacular photo op like that — not even Minister for Transport Ong Ye Kung, who officiated the launch on Sunday (11 Oct).

He captured the beauty of the start and end points of the park connector which is near Changi Airport Terminal 2.


Mr Ong also took some time to snap an image with the gentle herbivorous brontosaurus.

Beautiful at night & in the day

Another fearsome dinosaur that you can also catch is the velociraptor, which will make you feel like you’re on the set of “Jurassic World”.

At night, the dinosaurs light up in psychedelic lights that bring them to life. Just look at this eye-catching parasaurolophus.

The park connector is open 24 hours and entry is free, so you can jog or cycle by anytime.

In a press release, CAG’s Managing Director for Airport Operations Management said they wanted to connect Changi Airport with East Coast Park and the rest of Singapore’s park connectors to provide a sense of wonder for both residents and airport staff.

The new experiential elements injected along the Changi Jurassic Mile will offer all who visit a sense of adventure and surprise.

Certainly, the outdoor attraction will be a cool new place to explore with family and friends.

Bike rental, showers & outdoor dining available

Those who do not have their own bicycles or dread lugging them all the way to Changi Airport can easily rent one at the GoCycling shop at HUB & SPOKE.

No matter where your bike trail takes you, you can conveniently return the bicycles to any one of GoCycling’s 7 outlets around Singapore. 2 are available at Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park.

There are also free parking – courtesy of Changi Airport Group – and bicycle lockers, so you can take a quick break before resuming your trip.

Bicycle lockers available at $5 per use

Besides that, cyclists and joggers can utilise the pay-per-use showers to freshen up after a hard workout.

If you’re hungry after exercising, you can stop by HUB & SPOKE cafe which offers local and Western cuisine. The interior aesthetic takes after a colonial style with alfresco dining for those who prefer to dine outdoors.

With beautiful photo ops at every turn, you know where you should head to next to update your ‘gram.

One more spot in Singapore to explore

Despite the pandemic forcing many sectors to come to a standstill, we are heartened to see that our lives do not have to halt.

The new park connector offers another avenue for us to explore and rediscover Singapore, making the best of this crisis.

Will you be checking out the Jurassic Mile anytime soon? Let us know in the comments.

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All images courtesy of Changi Airport Group unless stated otherwise. 

Woodlands Park Is Now A Spot For Causeway ‘Reunions’, Families Advised To Bring Binoculars

Star-Crossed Families Go To Woodlands Water Park To ‘Meet’ Each Other Across Causeway

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia set to continue till at least year-end, many Malaysians working in Singapore and vice-versa remain separated from their families. But after 1 man found a spot for ‘reunions’ at Woodlands Park, others are following suit.

The Causeway is all that separates Singapore and Malaysia, and from Woodlands Waterfront Park, you can see Johor Bahru (JB) in the distance.


Now, some with relatives and loved ones across the border are congregating at the park, in hopes they can see each other.

Malaysian advises bright clothing, binoculars for ‘reunion’ trips at Woodlands park

A man in Singapore made the trip to Woodlands Waterfront Park to meet his wife and child, who are across the Causeway.


His wife shared the post on Facebook group Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers, and even gave some tips for those looking to make the same trip.

Wear bright clothing and bring good binoculars

The couple made a guide for those who want to go, which you can view here. It includes directions and even a glimpse of the view.

In case you’re wondering, this is the spot the man was at.


They also note that all parties should wear bright clothing, so you’re easier to spot in the distance.

You’ll look like a mere speck, but that’s okay — it’s the thought that counts.


And here’s the POV of those watching from Singapore.


Malaysian man makes Woodlands park go viral

As the netizen alludes to in her Facebook post, a Malaysian was one of the first people to get a glimpse of his family at Woodlands Waterfront Park.

Also read:

M’sian Man Calls Family At Woodlands Park, Asks If They Can See Him Waving Across The Sea

He’s now a trailblazer for others who miss their families across the border.

Perhaps someone might start a business or even a TV series for this in the future?

Separation by a bed of water

Although essential workers can travel between Malaysia and Singapore, general travel is still restricted.

The hassle of returning to Malaysia and serving a quarantine also won’t apply to many who still hold jobs in Singapore.

We do hope that the situation in both countries improve to the point where travel can resume and families can be reunited.

After all, nothing beats physical meetings — but for now, we’ll have to make do with being star-crossed lovers separated by a bed of water.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

Sentosa Closes Siloso Beach Waters After They Spot Box Jellyfish On 9 Oct

Box Jellyfish Spotted In Siloso Beach Waters, Sentosa Closes It Off Until Further Notice

In lieu of travel destinations outside of Singapore, some may settle for simply leaving the mainland for places like Sentosa, and enjoy a day out at the beach.

But beachgoers who fancy a dip in the waters at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach will have to wait a while after they closed access to the waters.


This is because they spotted a box jellyfish lurking in the waters on Friday (9 Oct).

As such, people won’t be allowed to enter the waters until further notice, Sentosa said.

Jellyfish spotted in Siloso Beach waters

Although details are scant at the moment, Sentosa said they sighted a box jellyfish in Siloso Beach’s waters today.


Their stings aren’t to be trifled with, as they contain venom that can be fatal to victims.

In the dual interests of safety and wellbeing of Sentosa beachgoers, they’ve closed the waters off to guests until further notice.

Sentosa said their Beach Patrol Officers (BPOs) have stepped up surveillance of the beaches and waters as a result.

Don’t touch jellyfish, alert others in case of sighting

Sentosa warned beachgoers to not touch jellyfish if you see them, and to alert others to their presence.

No, not for a watch-party or to catch them with a Poké Ball, but for everyone to get away. Their stings are dangerous, man.

We repeat, the wrong thing to do upon spotting a box jellyfish is to summon your Pokémon and challenge it to a battle.

If no BPOs are nearby, you can call the Sentosa Rangers at 1800 RANGERS (1800 726 4377).

First aid in case of a sting

While nobody’s allowed into the waters, there’s the possibility that someone gets stung by a jellyfish anyway.

In that case, NParks advises to get the victim to shore immediately and call 995.

Keep the victim calm and still, and don’t attempt to remove their tentacles with your bare hands.

Only use a towel or tweezers to remove them.

Meanwhile, you can use seawater and flood the sting areas for at least 30 seconds. Any other liquid will do if seawater isn’t available.

Stay away from Siloso Beach waters for now

Hopefully nobody at Sentosa gets stung, and if they do, that those around them can render first-aid.

For now, however, until the coast is clear, the waters are closed off. Here’s a PSA to those with impending beach plans.

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Featured image adapted from Sentosa and HowStuffWorks.

Bugis Is 29th Coolest Neighbourhood In the World, Haji Lane’s Culture & Art Makes It Unique

Bugis Listed As One Of The Coolest Neighbourhood In The World By Time Out

When we think about Singapore’s place in the world, we often think of it as a financial or transport hub.

But who knew thought Singapore – with its humid and hot weather – can also be cool too.

Recently, lifestyle site Time Out named Bugis district the 29th coolest neighbourhood in the world, based on “fun, food, culture and community”

Bugis coolest neighbourhoodSource

Haji Lane wins Bugis “coolest neighbourhood” title

A stroll around the Bugis district will inevitably lead you to Haji lane, where street art adorns the walls, nightlife bustles, and good food is plentiful.

Bugis coolest neighbourhoodSource

That is probably why Time Out listed Bugis as one of 2020’s coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

One of the criteria of these chosen neighbourhoods is that it has to possess diverse groups of people, is creative, and has inclusive food, drink, art and culture.

With the outdoor Gelam Gallery at Haji Lane that opened just last year, these streets are definitely some of the coolest in Singapore.

Bugis coolest neighbourhoodSource

According to Time Out, “it’s places like Bugis that prove Singapore is about far more than skyscrapers”. We can’t help but agree.

Community spirit demonstrated at Haji Lane

2020 has been a fever dream or rather, nightmare, for many.

The pandemic has disrupted the sense of normalcy in our lives — masks are now a permanent accessory when we leave the house, travelling overseas is a distant memory, and businesses are suffering.

In light of this, one of Time Out’s key criteria for “coolest neighbourhood” this year is a community and how people and businesses have helped one another through these tough times — places that capture the spirit of each city.

Good Luck Beerhouse fits that description to a T.

Bugis coolest neighbourhoodSource

During the ‘Circuit Breaker’, the bar lent a helping hand to neighbouring F&B businesses by sharing their online delivery site with their neighbours.

One of the more notable neighbours that benefitted is Blanco Court Prawn Mee.


The eatery has even been dubbed the best prawn noodles in Singapore by some.

Besides just helping out other F&B businesses, Good Luck Beerhouse also launched a “beer for a cause” campaign and donated $4,000 to an elderly home.

The help-thy-neighbour attitude embodied by Good Luck Beerhouse is certainly what Singapore strives to be as a nation.

Coolest neighbourhoods named were based on survey

Time Out curated their list of “coolest neighbourhoods in the world” based on a survey of 38,000 people.

Besides Bugis, places like Downtown, Los Angeles and Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong were also listed as among the coolest neighbourhoods out there.


Haji lane well-loved by locals and tourists alike

Haji lane at Bugis has always been well known for its beautiful street art murals, diversity, and shopping deals. It’s a place well-loved by locals and tourists alike.

So maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised after all that Bugis made it to the 29th spot on Time Out’s list of coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

Do you like to visit Haji Lane? What do you like about it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Featured image adapted from Kkday.

Super Nintendo World In Japan Has Mario Karts & Question Blocks Like A Real-Life Video Game

Super Nintendo World In Japan To Open In Spring 2021, Has Mario Karts & Question Blocks

Our travel plans may have been put on hold in 2020, but things are starting to look up for the coming year. Japan just gave us one more reason to fly to the land of sushi again.

Mario fans, heads up. Universal Studios Japan announced on Wednesday (7 Oct) that Super Nintendo World will open in spring 2021.

Guests can expect realistic Mario Kart adventures and challenging obstacles, according to Japan news site SoraNews24.


Here are some updates for this upcoming Nintendo wonderland.

Super Nintendo World has Mario Kart adventures

Nintendo fans can finally enter the world of Super Mario in spring 2021.

Inside this vibrant wonderland, gamers can navigate through the vibrant mushroom kingdom, punch question blocks, and ride a realistic Mario Kart.


Unlike the Nintendo Switch version, you’ll probably need to be athletic like Mario to conquer these physical obstacles.

A power-up band will also be worn by challengers to play mini-games and team-up with others to conquer boss battles. If you want to take a tour, you can even ride at the back of Yoshi the dinosaur to get an overview of the rides you’ll want to visit.

Last March, theme park enthusiast Alicia Stella shared an aerial photo labelled with the theme park’s attractions, which makes us want to fast forward to spring.

While we wait for more pictures, you can check out these leaks featuring the half-completed version of this ambitious destination.


Mario café & store

Before the grand opening, a Mario café and store will open at Universal Studios Japan’s Hollywood area next Friday (16 Oct).


The Super Mario-themed interior aims to give visitors a sneak peek of Super Nintendo World. Long-time fans will recognise the mushroom platforms, as well as the Venus flytrap and green pipes painted on the walls.


A gift shop will also include shirts, question blocks, and other merchandise so you can grab a souvenir to remember this memorable experience.


Mario-themed menu

To stay true to the Super Mario concept, the café will offer edible Mario and Luigi caps.


Each cap is made of pancakes filled with strawberry shortcake or grape cheesecake.


Pair your sweet dessert with their fruit cream sodas that come with Super Mario and Luigi’s mustaches.


If you lean and sip the cup, you can don their signature facial hair and share a laugh with your companions.


Female fans who want to channel their inner Princess Peach can opt for the pastel pink peach cream soda.


To stay hydrated, you can store your chosen drink inside an adorable Super Mushroom, which comes with a convenient carrying strap.


At the end of your stay, you can carry it home as a memento for your adventures.

Bookmark for next Japan trip, hopefully next year

Super Nintendo World will officially open in spring 2021. The theme park will be located at Universal Studios Japan. You can check out the Universal Studios Japan Twitter for more updates.

Due to the pandemic, we can’t hop on a plane and travel to Japan just yet.

Last month, Singapore and Japan set up green lanes for travel though this is limited to business purposes. Japan is also planning to lift its travel ban to countries like Singapore, but reminds travellers to only travel when essential and necessary.

These latest developments and declining Covid-19 cases make us feel hopeful that we can return to Japan soon.

For now, let’s hope for the best and add this upcoming theme park to our travel bucket list.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter

Aljunied GrabKitchen Lets You Mix & Match For Food Deliveries, Can Lepak There As Well

GrabKitchen Opens In Aljunied To Meet Food Demand For Residents There

When the Covid-19 outbreak hit Singapore, food delivery services like GrabFood naturally became more popular. Now, even as we’re in Phase 2, demand continues to soar, and Grab is trying their best to meet them.

As such, Grab launched their second GrabKitchen in Aljunied, after their first kitchen this year in Hillview.

There, you can grab food and drinks – no pun intended – from a variety of places under the same roof, with just 1 delivery fee.

So if you like Michelin-starred Putien and bubble tea brand Playmade, for example, you can get both orders under the same receipt.

GrabKitchen in Aljunied lets you mix & match in 1 order

In a media release, Grab said that after customer insights and consumer surveys, they saw that the Geylang-Aljunied area had one of the highest rates of unmet demand among GrabFood users.

The following had much higher demand than supply in the area:

  • Japanese cuisine
  • Korean cuisine
  • Western cuisine
  • Bubble tea
  • Fried chicken

Grab thus set up their second cloud kitchen there, and brought on partners who’d be able to meet these demands.

You can expect to see the following F&B retailers:

  • Putien
  • Bonchon
  • Moon Rabbit
  • PlayMade
  • El Carbón
  • Wolf Burgers
  • CarversX
  • Maki-San
  • Beverly Hills Cheesecake
  • Spike Empire Durian
  • Eureka Popcorn
  • IRVINS Salted Egg
  • Drinkies
  • Letat Wines & Sake
  • Alcohol Delivery
  • W&S Liquor Store
  • The 1887 Bar

You’ll notice that many of them offer Japanese, Korean, or Western cuisines, and a variety of desserts and snacks to pick from too.

The draw of GrabKitchen is how you can order from all these places but need to only make 1 payment — sort of like a new type of hawker centre.

Comfy wooden kitchen & dining area

For their part, Grab has made the place plenty aesthetically-pleasing to both work and dine in.

There’s a small seating area for those who’d like to have their meals there, and a self pick-up counter too.

Another area allows people to lepak while perhaps having bubble tea of their choice.

We wouldn’t quite call it utopia yet, but imagine digging into IRVINS Salted Egg potato chips while sipping on oolong tea with pearls here.

Aside from the fact that there’s lots of calories in that package, a world of possibilities just opened up.

Helping F&B businesses get back on their feet

Grab explained that they want to help F&B businesses grow, since many of them rethought expansion plans during the pandemic.

GrabKitchen is one way they’re looking to adapt to consumer tastes through their data insights.

Putien’s Vice President who noted that there’s high demand for their menu during weekday meal times, said the cloud kitchen will help them meet that, even though they’re new to the scene.

More variety coming to Geylang residents

Those in the Geylang-Aljunied area will now see many more choices come their way.

So if you for any reason at all require food delivery, you can now get more varieties, without the leceh-ness of needing several receipts.

GrabKitchen Aljunied
Address: Victory Centre, 110 Lor 23 Geylang, #02-07, Singapore 388410
Nearest train station: Aljunied MRT

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All images courtesy of Grab.

Zouk To Be Used For Spin Classes, Jio Your Friends For A Different Kind Of Party

Zouk Dance Floor Might Soon Be Used For Absolute Cycle Spin Classes

Party-goers are left squirming in their seats at home as the nightclubs remain closed as part of Covid-19 safety measures.

S’pore To Close Night Clubs, Cinemas & Tuition Centres From 27 Mar, Unofficial Gatherings Kept To 10 People

During these difficult times, some nightclubs are innovating and adapting their space for other uses to stay afloat.

Recently, Zouk – arguably the most popular nightclub in Singapore – seems to be riding on the workout wave as they look to lend their dance floor for spin classes.

On Wednesday (7 Oct), Absolute Cycle announced via Instagram the exciting new collaboration they will be having with the nightclub.


Zouk collaborates with Absolute Cycle

From F45 to spin classes, workout lessons seem to be all the rage now. Well, Singapore’s popular nightclub Zouk seems to be jumping right on board.

Absolute Cycle shared on Wednesday (7 Oct) that there will soon be rhythmic spin classes held in Zouk.


The spacious dance floor that used to be filled with party-goers will soon be entertaining a different kind of party crowd.

Spin classes at Zouk promise to be epic

Absolute Cycle Singapore dropped a few teasers on what lessons at Zouk will look like.

Zouk spin classesSource

The rhythm cycling studio promises that it will be “an experience like no other”.

Zouk spin classesSource

Just imagining the luminescent lights accompanied by Zouk’s state-of-the-art sound system is enough to get our heart pumping.

Look forward to more information

Although not much information has been divulged so far, we can already tell this is going to be an elevated version of the spin classes that we are used to.

On Wednesday (7 Oct), DJ Jade Rasif also shared news of the collaboration between Absolute Cycle and Zouk on her Instagram story.

Zouk spin classesSource

This might prompt speculation of her involvement in the nightclub turned spin class studio collaboration.

Spin classes under Zouk lights with a reputable DJ at the turntables curating the soundtrack? The only thing missing from it being perfect is a sour plum shot after.

Do stay tuned to Absolute Cycle Singapore’s Instagram page for more information about the collaboration.

Zouk spin classesSource

Step into Zouk again

There’s no telling when night clubs can reopen again. So while we can’t hit the dance floors just yet, perhaps just stepping into the familiar Zouk dancefloor may prove to be a cathartic experience.

For party animals who also love working out, this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Know someone who’s dying to enter Zouk again? Tag them in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

Whampoa HDB Terrace Sold On Carousell, Has 2 Patios For Breezy Lepak Sessions

Whampoa HDB Terrace Sold For $785K On Carousell

Think HDB housing and you’ll immediately picture a run-of-the-mill flat almost every Singaporean lives in. Some lucky residents in Whampoa, however, stay in a different kind of HDB home — a terrace, to be specific.


One such terrace which had been listed on Carousell was sold very recently, for a decent price of $785,000.

Owning landed property at that price seems like a steal, so let’s see what the buyers are in for.

Front & back patio for breezy lepak sessions

Living in a hectic city can get quite stuffy, and a quick spot of fresh air is all you’ll need to rejuvenate.

Instead of waiting for a spot at the crowded mamak shops, the new owners of this unit at 46 Jalan Bahagia can sit at either of their patios right at home.

Out front, the sheltered patio has double-glazed windows which help to filter the sunrays on extremely hot days.


Overlooking the little grass patch in the outdoor garden, you can almost imagine yourself sipping tea and eating scones in an English country home.


If they’d prefer an even quieter corner away from the road and neighbours’ eyes, there’s also a patio at the back, complete with a skylight.


A fairly private outdoor shower lets them enjoy the fresh air while cleaning up, but they’d probably have to lock the patio door or warn others first before using it.


Cosy 2-storey terrace in a quiet Whampoa neighbourhood

If the new homeowners had dreams of living in a quaint European suburb, this is probably as close as they’ll get.

Swap some of the furniture out with pieces from IKEA, do some minor touch-ups, and this could be the minimalist Scandinavian abode many of us try to recreate.


You can view photos of the rest of the house via the PropNex agent’s Carousell listing here.

Other HDB terraces still around in Singapore

Since HDB terraces are a rarity these days, securing this one at a $785,000 price tag is quite impressive.


If you’re feeling inspired by the photos to buy such a home some time in the future, you might still stand a chance to.

Just remember to do all your research and ensure your finances are in order. Happy house hunting!

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Featured image adapted from Carousell.

Orchard Road Christmas Lights To Go Up On 13 Nov, Will Have Virtual Tour With 360° Views

Orchard Road To Have Hybrid Christmas Light-Up This Year

Every year as Christmas draws near, Orchard Road lights up in beautiful Christmas decorations.

Last year’s Christmas lights at Orchard

An annual must-see for many Singaporeans, our famous shopping street transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland.

That time of the year is drawing near again. The glittering glow of Christmas lights is set to descend upon Orchard on Friday (13 Nov) this year.

An artist impression of this year’s main arch

Like many events this year, the Christmas decorations will be up for our enjoyment both online and physically, until 1 Jan 2021.

Here’s what we can expect from this year’s “Love this Christmas” display of light and decorations.

Christmas festivities at Orchard Road will be scaled down

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Christmas light-up event will be a much humbler affair.

To prevent crowds, there will be no Christmas village like in previous years, so you can’t picture yourself in a cosy suburb in America or Europe.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere, as the pretty lights this year promise to be just as magical.

Beautiful white snowflakes intertwining with emerald green mistletoe and deep red hollies will bring the town area to life when night falls.

Orchard Road Christmas

These decorations will adorn the Orchard, Somerset, and Tanglin streets, so your bus or car rides down that stretch will feel like a dream.

Little white and gold baubles hanging from trees and lampposts along the streets add to the fantastical feel.

Orchard Road Christmas

Follow the brightly lit road and arrive at the Orchard-Paterson Road junction where a 14-metre tall shimmering arch stands.

There, a ribbon wraps the theme up nicely with the words, “Love this Christmas”.

Orchard Road Christmas

Reindeers hold up the base of the magnificent arch, creating a grand centerpiece.

You can catch these intricate decorations from 13 Nov, at the following timings:

  • Sun – Thurs: 6.30pm – 12am
  • Fri & Sat: 6.30pm – 2am
  • Christmas (25 Dec) & New Year’s Eve (31 Dec): 6.30pm – 6am

The lights will be up till 1 Jan 2021, so you’ll have sufficient time to catch them. Details of the virtual tour aren’t available yet, but do keep a lookout on the Orchard Rd website here.

Enjoy the Orchard Christmas lights from home

To add to the sense of novelty and excitement, this year, for the first time ever, Singaporeans will be able to enjoy the bright shimmering Christmas lights from the comfort of their homes.

Orchard Road Christmas

Instead of making plans to reach the crowded streets early, the public will be able to admire the 2.88km stretch from Tanglin Mall to Dhoby Ghaut in a virtual 360° tour.

Accessible across the world, you can even enjoy the beautiful sights with loved ones overseas, like an exciting concert livestream.

Christmas light-up is dedicated to frontline workers

Amidst a pandemic, the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) is thankful that they can continue the long-standing tradition of decking our shopping streets with Christmas lights.

The theme “Love this Christmas” aims to lift Singaporeans’ spirits even as we continue to face upcoming challenges together.

Orchard Road Christmas

They have also dedicated the light-up to all frontline workers who have kept Singapore going through this difficult time.

In the festive season, ORBA encourages everyone to spread love and joy to their friends and family.

A much-needed lift in our spirits

Even though the event will be scaled down, Orchard Road will be just as alive with the Christmas spirit this year.

Whether it is online or in-person, we believe the spectacle of the Christmas light-up will give us a much-needed lift in our spirits.

Hopefully, this means better things to come as we approach the festive season.

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All mages courtesy of Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA).


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