Police Cantonment Complex Gets Glowing Reviews On Google, Some ‘Guests’ Want To Return

Police Cantonment Complex Gets Glowing Reviews On Google, Food & Air-Con Praised

When we eat at a restaurant or stay at a hotel, we’re used to giving reviews on the various platforms available, rating the business by its quality of service, food or facilities offered.

However, if you’ve need to visit a police station for whatever reason, you may not think of writing a review for that particular “business”.

Those who’ve visited Police Cantonment Complex, however, have had no such concerns, with many writing glowing reviews about their “experiences”.


As of Monday (5 Oct), the building has an aggregate score of a healthy 3.9 stars from 86 reviews.


Review commends free stay

The reviewer described the complex like how one would describe a hotel, with kudos given to hospitality, food, bed and most importantly, security.

One reviewer apparently loved the coffee, air-conditioning and “bodyguards”, and best of all, his stay was absolutely free for up to 72 hours.

He was so satisfied that he’d want to return for another stay.

Police cantonment complex review 2Source

Reviewer had to get arrested first

Another reviewer agreed that the complex had the best coffee and tea ever. He also praised the spaciousness and cleanliness of his surroundings, particularly loving the King Koil bed.

He even went so far as to say that the Police Cantonment Complex would make a good staycation destination.

However, he apparently had to get arrested for the privilege of enjoying these perks — and he, too, would visit again if he had the chance.

Police cantonment complex review 1Source

One wouldn’t expect less from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Air-con can be chilly

Another “guest” who also had to be arrested first was also effusive of the food, however, he advised other “guests” to bring warm clothing as the air-con could be rather chilly.

Police cantonment complex review 3


He thought the officer did a good job processing his “check-in”, though.

Complaint that pool is missing

Another reviewer gave 5 stars, and noted the “bed and breakfast” he was served.

However, he also shared one negative point: He struggled to find the swimming pool.

Review 4Source

Well, even some hotels don’t have pools, so we can’t blame the police for not having one.

Tidy building, smiley service

More seriously, someone who visited the station to apply for a certificate found the building clean and tidy.

He also liked the customer service rendered by the officers there, who had smiles on their faces.

review 5


We’re glad that our police force is doing a good job at making Singaporeans feel at home, regardless of the length of – or reason for – their stay.

Keep up the good work, SPF

The glowing reviews make us wonder whether they were written by people who were actually arrested or not, or if the reviewers have even visited the place.

However, the tongue-in-cheek reviews probably show that Singaporeans have taken to the Police Cantonment Complex, even though it’s been almost 20 years since its opening.

Police cantonment complex 2Source

We hope the SPF keeps up the good work and collects more 5-star reviews.

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Huge Rat Lurks In Woodlands Lerk Thai Outlet, Might Be The One Who Cooks Your Food

Rat As Large As Adult Fist Lurks In Woodlands Lerk Thai Restaurant, NEA Notified

Rats! They’re dirty and love foraging around places with food, so nobody really feels comfortable with the idea of them scurrying in a restaurant.

But a netizen dining in Woodlands Civic Centre saw just that, claiming one of them was “as big as my hand”.


He also told Stomp that there were even multiple rodents gallivanting within the restaurant’s perimeters.

Of course, the National Environment Agency (NEA) was called in soon after, and they made 2 inspections on 28 and 30 Sep.

Now management and the restaurant will combat the infestation.

Man sees rat lurking in Woodlands Lerk Thai restaurant

It would seem that Lerk Thai had some extra lurkers besides the usual Thai fare they serve up in Woodlands.

The netizen wasn’t eating there, but at the neighbouring McDonald’s in Woodlands Civic Centre at around 11.45pm on Sunday (27 Sep), according to Stomp.

This was after closing hours, so perhaps this was the usual feasting time for the rats.

There were at least 3 of them likely having a grand old time, as they were as large as an adult male’s fist.

Since Lerk Thai was closed, the netizen told a McDonald’s manager about the rats and sent a video to Stomp, comparing his fist to one of the rats.


It actually looks kinda adorable, until you realise that rats and restaurants don’t normally mix unless you’re in a Disney Pixar animated motion picture from 2007.


NEA aware of situation, have done inspections

Naturally, NEA got wind of the ratty situation and did 2 inspections. A Lerk Thai spokesperson told Stomp that the mall management and NEA conducted the 2nd one on 30 Sep.

The management have a week from 30 Sep to take care of the problem.

Meanwhile, Lerk Thai assures Stomp that they conduct pest control 2 times monthly since Aug.

Of course, if the ‘pests’ were really chefs a la Ratatouille, they wouldn’t really be chefs now, would they?

We’re on to your ways, Lerk Thai.

Jokes aside, it’s good that they’re looking at the problem and hopefully the ratty problem is solved. Rats are a hygiene issue and definitely a matter of concern.

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S’porean Builds House On Mexico Volcano, Wakes Up To MacBook Wallpaper Views Every Day

Singaporean Builds House In Mexico Perched On Extinct Volcano

Singapore’s land constraints puts limits on where we can build houses. It’s normal to look out of the window to a view of the concrete jungle we live in, but a Singaporean found a picturesque view when he built a home on an extinct volcano in Mexico.

The house’s amazing location allows the owner to wake up to wallpaper views every day.

This is a snapshot of the haven in Mexico.

Mexican house volcano 1Source

For comparison, here is MacBook’s Yosemite OS wallpaper:

macOS SierraSource

You might as well use the home’s scenery as a wallpaper.

Mexico house has views of volcano

The building is set in the rugged landscapes of the extinct Palo Huérfano volcano, which rises up to 2,600m in altitude.

The surroundings are barely touched by humans due to the lack of vehicle access.

In the Singaporean’s Facebook post, he said that he wanted to “build a space in nature that would stir a sense of wonder and encourage dreaming”.

We agree that the house holds true to this ideal, with a plethora of windows supplying views of the Mexican wilderness.

You can get a view like this greeting you the moment you wake up:

Mexican house volcano bedroomSource

Having morning coffee at the porch would immerse one in fresh mountain air and rustic surroundings.

What we’d give to be there right about now.

Mexican house volcano porchSource

You’ll get an unobstructed view even while taking a bath.

Mexican house volcano bathroomSource

Or even while going about your day.


Because of the house’s isolated location, we’re pretty sure no one will be there to look through the glass.

Starry nights over house on Mexico volcano

If you thought the views in the day are spectacular, you haven’t seen what the night offers for the owner.

Night skySource

Being in area with a low population density, light pollution won’t get in the way of a clear view of the night sky. You can even spot the Milky Way there, which is almost impossible in Singapore.

Comes with rustic interior

If this home’s surroundings aren’t enough to whet your wanderlust, the interior is sure to impress the most demanding of interior designers.

The house is spacious and simple, with a rustic warmth.

Interior 1Source

Decorations like vases and straw bells help transport you to a land away from the concrete jungle.

Interior 2Source

We may not get the same views back in Singapore, but the tasteful design is definitely decor inspo for Singaporeans considering renovating their homes.

House is listed on Airbnb

The owner opened up the house for rent on Airbnb at $359/night for those aching to take a break from city life — after borders re-open, that is.

Airbnb listing Source

It’s for adventurers who are truly committed to getting the best views, as it’s only accessible via 4×4 SUV.

Perhaps it’s time to include Mexico in our bucket lists.

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Haw Par Villa Closed Till Apr 2021, Was Shut For 3 Months During ‘Circuit Breaker’

Haw Par Villa Closed For 6-Month Upgrading Till Apr 2021

Haw Par Villa is a unique destination in Singapore to learn about Chinese folklore.


But if you happen to be planning a trip down to the theme park in the coming months, those outings might have to be postponed.

See, Haw Par Villa is set to undergo a 6-month renovation from 1 Oct 2020 until 31 Mar 2021 during which new attractions will be added.


Haw Par Villa closed for 8 months this year

The Pasir Panjang theme park first announced its closure on Tuesday (29 Sep) via a Facebook post.

Haw Par Villa had earlier closed for 3 months during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.


After a quiet July and August following the 3-month closure, the park only announced its reopening on 8 Sep. Including the upcoming closure from Oct, this means 8 months of shutdown in 2020 alone.


Despite the prolonged closure, Haw Par Villa remained rather coy about the upgrading works.

When probed by netizens, the park’s management simply hinted at “new things” coming up next April.


However, they hope visitors would continue to support them when they reopen.


Statues & dioramas at Haw Par Villa require continuous repairs

Earlier last week, Haw Par Villa gave us a glimpse of what the upgrading works might entail.

In the post, the theme park shared that the 1,000 statues and dioramas require continuous repainting.

They also shed light on how a resident artisan spent 9 hours a day over a course of 3 weeks giving a single sculpture a makeover.


MS News has reached out to Haw Par Villa for more information on the upgrading works.

What’s in store for 2021 still a mystery

If you know anyone who’s planning a trip down to Haw Par Villa soon, share this article with them so they don’t make a wasted trip.

What new attractions would you like to see at the revitalised theme park? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Old Changi Hospital Night Walk Happening On 17 Oct, Jio Your Friends & Hope They Don’t Ghost You

ExplorerSG Dares You On A Night Walk At Most Popular Haunted Spot In Singapore

With the cancellation of USS’ Halloween Horror Nights this year, you might be wondering just how to celebrate the scary occasion.

Well, it seems ExploprerSG might just have the perfect event lined up for you — a night walk at the spooky Old Changi Hospital.


The tour of the reportedly haunted site is a “Halloween Special” organised by the thrill-seeking group. At the time of writing, more than 500 people have already expressed interest.

Old Changi Hospital is a popular haunted spot

The Old Changi Hospital has often been dubbed the most popular haunted places in Singapore.

Old Changi HospitalSource

Built in 1935, it was used by the military to house over 50,000 prisoners-of-war (POWs) during the Japanese Occupation.

Rumour has it that the hospital once housed a torture chamber used by the Japanese Secret Police to extort information from POWs.

Old Changi HospitalSource

In 1997, the site was abandoned and has remained unoccupied since then.

Following its ‘closure’, many thrill-seekers have flocked to the place seeking paranormal experiences.

Catch some paranormal activity at Old Changi Hospital

The tour in question includes a visit to the Old Changi Hospital via the main and back entrance.

With that comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch some paranormal activities.

Old Changi Hospital is a restricted access site and hence participants will not be allowed to venture into the hospital itself.

Old Changi HospitalSource

Despite this, the Halloween night walk is likely to be an exhilarating experience.

From shadow figures to wailing sounds and the eerie feeling of being ‘touched’, countless paranormal activities have previously been experienced at the place.

The night walk proves to be extremely popular. At the time of writing, all 10 spots have been filled with another 500 people are on the waitlist.


Organisers add that the event is not for the faint-hearted. They urge those who are not comfortable with paranormal activities to stay clear of the event.

You can consider joining the event waitlist here.

RSVP to be on waitlist

While the Halloween tour to the Old Changi Hospital might be already full, you can still indicate your interest for the event by joining the waitlist.

Let’s hope folks from ExplorerSG will be organising similar trips in the future so thrill-seekers can get their dose of adrenaline.

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Mammoth KL Mall To Open In 2022, New Shopping Destination For Our Post-Covid Holidays

KL Mall Near Bukit Bintang Will Be Twice The Size Of VivoCity, With 500 Shops

A trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) with friends or family is never complete without an all-out shopping spree.

Popular malls like Pavilion may be getting old, especially after you’ve made too many rounds there that you know it like the back of your hand. Good news for shopaholics, as a new, gigantic mall will be springing up in KL very soon.

KL Mall overviewSource

With wide, open spaces and a rooftop park, this mega mall at Tun Razak Exchange will offer more than a simple shopping experience.

Here’s why you should plan a visit there once borders reopen.

The Exchange TRX Mall in KL will have 500 shops

According to The Straits Times (ST), The Exchange TRX Mall will have 2.2 million square feet of retail space, which is double the size of VivoCity’s  1.077 million.

The interior design with its massive centerpiece going down several floors reminds us of the Jewel Changi rain vortex.

mall interiorSource

Despite looking like a tourist attraction, the mall will be home to over 500 shops, promising endless retail options for those raring for a haul.

Of these, roughly 11% will be Food & Beverage (F&B) outlets, so you can easily grab a bite in between running from one sale to another.

10-acre rooftop park for a breath of fresh air

Those wanting a breather from shopping and dining will be able to take a stroll at the mall’s rooftop park, which will be a little larger than 4 football fields.

Parents with kids who can’t sit still in shops can bring them out here for a quick roll-around in the grass or just a breath of fresh air.

rooftop parkSource

With the KL skyscrapers standing mightily all around, you can’t help but feel like you’re in New York’s Central Park.

Hotel rooms right next to mega mall

Since you’d be on a holiday, you’d want to save on every ounce of energy and not waste it on walking or figuring out a way to get around.

Thankfully, the Exchange TRX also has an integrated hotel you can stay at so you’ll have the huge mall right at your doorstep.


The 471-room Kimpton KL will be the perfect spot to unwind while your travel buddies scurry around trying to score deals.

Situated in a shopper’s paradise

Located just one MRT station away from Bukit Bintang, you can continue your shopping marathon easily from Exchange TRX to Pavilion nearby.

Pavilion MallSource

Suria KLCC is also a mere 2 train stations away, so you can make a third stop there to admire the twin towers at night.

KLCC Suria MallSource

Looks like your next KL trip will be even more exciting than before. Here’s more info for you to plan in advance:

Address: Persiaran TRX 55188, Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nearest train station: TRX Metro

Include this mega mall in your next KL trip

With KL set to boast more enticing new developments, most of us can’t wait to plan our next trips there.

We just have to sit out the current border closure which may not be too bad a thing after all, since the mall will only open in 2 years’ time.

Will you be visiting The Exchange TRX once it opens? Tag someone you’d go with in the comments below.

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Old School Biscuit Shop Opens In Chong Pang, Snacks Sell For $1.10/100g

Old School Biscuit Shop Sells Childhood Favourites At Chong Pang

Most of us would instantly recognise the nostalgic old school biscuit shops from wet market visits. Shops that sell wares like these are getting rarer by the day.

Thankfully, a shop selling these biscuits has sprung up at Block 103 in Chong Pang City, Yishun.

Old school biscuit shopSource

It is aptly named ‘Good Old Days’. Let’s check out what they have for us in store.

Chong Pang shop has many old school biscuit choices

As children, most of us would have a go-to biscuit to snack on.

Fortunately, this shop has a multitude of tins to choose from.

Old school biscuitsSource

Fans of sweet pineapple jam biscuits will rejoice as there are tin-loads of them.

Old fashioned pineapple jam biscuitsSource

Those who prefer the fluffier wafers will be spoilt for choice with different flavours on display, from chocolate to strawberry.


Those who liked those unbreakable ‘pig ear’ biscuits will not be left out. We remember that these were impossible to chew on.

Pig ear biscuitsSource

Biscuits sell at $1.10/100g

Perhaps the best part about these old school biscuits is their price which comes at an affordable $1.10/100g for some options.


Perhaps they may not go as low as wet market prices of old, but it’s worth it for a trip down memory lane.

Head down to relive childhood memories

Though we have all grown up, these old school biscuits still hold a special place in our hearts.

Old school biscuit shop at marketSource

Though shops selling these old-fashioned biscuits are becoming hard to come by, when one looks hard enough, a hidden gem like this Chong Pang shop will surprise you.

What was your favourite biscuit to munch on when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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S’pore House With 80 Windows Still Has Lots Of Privacy, Seems Bigger Than It Really Is

S’pore House With 80 Windows Still Has Lots Of Privacy, Main Site Is Elevated From Street Level

Have you ever wished you can keep an eye on your child at all times, even when you’re not in the same room?

Well, the owners of this “Window House” in Singapore can, thanks to the numerous exterior and interior windows strategically placed throughout the premises.

The house has a total of 80 windows, but still maintains a degree of privacy from prying eyes, thanks to a cutting-edge design that includes an elevation from street level.


No ordinary façade design

From the outside, you get a clue that the house has no ordinary design from the asymmetrical placement of square windows of different sizes on its façade.

In fact, you kinda get the impression that you can see straight into the house.

However, if you’re viewing it from street level, you would see that the basement is at street level, as highlighted by Channel NewsAsia Luxury (CNA Luxury).


Thus, those looking from the main road can’t really see much of the house’s interior through the windows.

In fact, they might even wonder how many levels the house has, given that the windows on the façade overlap and don’t correspond with a particular level.

Basement isn’t dark

Once inside, it’s evident that the cavernous basement can store 4 cars.


However, it isn’t dark because of the windows surrounding the spiral staircase, which leads up to level 1.


It also goes down to a basement mezzanine and lower basement with a lounge and movie room.


Central courtyard with internal windows

When you enter the house proper, it’s evident that there’s a central courtyard framed by internal windows that gives the house natural light and a sense of space.


It also allows the residents, a couple with a 4-year-old daughter, the unique experience of looking in a window to gaze across at another part of your own house.

It’s also a good way for them to keep an eye on their child, who might be in another part of the house but still in view.


Genius of window design

Once you’re inside, the genius of the window design becomes clear.

Instead of letting you see every single thing about the house, every window is actually placed strategically to focus one’s eyes on a specific view of the landscape.


Some are also placed so the viewer can have a link to other spaces in the house.

The windows also have a function of making the house seem bigger than it actually is.


As one walks through the house, the changing perspectives give you a different visual experience at every turn.


Even the living area has a panel-less “window” that allows one to gaze at the staircase, as well as other areas of the house.


Interconnected spaces

Another feature of the house is the lack of big rooms closed up behind doors — instead, the spaces within are interconnected.

They flow into one another in a continuous landscape, so residents can move between spaces.

There are at least 10 various spots in the house that you can relax in or do your thing without cutting yourself off from the rest of the house — ideal for big family gatherings.


Splashes of colour

But the house isn’t all just white walls and natural light.

Architects Super Assembly also added splashes of colour throughout to brighten up and differentiate different parts of the house.

For example, the study area has burgundy cabinets.


A bathroom has green mosaic tiling.


A dark red screen separates the kitchen from the dining area.


Perfect for child’s play

A particular highlight is the child’s play area, which is painted in a whimsical combination of dark green walls and shelves with a blood orange window niche. It also features a hideway corner.


There’s also a built-in slide, which is ideal for children to get a little exercise while exploring their perfect playground.


The entire space is open, so adults can watch the children as they play.

Cleaning the windows may be difficult

While some might baulk at the number of windows in challenging locations that will have to be cleaned (consider the poor domestic helper), the Window House is a clear triumph of contemporary design.


It’s uncertain whether any of the windows have curtains or not, though, just in case the daughter grows up to a teenager who’s sick of her parents being able to constantly see her.

Still, we applaud the designers for coming up with this landed property masterpiece that gives us serious house envy.

What do you think of the Window House? Do comment below.

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10 Pics Of Old Singapore That Make Us Wish We Were There & Not In 2020

Pics Of Old Singapore Make Us Nostalgic For The Past

We can all agree by now that 2020 has been a rough year, and we’d rather be doing anything else than put up with it anymore.

To cope, some have gone on staycations or explored our country, but those stuck at home may need an escape of the less literal sort.

Perhaps we can interest you in this nostalgic album by Daily Quote Singapore on Facebook, which compiled old photos from our nation’s past.


Have your folks browse through it with you, and you’ll surely have an unforgettable family trip down memory lane.

Malls your parents had dates at before you were born

Imagining your parents being youthful like you are now is probably difficult, but they were in their prime once, and so were some of the quieter malls today.

Before the Shake Shack craze descended on Singapore and occupied part of Liat Towers, the building went through a mini renaissance.

Galeries Lafayette at Liat Towers, 1987

High-end French department store Galeries Lafayette offered affordable and trendy outfits before H&M even existed, so your mum probably did most of her hauls there.

The store closed permanently in Mar 1996, spelling the end of its brief presence in Singapore.

In an age when department stores were all the thrill, SOGO was undoubtedly a household name among shoppers.

Raffles City Shopping Centre, 1988

The flagship outlet of the Japanese department store held its fort here for 14 years before closing in Oct 2000 due to financial problems.

The 1988 photo also gives a glimpse of the commencement of MRT services at Raffles City, shortly after the first ever MRT route started with only 5 stations the year before.

Here’s a peek inside, with the iconic glass bridge spanning the length of the atrium.


Not far from the seemingly unchanging Raffles City Shopping Centre is Plaza Singapura, which interior you might not immediately recognise as one of an Orchard Road mall.

Plaza Singapura, 1980s

Besides the unique sculptures by late artist Ng Eng Teng, netizens reminisced stores like Yaohan, which for a while became the nickname many called the mall by instead of its official name.

Yaohan now ceases to exist, but the sculptures have since been relocated to University Cultural Centre in Kent Ridge.


Popular lepak spots back in the day

Of course, town wasn’t the only place to paktor, as residential areas also have some legendary malls to boast, like Parkway Parade.

Parkway Parade, date unknown

Having been around since 1984, those who frequent the Marine Parade mall today would be surprised to see that the exterior looks almost exactly the same.

It may not be as legendary as Specialists’ Shopping Centre which used to occupy the area that is now Orchard Gateway from 1972 to 2008, but Easties appreciate Parkway nonetheless.

Specialists’ Shopping Centre, 2006

True heartlanders, however, would probably buy what they need at neighbourhood markets first, like Siglap Market, a private wet market built in the 1940s, which made way for Siglap Centre in 1989.

Siglap Market, 1980s

Rustic vibes at open air makan places

Long before fast food invaded our diets and aircon became the air we breathed, open air makan places were the mainstay in Singapore, like this nook called Sembawang Patio.


Comprising various stalls selling everything from satay to mee goreng, the place was often abuzz with visitors late into the night. A modern Patio has taken over the spot recently, but much later after Sembawang Patio’s closure in the 1980s.

Dining by the water was once a normal affair at Boat Quay Hawker Centre, which had seats on platforms hovering above the river.

Boat Quay Hawker Centre, 1970s

With sampans floating mere metres away, you didn’t need to venture to the open sea for a marine experience — just make your way to Battery Road.

Fast food wasn’t as affordable then as they are now, until A&W introduced Coney Day on Tuesdays, when their famous Coney Dogs were sold for only $1.

Students from schools in central Singapore would then swarm their Kirk Terrace outlet near Dhoby Ghaut to relish the treat.


Now you can get that same deal any day at IKEA, so there isn’t much of that thrill anymore.

Old pics of Singapore make us miss the past

Most of the above places are no longer around now, mainly for necessary reasons like building upgrades.

Though many of us won’t know what they were like in their glory days, we can tell they left indelible marks in Singaporeans’ memories.

More than that, nostalgia for simpler times is palpable from reading netizens’ comments, which create a rather heartwarming feeling.

For the briefest moment while browsing these pics, we can’t help but wish we were there instead of here in 2020. To view the album in full, visit Daily Quote Singapore’s page here.

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Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm Loses Over 100 Koi, Allegedly Due To Water Pollution

koi farm

Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm Loses Over $100,000 Due To Alleged Water Pollution

Update (6.53pm, 26 Sep): An earlier version of this article stated that the farm in question is Marugen Koi Farm. The actual koi farm is J K Koi Paradise.

We apologise to all affected parties and have edited the article accordingly.

While many businesses are suffering under the effects of a global pandemic, a fish farm in Lim Chu Kang has faced a crisis for some time.

J K Koi Paradise has apparently lost more than $100,000 and over 100 fish as they mysteriously started dying after a woodchip factory moved in next door, Shin Min Daily News reports.

Each koi can fetch at least $10,000, and these deaths resulted in massive losses.

Woodchip factory may be responsible for fish deaths

Apparently, woodchips from the factory would drift into the water farms.


The waters became polluted as a result, and this proved toxic to the fish — apparently, there’s bacteria within the woodchips that affects the fish.

There’s also some pollution resulting from fires nearby.

More than 20 fish in farm died in Mar

On Mar this year, more than 20 fish suddenly passed.


Over $100,000 was lost in that instant. The owner told Shin Min Daily News that this incident was particularly heartbreaking for him.

He’s lost over $1 million, which includes the cost of building the farm, and was forced to file for bankruptcy last year.

Wishes for resolution

Despite his bankruptcy, the owner is still looking for a solution to the issue.

He’s tried applying antiseptic solution to the water, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Negotiations with the landlord are also at an impasse, he said.

However, when Shin Min Daily News contacted the landlord, they told them that there’ll be filters to prevent the wood fragments from drifting into the farm waters.

There are also plans to move the facilities in the woodchip factory so they’re further away from the farm.

Hopefully, there’s some kind of resolution to the fish deaths, as this is costing the farm’s livelihood.

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