The Science Centre Uses Young Local Artists For Art Tech Exhibition For The 1st...

Singapore Science Centre Takes a Leap of Faith With Unproven Young Artists The Singapore Science Centre (SCS) collaborates with established local and foreign artists for its art tech exhibition on a yearly basis. But this year, however, the SCS decided to collaborate with Gushcloud Entertainment for this year's exhibit -- and...

10 Legit Jobs For Students That Pay Well And Don’t Need Experience

10 Student Jobs That Pay Well And Need No Experience Flyer distribution, data-entry work, prancing around in a mascot costume; I've done it all. But the jobs that pay well usually require experience, and most of all, just scream boring. Well, if you haven't heard. Student jobs nowadays don't actually have to...

Jewellery Store In Bugis Junction Has Pokémon-Themed Wedding Bands Featuring Pikachu & Eevee

Golden Pikachus + shining diamonds = love everlasting.

Dog In Yio Chu Kang Seeking Adoption After Elderly Uncle Could No Longer Care...

A heartwarming & heartbreaking doggo tale.

i Light Singapore Returns In January With Special Bicentennial Edition

Just in case your New Year plans aren't lit enough.


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