Retirement & Re-Employment Age Will Likely Be Raised In Sep, Says Josephine Teo

You can still technically retire whenever you want.

Filial Son Valiantly Wore Mum’s Heels When Her Feet Hurt While Shopping In Penang

A filial son's love has 'heeling' powers.

Fake $50 And $100 Notes Are Going Around Singapore, Warns Police

Buyers and sellers beware.

SCDF & Police Officer Attend To PIE Accident; Get Hit By Skidding Car At...

Speedy recovery to all those involved.

2-Year-Old Girl Plays Phone Daily For A Year, Now Has 900-Degree Myopia

Better think twice about giving your child a smartphone now.

1-Altitude Rooftop Bar Closes After A Security Guard Was Found Dead In Manhole

The area had been cordoned off earlier for cleaning.

Hamster Society Singapore Stops Hamsters From Being Abused; Over 8 Hamsters Up For Adoption

All hamsters are good hamsters. Stop the abuse.



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