We Explain MINDEF Military Ranks So You Can Recognise Who You’re Calling Sir or...

We Break Down MINDEF Ranks So You Know A Crab From A Corporal For many of us who aren't from the National Cadet Corps or the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), telling military ranks apart by their insignias alone can be mind-boggling. There are more than 30 insignias from 8 rank classes...

CPF Board Hopes To Teach Students About CPF Earlier, So It’s Less Cheem When...

CPF Board hopes students will "develop an appreciation for CPF" at an earlier stage.

Calling Singapore A “Terribly Racist Country” Only Divides Us Even More

Racism isn't just a 'Singapore' thing, it depends on every individual.

Khaw Boon Wan’s $8 Bypass Surgery Compared To Elderly Man’s $4.50 Healthcare Subsidy

The Health Minister's heart bypass surgery was in 2010.

Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng Allegedly Slams Kuik Shiao-Yin, Then Deletes Post

Calvin Cheng Appears To Mock Fellow NMP For Only Representing The Views Of A Select Few On Thursday (17 May), Nominated MP (NMP) Kuik Shiao-Yin delivered one of her best speeches in Parliament. https://mustsharenews.com/kuik-shiao-yin-youth/ She rightly captured the mood of younger Singaporeans who were frustrated with current attitudes towards dissent and disagreement. While...

7 Singapore Heroes From World War II Your History Textbook Never Talked About

You have read about Lim Bo Seng, Lt Adnan Bin Saidi, and Elizabeth Choy... but have you read about Halford Boudewyn or Tan Kay Hai? During the Second World War, Singapore fought a one week battle against the Japanese army and we lost. Or did the British lose? Whatever the case,...

How Has Singapore Maintained Her Ethnic Demographic Over The Past 30 Years?

Ethnic Demographic Maintained Despite Chinese Singaporeans Having Low Fertility Rates Getting Singaporeans to reproduce remains an immensely difficult task. At one time, the job of getting Singaporeans to do the deed fell on then-Senior Minister of State for National Population and Talent Division Josephine Teo. Small space, that’s all you need! Source Despite her best...

Father & Son Missing In Toa Payoh Since 2 Jul, Police Seeks Information

Last seen at Block 123 Toa Payoh Lorong 1.

Meritocracy In Singapore: Why Is It So Hard To Get Right?

It's hard to objectively define merit.

Places You Can Drink At In Singapore Without Being Jailed

Dude, where's my beer? If you haven't already heard of the proposed Liquor Control Bill, we just have one question for you -- Where's this rock you've been living under? Anyway, here's a quick recap of the Bill's details: No consumption of alcohol in public places between 10.30pm and 7.30am daily, No...


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