TWC2 Might Just Be A Little Schizo Over The Mums And Maids Debate

TWC2 claims credit for, but distances itself from the controversial Mums and Maids video On 22 April, TWC2 released a video to campaign for the rights of foreign domestic workers in Singapore. 454, 813 hits on YouTube and 192 comments (plus many more on their Facebook page) later, they've responded....

Singapore Power Misleads Animator Into Performing Extra Work

Animator misled by Singapore Power Group, gets money back for wasted time A day ago, Joshua Chiang of CerealBox Studios made a post on his Facebook page detailing his unpleasant business encounter with Singapore Power Group (SP). SP had led Mr Chiang to believe that they would be hiring his team to develop and produce...

ICYMI: 4 Stories You Missed This Week — 15 June to 18 June

What have you missed for the week from MustShareNews? 15 June Pink Dot is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rally that celebrates our freedom to love. This year, the rally was attended a record number of 28,000 people. MustShareNews went down to the rally for the first time at Hong Lim...

Tharman Explains Why Creating Jobs Is Crucial In Keeping The Fabric Of Society Intact

Singapore can't wait for the economy to fix itself.

Dear Singapore Media, It’s Not Okay To Shame Suspects Before The Courts Decide

No face, no names till proven guilty, please.

S’pore Justice System Is Sending Wrong Message With Lenient Sentence For NUS Student Molester

It could set a precedent for future sex offence cases.


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