This Is Why The Singapore Arts Scene Is Still Lacking & How It Can...

How to be creative when creativity is not encouraged?

We Should Stop Misusing ‘Cultural Appropriation’ & Celebrate Our Cultures Without Fear

The difference between appropriation and appreciation.

Understanding SG Army Culture: Why Formal Safety Rules Aren’t Enough

Conscripts are different from paid & well-trained professionals.

Academic Donald Low Urges SAF To Focus On Creating Safety Culture

Create a culture, not just rules.

The Ministerial Salaries Debate Distracts Us From Real Problems Faced By S’poreans

The ministerial pay debate has spanned 5 decades.

Khaw Boon Wan’s $8 Bypass Surgery Compared To Elderly Man’s $4.50 Healthcare Subsidy

The Health Minister's heart bypass surgery was in 2010.

2 Suspects Caught For Illegal Deepavali Fireworks; Netizens’ Reactions Are Mixed

We look into why fireworks are banned in the first place.

Makansutra Founder Urges NEA To Help With Rising Hawker Rental Fees

Makansutra founder KF Seetoh questions dubious practices like charging 20¢/tray returned to hawkers, after accessing actual contracts signed by them.

My Tribute To 3WO Sadikin Hasban, Singapore’s Fallen Soldier

3WO Sadikin Hasban I first saw then-Master Sergeant (MSG) Muhammad Sadikin Hasban in 2014. It was my enlistment day and I had just traded in my Pink IC for the Green 11B that would identify me in the coming 2 years. We were told to call him “Master” but just a...


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