Academic Donald Low Urges SAF To Focus On Creating Safety Culture

Create a culture, not just rules.

Apple Is Forcing Me To Buy The iPhone Xr And I’m Falling For It

iPhone Xr It’s that time of the year when you post your old iPhones on "Carouhell" and question if it’s worth the OT to get that hyped up new iPhone. That's because earlier this week, Apple revealed 3 new models of iPhones: iPhone Xs, which will replace the iPhone...

7 Reasons Why Our National Stadium Has Been Nominated As World’s Best

Lee Hsien Loong outspends the Arabs Our beloved National Stadium finally makes the news for something other than its failed hybrid pitch. Believe it or not, the Stadium is running to be the Stadium of the Year 2014, a competition organised by website Source To qualify for this competition, stadiums have to...

Memedef Turns National Service Rant Into A Mental Health Discussion

Local Meme Page Memedef Gets Serious About Mental Health In National Service 'Memedef' - a local army meme page - has taken a break from their "usual programming" to write a PSA for all National Servicemen Full-time (NSFs) "on the topic of mental health". What triggered their passionate response? A polarising rant...

K Shanmugam Praises Fandi & Sons For Prioritising National Service Over Football

Fandi Ahmad's Sons Completed National Service Before Pursuing Football Law Minister K Shanmugam has finally shared his thoughts on the Ben Davis debate. In a low-key sneaky way. Apparently, he had a key role in ensuring Fandi Ahmad's son - Ikhsan Fandi - was enlisted early to serve his National Service...

We Should Stop Misusing ‘Cultural Appropriation’ & Celebrate Our Cultures Without Fear

The difference between appropriation and appreciation.

2 Suspects Caught For Illegal Deepavali Fireworks; Netizens’ Reactions Are Mixed

We look into why fireworks are banned in the first place.

4G Leaders Can’t Command Respect Like “LKY Generation”, Says Netizen

Netizen's Nostalgic Post About Lee Kuan Yew's Generation Leaders Goes Viral A man named Gerard Ong recently shared his take on why our 4G leaders can't command the same amount of respect as LKY's generation. Here's what he had to say in a lengthy 1000-word recount posted on Saturday (29 Aug). We...

Mahathir Calls Singapore Water Agreement “Too Costly”. Does Not Address Treated Water Subsidy

Mahathir Says Malaysia's Water Agreements With Singapore Are "Too Costly", But Are They Really? It's tiring to repeat. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad seems bent on reviving Malaysia's long-standing water dispute with Singapore again. Source In an interview on Friday (22 Jun) , he said the 1962 Water Agreement, due to expire in...

4 Alarming Struggles Migrant Workers Face In Singapore

Foreign Workers' Plight We've heard countless stories about foreign workers so much so that we tend to become indifferent towards them whenever they appear in the news. The sad truth is, as Singaporeans, although we know the plight of these foreign workers, there isn't much that is done to change...


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