Why Punggol Town Hub May Perform Better Than Our Tampines Hub

Punggol Town Hub will have a mega-shopping complex, library, hawker centre and vast array of amenities. Here's how it stacks up against Our Tampines Hub.

A Definitive Comparison Of Prices Between Singapore, New York, And Seoul

Singapore tops BBC list of world's most expensive cities Is there anything remotely surprising about the fact that Singapore, our beloved homeland, is an expensive city? Source Not really. So maybe we can't be the world's most liveable city, or the best place to retire; but now we can at least tell our...

11 Hilarious Name Suggestions For Our Navy’s New Ship

Republic of Singapore Navy's name crowdsourcing attempt works out just as expected So our Navy posted a call on Facebook asking for suggestions on what their new ship should be called. Source But of course, our netizens didn't miss this chance to come up with some absolutely ridiculous yet hilarious suggestions. 1. Never break down Source Never...

This Non-Profit Foundation Supports Elderly Cardboard Collectors By Sponsoring Their Meals

The Happy People Helping People Foundation Provides The Elderly With One Free Meal A Day They spend countless hours a day collecting cardboard -- waking up early in the morning to scavenge them before selling it off to pay their rent and utility bills. More importantly, it's also a means for...

NSP Challenges HDB & URA Over Fernvale Columbarium

NSP calls for greater openness In the most recent development surrounding the Fernvale columbarium issue, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) released a statement on Sunday (11 January) regarding its stand. NSP's strong stance adds on to the hostility already present between the Housing Development Board (HDB) and residents of Fernvale Lea. Source Ambiguous wording Secretary-General of NSP Jeannette...


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