Indian Man Sells ‘Magical’ Mops In S’pore, Stuns Customers With Mandarin & Hokkien Mastery

Spoke Mandarin & Hokkien without any hiccups.

Uncle Allegedly Extends Hospital Stay As Family Doesn’t Help At Home, Netizen Asks Children...

He wanted to fully recover so he could live independently.

S’pore Resident’s Plants Allegedly Get Stolen, They Post Sign Wishing Thief’s Butt To ‘Grow...

They also wished that the thief's hair will grow lice.

Hawker School For Disabled Still Open For Takeaways, Has Delivery Via Wheelchair To Nearby...

"Dignity on Wheels" offers the disabled a new career choice.

Jurong Landlord Explains Reason Behind Odd Rules, Stresses Need To Feel Safe As Only...

She's had difficult rental experiences in the past.

Hougang Landlord Allegedly Monitors Tenants With CCTV, Asks Them To Pay $30/Week For WFH

She was also not allowed to leave the room if someone's outside.

Jurong Landlady Discovers Lift Lobby Filled With Neighbour’s Clutter, Urges Town Council To Help

Her past attempts to clear the clutter were futile.


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