Ghim Moh Fire Ravages Family Home, They Need Funds To Rebuild Their Lives

More than $60,000 has been raised.

ITE College West Canteen Empty As Students Are On HBL, Public Urged To Support

The canteen has 50 cents kopi o & teh o.

Elderly Lady Feels Nervous About Getting Vaccinated, Alvin Tan Reassures Her By Going First

She patted her chest in relief after the vaccine as they cheered for her.

HDB Resident Worries About CCTV Installation, Opposite Neighbour Says It’s To Interact With Couriers

The resident's family felt like they were always being watched and heard.

Elderly S’pore Lady Seeks New Owner For Her Dog After Neighbours’ Alleged Complaints

He requires training and is not suitable for families with young children.

Workers At Sembawang Testing Facility Allegedly Wait Under Hot Sun, Netizens Concerned About Welfare

There's apparently a shelter point that workers can wait at.

Uncles Gather Near Bedok Coffee Shop For Horse Betting, Residents Hope For Enforcement

They've been seen openly betting on horse racing.


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