Scammers Allegedly Dupe Elderly S’poreans Into Buying $26,000 ‘Disease-Curing Chair’

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

12 Signs You Have Chinese Privilege And Don’t Even Know It

Unaware Of Chinese Privilege? An article titled “What Privilege Looks Like in Singapore”, which has been circulating around the Internet, sheds some light on what ethnic Chinese people in Singapore are blinded by — bullying among minorities and job interviews being a “relatively uncomplicated process”. We think that delving into a...

S’pore Fundraisers Can’t Block Your Way & Guilt Trip You For Money Anymore

Companies that contravene new guidelines face fines & jail terms.

The OG Crazy Rich Asians Of Singapore Came From The Arab Community

The Arab Community Might Be The Inspiration For Crazy Rich Asians The Young family from Crazy Rich Asians might be affluent, but it has nothing on Singapore's Arab community, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At that time, the community owned up 50% of land in Singapore. But how exactly...

11 Things You Never Knew About K. Shanmugam

Apart from the fact that he's the Law Minister, that is Not much is known about our Law Minister K. Shanmugam, except for the fact that he rarely cracks a smile. In an effort to encourage lifelong learning, we have compiled 11 fast facts about him that you probably never...

Elderly Nee Soon Couple Fell In Love At S’pore Mission Home; They Are Now...

She brought him curry puffs when he was in rehab.

Donate Your Old Sport Shoes & Turn Them Into New Running Tracks Around S’pore

Build new running tracks with your old shoes.

Why Punggol Town Hub May Perform Better Than Our Tampines Hub

Punggol Town Hub will have a mega-shopping complex, library, hawker centre and vast array of amenities. Here's how it stacks up against Our Tampines Hub.


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