Ang Mo Kio Hit & Run Accident Nearly Involves School Bus; Driver Seeks Dashcam...

Were you at Ang Mo Kio MRT on 13 May?

Kingfisher Feasts On Cockroach At HDB Block, Photographer Captures Epic Moment

His first time seeing a kingfisher eat a roach.

Man Pulls Young Boy From Car, Leaves Him At Roadside; Police Investigating

Boy Repeatedly Tried To Re-Enter Car But Appears To Have Been Thrown, Shoved And Scolded Remember the time your parents told you they would abandon you by the roadside if you misbehaved in the car? This allegedly happened to a young boy on Monday (4 Jun) at Sengkang East Way. A man...

Goh Meng Seng: I Refuse To Mourn Lee Kuan Yew’s Death

Critical, or just plain mean? Goh Meng Seng is a Singaporean politician who stepped down as the Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) after the 2011 General Elections. He has announced that he will be returning to contest in the next General Elections. He has yet to confirm if...

Timeless Quotes From Our 12 Beloved Ministers

The good, bad and questionable quotes from our lovely ministers 1. Lee Hsien Loong Source On Singaporeans being fickle:  "When people say they don't want a nanny state they are, in fact, in a conflicted state of mind.  On the one hand, they want to do whatever they want and not be stopped....

Otter Family Drops By KK Hospital, Security Uncle Stops Traffic To Keep Them Safe

Same otters who visited Little India & TTSH recently.

7 Stories From Singaporeans Who Survived WWII To Mark Total Defence Day

Survivors Of The Fall of Singapore Total Defence Day is on Wednesday (Feb 15). But many may not know that Feb 15 also marks the day that Singapore fell to the Japanese. 75 years ago today, the British, who were colonizing the island, surrendered to the Japanese forces. Singapore was subsequently...

Elderly Nee Soon Couple Fell In Love At S’pore Mission Home; They Are Now...

She brought him curry puffs when he was in rehab.


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