PM Lee Turns 64; Here’s How The Birthday Boy Celebrates His Big Day

PM Lee uses The Beatles' song to describe his 64th birthday No, he didn't go bungee jumping or parachuting off airplanes. But he did visit the Land of the Free and rubbed shoulders with world-famous people. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be in San Francisco for a week from 10 -...

SGH Nurse Collects Clothes & Prayer Mats For Covid-19 Migrant Worker Patients

Going above and beyond to give back.

39 Reasons That Make Singapore Home

Whether you live in a bungalow in Bukit Timah, a condo in Tampines or a HDB flat in Jurong, there is sure to be something in your neighbourhood that is special and distinct to you. As a tribute to 50 years of nation building, here is a list of...

Elderly Man Meets Friends In Whampoa & Gets Charged, Netizens Ask For Leniency

He will return to court on 10 June.

S’pore Drinks Stall Auntie ‘Forced’ To Leave After 60 Years, Finds Out School Now...

Over 50 years of service replaced by a machine.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Naomi Neo [SM Spotlight 01]

You may know her name, but how much do you know about her? SM Spotlight is a new MustShareNews series where we put the spotlight on popular social media celebrities in Singapore. Following reports on Tan Jian Hao and his six figure annual income, we divert the lime light to his equally successful...

Dyson Founder Buys Bukit Timah Bungalow, Just 3 Weeks After Splurging On Penthouse

$100 million worth of property in a month.

SMRT And SBS’s Offer Of Free Public Transport Brings Out Salty Commuters

SBS and SMRT pulling out all the stops to get people to celebrate #SG50 Atonement for SMRT's numerous breakdowns is finally arriving. In what appears to be a desperate bid at getting Singaporeans into the #SG50 spirit, SMRT, together with SBS Transit, will be offering free rides on all their services...

SMU Recalls Condom Discount, Reveals Safe Sex Is Like Drinking Alcohol And Tobacco Smoking

SMU Says Condoms, Alcohol, And Tobacco Are Not Sold On Campus We all know the various health risks associated with drinking alcohol and tobacco smoking. Its adverse effects can be easily found anywhere you look. But did you also know that condoms are - according to Singapore Management University (SMU) anyway...


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