S’porean Filmmaker Lists 20 Statements & Asks Ministers If They’re Considered Fake News

Filmmaker Martyn See writes open letter to ministers.

Love Scams Are Now On Tinder & CMB And They Work On Millennials

Love isn't always as it seems.

Battle Of The Secondary School Uniforms: Our Top 10 Picks

Maybe school uniforms aren't that bad after all Here's an age-old debate: are school uniforms necessary? Whether you like it or not, school uniforms are pretty much compulsory unless you’re in a poly or university (yay, freedom!). But don’t despair if you still forced to wear a school uniform -- it simply...

Singapore’s Top Secondary Schools In 2015 – Ranked By Cut-Off Point

Keeping up with the Cut-Off Points It has already been two years after the Great Secondary School Banding Scrap of 2012. Life has continued as normal. Our education system hasn't crumbled. Yet. Even the PSLE has yet to be abolished. But some ingenious buggers at Acescorers have managed to create their own version of a...

Veteran S’pore Actor Bai Yan Will Celebrate 100th Birthday With Over 100 Artistes On...

He spent 80 years in the entertainment industry.

Elderly Man Thinks CPF Retirement Age Is 70; Government Clarifies It’s 65

Those aged 65 can get CPF money, but must apply.

Han Hui Hui Confirms She’s 5 Months Pregnant; Signs Were There All Along

Ms Han's baby will be due in April next year.

12 Hot News Anchors Worth Watching The News For

Will you watch television for these hot news anchors? We all know television is a dying medium. Being the social media savvy generation, most of us consume our news online via Facebook, Twitter and other alternative news sites. But do you know what you’re missing out on? These 12 hot news anchors make us want...

7 Public Figures Blessed With Incredibly Good-Looking Children In Singapore

Incredibly Good-Looking Children Of Public Figures In Singapore Aside from their various talents, most celebrities and public figures are also blessed with incredibly good looks. Some of their children are turning heads by stepping out of their parents’ shadows and making a name for themselves. Here are 7 extra good-looking children of public...



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