Volunteers Find Ah Ma Lying On Toilet Floor When Distributing Food, Call Police &...

They could very well have saved her life.

Singaporeans Searched “Thai Cave Rescue” On Google The Most In The World

Singapore Tops Google Search List For "Thai Cave Rescue" We all know that Singaporeans are notoriously kaypoh. We pretty much poke our noses into everything. Hear loud voices in the flat next door? Ask your neighbour about the fight last night. Exam results come out? Compare results with your classmates until sian...

13 Singapore Celebrities Who Look Different Then And Now

Are they really the same person? Plastic surgery might be a common thing in Hollywood, but Singaporeans are still pretty conservative when it comes to the touchy issue of plastic surgery. There’s nothing wrong with going under the knife – it isn’t a crime to want to make yourself look...

Couple’s Wedding Photo Used As Hari Raya Decor, PA Apologises & Investigates Incident

Wedding photos are precious to couples.

The Straits Times Features Gay Couple, Netizens Praise Mainstream Media’s Move Towards Openness

Singaporeans hope for a more open and progressive newsroom.

Parents Reunite With Son 32 Years After He Was Kidnapped, They Cry In Emotional...

He plans to move to Xian to live with his birth parents.

Online Leslie Cheung Concert To Air On 1 Apr, Will Feature Classic Songs For...

Starring singers like Samuel Hui and Hacken Lee.

Volunteers Distribute Basic Necessities To Homeless In S’pore, Urge Others To Spread Kindness

A small gesture of kindness can create ripples of goodwill.

Netflix S’pore Removes Drug-Related Shows Upon IMDA’s Demands, Netizens Claim They’re More Curious Now

IMDA requested shows to be removed in previous years as well.

Jade Rasif Warns Parents About Sugar Baby Ads On YouTube, Urges Them To Be...

Make the internet safer for little ones.


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