NSP Challenges HDB & URA Over Fernvale Columbarium

NSP calls for greater openness In the most recent development surrounding the Fernvale columbarium issue, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) released a statement on Sunday (11 January) regarding its stand. NSP's strong stance adds on to the hostility already present between the Housing Development Board (HDB) and residents of Fernvale Lea. Source Ambiguous wording Secretary-General of NSP Jeannette...

Disabled Night Guard Allegedly Spends $30 On Daily Cab Fare; Grab Driver Offers To...

The driver appeals for others to help do the same.

In Singapore, Traffic Police Give Vouchers As Well As Fines

Traffic officers are giving gifts to motorists for good behaviour Nobody likes traffic enforcement officers, or the summons they give when they catch you. Now, however, Traffic Police have chosen to commend motorists for showing good behaviour...by giving them a commendation certificate, zebra plush toys, and petrol vouchers.  Source They give out zebra plush toys...

S’pore Mobile Game ‘Tees Battle’ Parodies Hong Kong MTR Clashes, Receives Flak From Netizens

The mobile game is registered under a S'pore address.

Bae(y) Yam Keng’s Facebook Q&A Is Actually Rather Readable

Live chat session with Bae(y) Tampines MP and auntie-killer Baey Yam Keng just finished his monthly chat with his fans, and he pretty much answered all the questions. Though he had to request some people to email him due to lack of time, he did end up answering everything. Not too bad,...

Alleged Stranger Tries To Fetch Girl From Childcare Centre, Parents File Police Report

Remind your kids about stranger danger.

9 Singaporean Ministers And Their Completely Plausible Alternate Career Paths

What would the Ministers do if they weren't Ministers? We see them on the TV, we read about them and they lead us. But have we ever wondered what they could have been if they weren't our leaders? MustShareNews take a look at what 9 Ministers could be if they weren't Ministers. 1....

13 Gadgets Every Rich Kid From The 90s Had

Tech in the 90's was more complicated than just the latest smartphone Show them to any kid now and they're likely to feel bewildered – what in the world are these? They weren’t necessarily the most high tech gadgets, but we loved them all the same. These technology might even seem a little...

Retiree Cheat Causes Unrest For Singapore Family

Singapore family bogged by scam  This Singaporean family would never have imagined what ensued after they bought their three-room flat at Stirling Road. Mr Septian Hartono is the biggest victim of this scamming case. Having bought the flat at Stirling Road in 2012, he has been facing unknown strangers appearing at...

Love Scams Are Now On Tinder & CMB And They Work On Millennials

Love isn't always as it seems.


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