Indian Lady Assaults Staff At Owndays — Here’s What Happened Before The Video

Woman attacks staff at Owndays A 45 year old woman was arrested after creating a ruckus at a local Owndays store at Tiong Bahru Plaza on Monday (April 3). A 6-minute video of the assault went viral on Facebook, gathering more than 7 million views as of Wednesday (April 4). What really...

Alfian Sa’at’s Play ‘1987’ Feels The Wrath Of The Censorship Brigade

Alfian Sa'at's Play Gets Rejected We love following playwright Alfian Sa'at on Facebook, and we share his dismay when he detailed how he was rejected from an anthology. Here's what he wrote about the incident: "So I sent an excerpt from my play '1987' for publication for an anthology. Just the...

These Hari Raya Cat Outfits Will Give Your Feline Friends A Selamat Furry Raya

Give your kitty a purr-fect Hari Raya.

Elderly Auntie Insists On Eating Kway Chap In Market, Patient Man Explains Circuit Breaker...

A kind passerby offered to help bring her food home.


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