Alfian Sa’at’s Comment On Joseph Schooling’s Night Out Is Made Of Win

About Joseph Schooling's Night Out Home-grown swimmer Joseph Schooling recently made headlines after going out for drinks with his friends after the swimming programme ended. Two swimmers came back to the village drunk and had to be assisted by the police, which made headlines—slow new day, anyone? While everyone had something...

LiHO Compass One Staff Allegedly Laugh At Customer’s 130% Sugar Order, Company Investigates Incident

They allegedly kept repeating "130% omg" and laughing.

Lorry Tries To Run Motorcyclist Down After He High Kicks The Mirror Off

Closest thing to waving a red flag in front of a bull.

S’pore Customs Says There’s No Restriction On Masks & Hand Sanitisers, But GST Declaration...

There are no restrictions on masks and hand sanitizers.

Man Glams Up On MRT, With Hairspray To Boot

The very definition of stylo milo.

17 Shocking Pictures That Show How LGBT Influence Is All Over Singapore Society

Has the LGBT Army infiltrated our education system? Oh noes! So there's this post going around social media by a "family-loving" group implying the education system influences children on LGBT issues because "male toys" were found in a certain Annie's toy box. Source Were the members of the group just being paranoid, or...

This Singaporean Couple’s Epic Star Wars Themed Wedding Photoshoot Just Won The Internet

Pre-wedding photoshoot gets picked up and appears in various geek websites Adrian and Adeline are two completely nondescript Singaporeans who just happened to be massive fans of the most awesome film series ever, Star Wars. They also happened to be getting married. What better way to celebrate their marriage than to weave...


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