SIA Allegedly Gives First Class Passenger $200 Voucher After He Finds Metal Screw In...

The screw was said to be from a blender.

Man Starts Fight On MRT Train Over Staring Incident, Gets Pwned & Fined $5,000

Don't stare stare fight fight all.

House Of Seafood CEO Bows & Apologises For Crab Claw Machine, Boxed Delicacies Now...

The staff bowed for about 20 seconds.

House Of Seafood’s Claw Machine With Living Crabs Is Cruel, Tasteless Marketing & Needs...

Those crabs don't deserve to be played with like that.

Foodpanda Rider ‘Dabaos’ 2 Dua Di Ah Pek Statues From Woodlands Carpark, A Similar...

Did anyone order a Tua Peh Kong statue?


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