10 Young Singaporean Rebels That Make Amos Yee Look Well-Behaved

What happened on the Internet stays online forever With the power of social media, it’s no longer a feat to attain fame infamy. Want to be instantly famous? Here's the tried-and-tested formula: do something ridiculous that will get you flamed. As they say, there is no such thing as bad...

Man Brought Home Bus Stop Bench; After Dismantling It With His Bare Hands

A man decided to dismantle a bus stop bench in Braddell with his bare hands close to midnight. He then smuggled the bench home in a trash bag on a taxi.

Jakarta MRT Calls Out ‘Bad’ Behavior In Video; Like Snoring On Trains

Applying make-up is a no-no.

Contractor Dismantles Iron Gate & Door Lock Without Realising It’s The Wrong Unit

You never know who's gonna dismantle your gate.

Viral ‘Newspaper-Stuffed Wall’ Video Triggers Netizen Rants On HDB’s Facebook

'Newspapers In Wall' Clip Triggers Netizens A viral video surfaced on Facebook last Thursday showing newspapers stuffed inside a HDB balcony wall. Triggering concerns among Singaporean netizens, the video garnered around 200,000 views as of 19 Aug (Sun). The video has since been taken down, but several netizens who downloaded the video...

Spot Scams Like A Pro: How To Not Fall Prey To An Email Scam

Email Claiming To Be From POSB Shows How Realistic Scams Can Appear A new email from "Posb Bank Ltd." claims that the Monetary Authority of Singapore requires customers to update their details with the bank. To tech-savvy Singaporeans, one look at the dubious email and it's clear that it's a scam. But...

DPM Tharman Used In Ridiculous Ad To Endorse Bitcoin For Singaporians

DPM Tharman Erroneously Called A "Venture Capitalist" Who Brought Bitcoin To Singapore So Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman Shanmugaratnam endorses bitcoin now and has a sure-win formula to make you rich in just 7 days! NOT. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently called out a ridiculous article which featured DPM Tharman as...

Diner Hijacks Smart TV, Airs Gay Porn While Everyone Eats Mee Sua

A stealthy customer of Seng Kee eatery hijacked the restaurant's smart TV to air gay porn, while everyone was tucking into their bowls of mee sua.


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