Foodpanda Rider ‘Dabaos’ 2 Dua Di Ah Pek Statues From Woodlands Carpark, A Similar...

Did anyone order a Tua Peh Kong statue?

Man Throws Fridge Down Cliff, Police Catch Him & Make Him Drag It Back...

Creative way to deal with killer litter culprits.

Jakarta MRT Calls Out ‘Bad’ Behavior In Video; Like Snoring On Trains

Applying make-up is a no-no.

Contractor Dismantles Iron Gate & Door Lock Without Realising It’s The Wrong Unit

You never know who's gonna dismantle your gate.

Henderson Auntie Casually Slashes Neighbour’s Laundry For Months

When The Auntie From Next Door Starts Slashing Your Laundry Some of us may worry about having our laundry stolen whenever we hang it outside. But for the Aldaqi family of Henderson Crescent, they have something else to worry about -- having their laundry slashed. Last November, the family of 6 had...

Diner Hijacks Smart TV, Airs Gay Porn While Everyone Eats Mee Sua

A stealthy customer of Seng Kee eatery hijacked the restaurant's smart TV to air gay porn, while everyone was tucking into their bowls of mee sua.

Man Brought Home Bus Stop Bench; After Dismantling It With His Bare Hands

A man decided to dismantle a bus stop bench in Braddell with his bare hands close to midnight. He then smuggled the bench home in a trash bag on a taxi.


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