2 Hornbills Fly Into 10-Storey Pasir Ris Flat, Leave Poopy ‘Gifts’ Everywhere For Family

The owners spent 3 hours cleaning up afterwards.

Underaged Boy Asks Vlogger For Help To Buy Cigarettes, Unaware He’s On Livestream

The vlogger shouted, "call the police" loudly after the boy left.

Man Argues With Wife & Is Served A Plain Rice Bento, She Hid The...

The key to this man's heart is clearly through his tummy.

S’porean Rates Food Delivery Customer Service, Ranks Deliveroo Top For Quick Reply & Refund

Conciseness was a priority for this netizen.

SafeEntry Officer Rants About S’poreans’ Antics, Urges Us To Show Our Displays Properly When...

Stop assuming SafeEntry officers have "god like speed reading" skills.

Man Buys Book Titled ‘Meow’, It Gets Meowing Reviews On Amazon

Arguably the best book in its cat-egory.


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