Only 20 S’porean Coins Of Each Type Allowed From 2019 Per Transaction

You give me 21 $1 coins, I report you.

This Realistic Bak Kwa Pouch Helps You Prank Your Cousins During CNY

These bak kwa pouches are calorie-free.

You Can Now Preserve Your Umbilical Cords For Eternity For $388

So your childbirth goes ac-cord-ing to plan.

These Designer Pants Have A Butt Opening Perfect For A Post-Mala Toilet Apocalypse

You can now literally laugh your ass out.

3-Metre Python Took An Actual Toilet Break At HDB Maisonette In Eunos

Sssomething ssstrange, in the neighbourhood.

Peek-A-Boob T-Shirts Can Help You Go From An A-Cup To A C-Cup

Still cheaper than a boob job.

This Malaysian Lion King Parody Is The Best Thing Since Nasi Lemak & Sambal

Everything the light touches, can be put inside a roti.



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