Japan’s No. 1 Gigolo Earns S$256,000/Month & Was Gifted A Lamborghini

Earn money just by sweet talking people? Sign me up!

Influencer Daryl Aiden Yow Admits Paying For Stock Images To Create Composite Photos

Daryl Aiden Yow Tells His Side Of The Story, Denies Plagiarism & Theft Accusations UPDATE: Daryl has apologised for his actions. Read more here. A storm is brewing on Instagram, and the fate of a local photographer's reputation is at stake. Daryl Aiden Yow woke up this morning to a flood of DMs...

15 Cartoons That Have Completely Different Meanings For Kids Vs Adults

Growing Up With Cartoons Growing up, we all probably watched cartoons, unless you were stranded on an island of some sort, like those poor people on Lost. However, viewing a cartoon as an adult can be markedly different from enjoying a cartoon as a kid. What was once cute and funny, can...

SgJCbabes Instagram Page Is Much More Disturbing Than SgInstababes

Okay, what's next -- Sgbabybabes?

5 Singaporean Dates That Will Make You Want To Quit Tinder

Singaporean Horror Story: Tinder Date Edition  On Thursday (26 Jul), Paul Cheng Jun Hong, 29, was sentenced to 5 months in jail, after what could have been the worst Coffee Meets Bagel date. After matching with his 28-year-old victim on the app last year, Mr Cheng reportedly insisted that they...

Daryl Aiden Yow Re-Brands Himself As A Photoshop Specialist And He’s Winning Fans Back

Daryl Aiden Yow Makes A Comeback Months after the Daryl Aiden Yow saga, it appears that things are slowly turning around for the social media star. Been living under a rock? The tl;dr version of the saga is that Daryl created composite photos using stock images and then passed them off as his...

This Is How Much Food Bloggers Charge For Giving Reviews

DJ Rozz bashes Ladyironchef for wasting her money on four different occasions After reading an article on The Business Times, Lush 99.5fm DJ Rosalyn Lee (better known as DJ Rozz) showed her disgust for food bloggers who are paid to review restaurants. She suggested that food reviewers have to pay...

Influencer Melissa Koh Reveals Her Pregnancy In Joyful Instagram Post

Melissa's kid will share a zodiac sign with Ms Han Hui Hui's child.

Popular IG-Spot At People’s Park Complex’s Car Park Now Requires Permits For Photoshoots

Popular IG-Spot At People's Park Complex Is Deemed Private Property Mysterious signs have popped up at an old car park in People's Park Complex's residential building. Image from WhatsApp Apparently, permits are now required to film or shoot in the parking lot which has been deemed "PRIVATE PROPERTY". But first, what's the big...

17 Alternative News Websites You Should Be Following

Who says only Straits Times can produce quality articles? Mainstream media does not typically publish anti-government pieces, so readers like us tend to get very myopic views and perspectives about the political and societal landscape in Singapore. MustShareNews believes that more should be done to loosen the iron fist control that...



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