Man Scolds Another For Poor English; Ends Up Swearing In Hokkien

In-bus entertainment at its finest.

Woman Wants Cheating BF To Pay Back Her $4k, Man Wants Another Chance

Woman Wants Money Back From Cheating Partner How hard is it to take care of a baby when your partner doesn’t want to take responsibility? On Thursday (1 Nov), a netizen publicly shared her struggles with a cheating partner. Ms TingTing claims that “Caesar” - believed to be her partner - did...

Beautician Refutes Claims Of “Lousy Service” As Customer Arrived 15 Min Late

The beautician claims the T&Cs were on her Instastory highlights all along.

Kind M’sian Couple Handed 5RM By S’porean Couple For Changing Flat Tyre

A Singaporean couple acted questionably towards a Malaysian couple who went out of their way to help with their flat tyre in Johor Bahru.

Man Allegedly Pays $27 For A Full Tank Of Petrol, Pisses Off Cyberspace

He Allegedly Claimed He Only Wanted 1/3 Tank On Monday (15 Oct), a netizen witnessed a man allegedly paying $27 for $90 worth of petrol at Esso Telok Blangah. In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, she says that an uncle had a dispute with the petrol cashier. We...

Bus Cuts 3 Lanes In 3 Seconds To Get To Bus Stop

Bus Driver Then Found Out That The Bus Stop Was Actually Empty Changing lanes can be quite a pain in the ass in Singapore, where many motorists 'die-die' refuse to give way. But like other things in life, size plays a significant role on the roads as well. In this case,...



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