Hotel Accuses Teens Of Possessing Drugs & Calls Cops, Apologises After Realising It’s “Armpit...

The white powder turned out to be Tawas powder.

Sengkang General Hospital Nurse Lodges Police Report Over Neighbour Dispute

This is not the way to thank frontliners.

S’pore Woman Allegedly Offered $9K To Pose For Man’s Photoshoot, Police Investigating

The offer might have been too good to be true.

NUS Girl Breaks Up With BF ‘Cause He’s A Loner Who Only Texts Her...

"I couldn't stand it. I broke up."

10 Heartwarming Thai Cave Rescue Reactions, From Donald Trump To Soccer Players

Social Media Reacts To Successful Thai Cave Rescue The world rejoiced as news broke that all 13 trapped in Tham Luang cave have been successfully rescued. It has nearly been 3 weeks since the 12 boys, along with their football coach were stuck in the flooding cave, as a result of...

9 Singaporean Ministers And Their Completely Plausible Alternate Career Paths

What would the Ministers do if they weren't Ministers? We see them on the TV, we read about them and they lead us. But have we ever wondered what they could have been if they weren't our leaders? MustShareNews take a look at what 9 Ministers could be if they weren't Ministers. 1....


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