Influencer Melissa Koh Reveals Her Pregnancy In Joyful Instagram Post

Melissa's kid will share a zodiac sign with Ms Han Hui Hui's child.

Japan’s No. 1 Gigolo Earns S$256,000/Month & Was Gifted A Lamborghini

Earn money just by sweet talking people? Sign me up!

SgJCbabes Instagram Page Is Much More Disturbing Than SgInstababes

Okay, what's next -- Sgbabybabes?

Man Grills OCBC Staff About Climate Change, Told To Email Them Instead

He was redirected to customer service, who told him to email them later.

Heart Of God Church Reddit Post Removed Due To ‘Copyright Issues’

The author wrote a personal account of his experiences., so whose copyright was he infringing?

Dee Kosh Admits Staging BTS YouTube Drama, Calls It Social Experiment

Dee Kosh explains how he used EyeMo eyedrops to stage his tear-filled Twitter video.

Daryl Aiden Yow Re-Brands Himself As A Photoshop Specialist And He’s Winning Fans Back

Daryl Aiden Yow Makes A Comeback Months after the Daryl Aiden Yow saga, it appears that things are slowly turning around for the social media star. Been living under a rock? The tl;dr version of the saga is that Daryl created composite photos using stock images and then passed them off as his...

6 Times Singaporeans Lived The Crazy Rich Asian Life For Real

Crazy Rich Asians In Real Life The summer hit, Crazy Rich Asians (CRA), has cemented itself as one of the greatest breakouts of 2018. Filled with glitz and glamour, the film has taken the box office by storm. But the rom-com has sparked controversy for its portrayal of the affluent lifestyle...

NUS Stalker Allegedly Hacks Into Girl’s Account & Joins Her Church

"Nice Guy" NUS Stalker Hacks Into Girl's Online Accounts & Joins Her Church We've all had crushes in school before. We've also probably embarrassed ourselves in front of them. I for one stutter my ass off when I meet someone even mildly attractive. That's pretty much normal. Stalking and harassing them isn't...

Singaporean Does Drake’s #KiKiChallenge On MRT Platform

#KiKiChallenge Has Officially Arrived On Our Shores The Mannequin Challenge? Please, that's so 2016. New year, new viral sensation. And that's the #KiKiChallenge, also known as, the In My Feelings Challenge. And boy, does it need more effort than just standing still. Taking the Internet by storm, the craze sees individuals dancing alongside a...


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