These are the numerous problems behind our trains

Singapore’s trains have come under intense scrutiny in ever since the Great Train Breakdown of 2011. The repeated breakdowns and disruptions, once evoking anger, are now met with resignation from Singaporeans.

But has anyone wondered what causes the breakdowns of these trains?

We at MustShareNews have. And we’ve compiled a list of the reasons behind each train breakdown starting from 2011.

Why do trains break down?

Reason for breakdown — (date)

Damaged Third Rail — Dec 2011 (NSL)

Snapping of a pair of stainless steel wires — Mar 2012 (NEL)

Corrosion cracking of steel wires and bolt —Aug 2012 (NEL), Jan 2013 (NEL)

Faulty power cable — September 2012 (CCL)

Electric cable short-circuited — February 2013 (NSL)

Train fault — Dec 2013( DTL)

Loosened cover on train’s detrainment switch — Dec 2013 (DTL)

Cable fault —  Jan 2014  (NSL)

Signal fault — Jan 2014 (NSL)Mar 2015 ( CCL)Apr 2015 (NEL)Sep 2015 (NEL)

Track circuit failure — Feb 2014 (NSL)

Power fault — Mar 2014 (DTL)Aug 2014 (NEL)Dec 2014 (CCL)Jul 2015 (EWL, NSL)Oct 2015 (NEL)

Defective trains — Sep 2014 (NSL)

Track fault — Feb 2015 (NSL)

Person intrusion — Feb 2015 (NSL)

Human accident — May 2015 (NEL)

Power trip — Oct 2015( NEL)



SMRT needs a solution

The patterns indicate that we are likely to encounter more disruptions and breakdowns in the future unless SMRT can miraculously save us from this catastrophe. The chances seem gloomy but hey, we can always dream.

And we’re certain Singaporeans are dreaming.

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