Memes of Hari Raya pick up lines got viral on Twitter 

Muslims around the world have been celebrating Hari Raya since last Friday (17 July) to mark the end of Ramadan. This is just the beginning of Hari Raya as the festivities last for an entire month of visiting family, relatives, and friends.

With the ongoing celebration, lots of memes of Hari Raya pick up lines are going viral on the Internet. The juxtaposition of hot celebrities with superimposed Raya-inspired pick up lines only serve to make the memes some of best on the Internet.

Here are 10 of the funniest memes of Hari Raya pick up lines, accompanied with brief translations where needed:

1. Chris Evans and his Kuih

FB Raya Epic Comments 1

Basically what Chris Evans is trying to tell you is straightforward: without him, you cannot get kuih. And really, what is Hari Raya without kuih?

2. Are you Josh Duhamel’s ideal wife?

FB Raya Epic Comments 2Source

If your name is Fitri, then you are definitely Josh Duhamel’s ideal partner. Just don’t tell Fergie though.

3. David Beckham and his tasty rendang

FB Raya Epic Comments 3Source

Ayam rhymes with I am. Ayam is also Malay for chicken.

Now, read the pick up line again. Makes sense right?

4. Boys, Rachel McAdams wants to meet your family

FB Raya Epic Comments 4

Attention every boy out there named Fahmi! Be happy ’cause apparently this movie star wants to meet your family.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio’s choice of buka 

FB Raya Epic Comments 5Source

This is just downright creepy. His choice of food for buka (break fast) is apparently you.

6. Josh Duhamel’s sweet choice of food for buka

FB Raya Epic Comments 6Source

Translation: Do you want to break fast with me? It is encouraged to break your fast with something sweet.

Josh wants to break fast with you ’cause you’re that something sweet. Now, isn’t that charming?

7. Ryan Gosling’s love for you is eternal


Translation: Even though he is abstaining from eating and drinking, he’ll never abstain from loving you.

Ryan Gosling sure is living up to his The Notebook character, isn’t he…

8. He’s drooling just looking at you

FB Raya Epic Comments 8Source

Malaylay means to drool. If you’re Malay, you’re probably making him drool.

9. A bad pick up line

FB Raya Epic Comments 9Source

Translation: Is your father a terrorist? Because you are such a bomb.

If someone said this to you, feel free to release your wrath at him.

10. No explanation needed


Use these pick up lines on your Muslim friends

Now that you have a clearer idea of what each pick up line means, try these on your unsuspecting Muslim friends. It will most probably shock and impress them. Have a good laugh and enjoy their reactions hearing from you.

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