Are you seeing double?

They say everyone has a physical look-alike somewhere out there in this world. You may think that your favourite celebrity is one-of-a-kind, but their doppelgänger would have you seeing double. Some of them are so alike that you could swap one for the other without anyone batting an eye!

To prove our point, we’ve collated a list of 14 look-alikes, named in order from left to right:

1. Audrey Hepburn/ Jessica

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.14.42 am

A modern-day fashion icon, Jessica Tham, better known as Tippytapp on Instagram, looks every bit like Audrey Hepburn from her facial features to classy dress sense. The ex-Singapore Airlines stewardess constantly shares about her life on Instagram while showcasing her experimental fashion style that ranges from classy to edgy.

2. Arissa Cheo/ Che Shijia


Local blogshop model Che Shijia looks eerily like heiress Arissa Cheo, wife of Mandopop singer Vanness Wu. Che is a recognisable face in the blogshop scene, gracing several blogshops like Le Chic, OhSoFickle, Ohvola, Sassy Dream and Carrislabelle. With the same face shape and doe-eyed look, it is difficult not to get confused by the two.

3. Yan Kay Kay/ Che Shijia


Yes, we know that Che Shijia has just appeared in the previous entry, but we can’t help but think she’s a chameleon. At a different angle, she looks like online personality/model Yan Kay Kay, who won in reality TV show, S Factor in 2009.

4. Jesseca Liu/ Carrie Wong


Like Malaysian-born actress Jesseca Liu who stands at 1.72m, Wong also has a tall frame of 1.74m. The fresh-faced beauty was spotted in a channel U competition, Hey Gorgeous. She has since joined MediaCorp, and scored prominent roles in Channel 8 blockbusters Against The Tide, The Journey: Tumultuous Times and ongoing sitcom 118.

5. Kimberly Wang/ Cheryl Chan


Jack Neo’s movie I Not Stupid may be a comedy film aired in 2002, but many still remember the rebellious sister of Terry Khoo, Selena Khoo in the movie. She was played by Cheryl Chan, who won the title of Miss Tourism Singapore in 2013. Chan has a doppelgänger in 98.7FM deejay Kimberly Wang.

6. Dawn Yeoh/ Celest Chong


Both Chong and Yeoh charmed the hearts of audiences with their wide smiles and the girl-next-door look. Like Yeoh, 39-year-old Chong does not seem to have aged a day, still looking like the 25-year-old she was when she played the leading role in MediaCorp drama You Light Up My Life. Chong has relocated to Canada in 2009, while Yeoh can still be seen on Channel 8 sitcom 118.

7. Tracy Lee/ Tiffany Leong


Seeing double? Hardly surprising – the Malaysian-born actresses are both tanned and look pretty damn similar. Leong was a model and beauty queen who forayed into acting in 2006 and appeared in several Singapore-Malaysia co-productions. Lee, a contestant in Star Search 2007, could be seen in the recently-aired drama, Life Is Beautiful.

8. Gong Li/ Valerie Wang


It is intriguing that these two are not related at all. With similar features, we could picture the blogshop model/ influencer on the big screens as Hatsumomo in Memoirs of a Geisha. It’s not just us  – some netizens think the same too.

Wang constantly gets comments like this on her Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.47.26 pmSource

9. Sora Ma/ Ong Ai Leng


Both actresses were born in Malaysia but their similarities do not end there. Apart from their looks, it seems like both have an entrepreneurial spirit – Ong owns a chain of Taiwanese street snack shops called Xiao Bar Wang with Jeff Wang and Apple Hong, while Ma runs The Mama Shop with Felicia Chin.

10. Nina Dobrev/ Eunice Annabel Lim


An influencer of Peranakan descent, Lim bears a striking similarity to The Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev. The blogshop model has since gone on to expand her portfolio, acting in MediaCorp dramas like 2025 and The Circle House.

11. Gui Gui/ Mae Tan


Bearing a striking resemblance to Taiwanese artiste Gui Gui, Tan could be the rocker chick version of the Taiwanese cutie pie. Like Gui Gui, Tan also has the ability to host, having her very own travelogue show Miss Korea: I’m Mae, a deal she clinched after offering the judges soju. Tan’s dress sense and makeup may be more grunge than kawaii, but there are still times she looks the part.

12. Aloysius Pang/ Shawn Lee


Can you tell who is who? Probably the pair with the most likeness on this list, Pang and Lee are often mixed up.

In fact, some people are so confused they believe Aloysius was the one who acted in I Not Stupid. Check out Google’s Autocomplete when you type in Aloysius Pang:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.10.52 pmSource

No, Pang was not in the movie. It was actor Shawn Lee.

13. Khaw Boon Wan/ Henry Thia


The two are so alike that they even strike the same poses. Telepathy? Should our Minister for National Development get sick of dealing with Housing Development Board (HDB) issues, we think he would make a good comedian.

We wonder if Hui Ge can predict 4D numbers too?

14. Michelle Chong/ Barbarella


Their resemblance is so uncanny they could very well be sisters separated at birth. One is an artiste and the founder of Huat Films/ Left Profile, while the other is a… bimbo. Both can be seen having the same deer-stuck-in-headlights look, coupled with bright-coloured lipsticks and flamboyant clothes.

Oh wait  – you mean they’re the same person?

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