They Ask Platoon Mates To Speak Out For CFC Lee Since He Can No Longer Do So

On Thursday (4 May), the Singapore Army posted a tribute to fallen soldier Corporal First Class (CFC) Dave Lee.

In it, CFC Lee’s Scout Commander, as well as his platoon mates, shared heartwarming memories of the 19-year-old, who passed away on Monday.

Besides tugging at the heartstrings of netizens, the widely-share post also caught the attention CFC Lee’s two aunts: Ms Cecilia Yeo and Ms Michelle Yeo.

Ms Cecilia became known to the cybersphere earlier this week, when she shared a soldier’s controversial account of CFC Lee’s ordeal.

In doing so, she became a symbolic figurehead for a faction of netizens who believe that the investigation into CFC Lee’s death may not be as transparent as it should be.

“Tell the full truth”

Ms Cecilia’s comment on the Army’s post continues this narrative.


In it, she urges Dave’s army mates to “please tell the full truth” in the looming investigation.

Ms Michelle echoes her calls, using the same terms: “please tell the full truth”.


Perhaps the aunts are concerned about how the impact of the SAF’s “chain-of-command” policy on the investigation.

As this Facebook user points out, the policy might discourage servicemen from “skipping” the chain of command and incriminating their direct superiors.


Power of the committee

As usual, the Committee of Inquiry will be chaired from a civil servant from another ministry – this time, the Ministry of Education.

This is in an effort to ensure its transparency.

Perhaps in response to public anger over the incident, the Ministry of Defence also confirmed that the Police would investigate CFC Lee’s death as well.

A Coroner’s Inquiry may be held based on the outcome of the Police investigation.

We hope that both investigations will shed light on what happened to CFC Lee and give his family some much-needed closure.

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