Woman Who Tries Saving Chai Chee Community Cat Allegedly Faces Upset Feeders

Community cats in Singapore are largely well taken care of by kind residents who feed and sayang them. While most feeders are generally peaceful, a recent dispute over a community cat in Chai Chee paints a different picture.


Old and apparently cancer-stricken, a concerned cat lover decided to take the feline off the streets and into her home, where she attempted to nurse it back to health.

But other feeders in the area who had been looking after the cat were allegedly not too happy about it. One of them even damaged the lady’s property.

Resident finds skinny cat at Chai Chee void deck

Facebook user Ms Ling’s time with the community cat began as early as 3 Mar, when she noticed the frail-looking feline at a Chai Chee void deck.


Referring to the female cat as Flower then, she sought information from feeders as she intended to bring the animal to the vet.

In a subsequent update on 8 Mar, Ms Ling shared that the cat, whom regular feeders dubbed Snowy, likely had pancreatic infection or cancer, and would need constant care.

Takes cat off the streets to nurse her

She followed up with more updates on Snowy’s condition, as she apparently took the cat into her own home to nurse it back to health.

Ms Ling explained in a post on Sunday (21 Mar), that she made the decision as Snowy was too old to roam the streets.


Unfortunately, Ms Ling claimed that not all of Snowy’s feeders seemed to approve of her actions.

In a post on Tuesday (23 Mar), she lamented about the harassment she allegedly had to face since she took Snowy in.


Besides listing reasons for why they disagreed with Ms Ling’s decision to foster Snowy and take her to the vet, one feeder apparently showed her discontent in a different manner.

Feeder allegedly leaves resident’s laundry in a mess

After Snowy’s passing, things reportedly took a turn for the worse.

Ms Ling described how a woman showed up outside her home “screaming” and asking for her to hand Snowy’s body over.

When she refused to give in, she came home later that day to find her laundry in a mess along the corridor.


Ms Ling suspected it to be someone’s doing, as she explained that,

Yesterday was not a windy day and even thunder storm and strong winds cannot make my entire laundry fall on the floor. This is certainly done by a human – deliberately.

Whether she intends to take any follow-up actions is unclear, but we hope that the harassment, if true, will cease.

Fosterer arranges proper burial for 20-year old stray cat

Disputes aside, Ms Ling managed to arrange a burial for Snowy, so she could have a proper send-off.


She was able to do so, as well as cover all of Snowy’s vet fees thanks to the kind donors whom she listed by name in a Facebook post.

She thanked them, along with the feeders who had looked after Snowy before, despite their apparent disagreements.

Be kind to one another

Though the attempts to save Snowy’s life were short-lived, we’re glad that she managed to spend her final days comfortably.

Kudos to Ms Ling and the kind donors who helped.

We hope that Ms Ling and the feeders will be able to resolve any issues amicably, and put this incident behind them.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.