Chakey’s Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken Is Closing For Good

It’s time to say goodbye to Chakey’s Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken, as they close for good on 31 Dec. Channel NewsAsia broke the sad news not too long ago, disappointing customers who have been frequenting the joint for years.


Previously known as Heong Kee Salt Baked Chicken, Chakey’s has been around for 55 years, reminding many of a time long lost.

Those that patronise Chakey’s today know of it through word of mouth, passed down through recommendation by their parents and grandparents who enjoyed it back in the day.


Chakey’s is closing shop for good as the owner, Mr Chak, is taking time off to be with family after suffering a heart attack recently.

Why so special?

What makes their salt baked chicken so great is pretty obvious, duh. The chicken is buried in rock salt and cooked with secret herbs and spices, making it extra juicy.

Chakey’s success can surely be credited to the fact that throughout the years, the recipe has always stayed the same. The secret recipe was passed down by Mr Chak’s grandfather, so think of Mr Chak as Singapore’s very own Colonel Sanders.


Back when Singaporeans could only afford to buy a whole chicken for special occasions, Mr Chak’s grandfather decided to start selling smaller whole chickens at a lower price to attract more customers. Their booming business led them to sell them at fairs, including the Great World Amusement Park.

Glory days when it was still known as Heong Kee Salt Baked Chicken

Saying goodbye

Joining the ranks of other long gone favourites like A&W, it is sad to see Chakey’s go. There’s still hope though, as Mr Chak has passed down the prized recipe to his son.

Our fingers are crossed that his son will reopen the business one day, so that we can continue to get our hands on this nostalgia-inducing chicken.

There, there, don’t be sad about it just yet. It’s still open until the last day of 2017, so there’s still a chance to have a last taste before it’s gone for good.

Featured image via Chakey’s