Miniature Wooden House Built For Stray Cats In Changi Protects Them From Rain & Sun

Miniature Wooden House At Changi Village Built For Stray Cats

If you’ve lived in Singapore long enough, you would have noticed that our tiny island plays host to many stray cats, ranging from kittens to seniors.

Most of the time, these cats receive lots of love from passers-by.


Given Singapore’s famously bipolar weather, you’d have reason to be concerned about the kitties’ safety in the wild. If you have, you would be heartened to know that at least one kind soul has taken it upon themselves to address this concern.

On 13 Oct, a netizen posted pictures of a small wooden house built on a grass patch on Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats‘s Facebook.


This house looks like it was built especially for stray cats when they are in need of a shelter over their heads.

Built to protect stray cats from the weather

According to a sign pasted onto the wooden house, it states that “UV rays from prolonged sun exposure may cause skin cancer”.


With this wooden house, stray cats have a safe space where they can protect themselves not only from the rain, but from the scorching sun as well.

Even serves as a luxurious bungalow

Not only does this wooden house serve as a shelter for stray cats, it was even built as a 2-storey bungalow.

With that, the cats can choose to either hide in the house, or climb to the ‘balcony’ on the 2nd level whenever they like.


Although cats are known to be expert high-jumpers, this house was built with a small staircase, possibly for safety reasons.


If you’re amazed by how this thoughtful this kind soul is for building the house, you’re not alone.

When these pictures were posted on Facebook, cat lovers all over the country started expressing their gratitude towards the still-anonymous person who built this for the cats.

Cat lovers filled with gratitude

Here are a few heartwarming comments we saw.

This netizen started off saying that this was a “brilliant idea”, but hopes that the wooden house will not be “misused”.



Another netizen recollected her experience in Istanbul where there were many of these DIY cat houses built for stray cats.


It’s touching to know that initiatives like this are happening across the globe for homeless kitties everywhere.

Looking for the creator of the house

The netizen who first posted about the house on Facebook is looking for the creator of this wooden house.


If you have any information about the creator of this wooden house, you can let us know below. Alternatively, you can also contact the passer-by here.

MS News is touched by the initiative and love this kind soul has for the stray cats out there.


We hope that this house will not be vandalised or removed, so that it can one day serve its purpose to a stray cat in need.

Feature image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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