Top 5 #GE2015 Characters you need to look out for

A cursory look at your Facebook page would return with results of lenghty posts telling us to either “vote wisely” or “vote them out”. That’s right, suddenly, every Singaporean and their uncle has become a social-political commentator and analyst during the general election season. Even Singaporeans who can’t vote yet are out there making a strong case for the voting age to be lowered.

But these people aren’t the only characters that pop out every election season.

From taking hot seats in coffeeshop to defending a party on social media, here are some characters that may influence distract your vote.

1. The Diss-stractiminator

Highly versatile warrior that senses ground sentiments and acts according to the general mood of the area. Uses Question, Delay and Dissing tactics to act as a barrier to stop the candidates from completing on-ground walk-about and minimizes contact with residents. He will always be back.


2. The Keyboard Warrior

Harmless looking at first, but give them a digital device and they turn into Rambos who slam the reputation of various other party members. Don’t be surprised that different parties use a platoon of these warriors to slam other parties just to get ahead of the game.


Keyboard Warriors usually use fake accounts (and they have very pretty profile photos) and they operate in groups.

3. The (Self-Proclaimed Unofficial and Personally Legitizimized) Intellectual

This person uses flamboyant words, numbers, and infographics that most people don’t. The main tactic of this person is to confuse until they convince (“He so clever, so must be correct, just like how Google is always correct”). They usually eat a dictionary for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


4. The Chio-chio candidate

A heartthrob of the party with both looks and brains. Selected to capture the hearts of the old uncles younger audience. They try to drop savvy terms like ‘bro’, ‘yolo’, ‘hashtag vote right’ in their interactions. Decent looks are added boners bonuses.


5. The Wing Man

Like a scout from the army, this person deployed way ahead of any visiting contesting party during the walkabouts. He talks loudly to rouse up the crowd’s emotions before calling in the candidates for a warm reception.

Some times you will also see the Wing Man being very hyper and rallies the crowd with the arrival of the ‘future MP’ and asking people to ‘put on a smile’.


Which stereotype are you?

We’re guessing you already have certain people in your life who fall into these broad stereotypes. Yes, these people are a pain, but are completely part and parcel of election season.

Meanwhile, we’re just 3 days to Polling Day. Who’s getting your vote?