$5 Health Screening For All Singaporeans Aged 40 And Above Means There’s No Excuse Not To Get Checked


Get Yourself Checked On The Cheap

If you’re aged 40 and above, congratulations — the Government has just confirmed that you’re old and may be woefully unaware of your ailments.

Those who have hit that golden age can get screened for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer for just $5, according to The New Paper, after the Government recently launched the Screen For Life programme in a bid to encourage more citizens to undergo health check-ups.

There are further discounts for Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) card holders, and the Pioneer Generation — the former would only have to fork out $2, while the latter group gets it for free.


A similar screening could set you back by at least $100 without subsidies.

Different Tests For Different Folks

The Ministry of Health (MOH) also clarified that one need not undergo all the screenings — the test for colorectal cancer is reserved for citizens over the age of 50, while the pap smear for cervical cancer is obviously only for women, unless you’re a man with a cervix, in which case please e-mail us, as we would like to interview you.


If the screening results are normal, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) will send out invitations when the next recommended screening is due, usually after three years. However, if a follow-up is required, the original $5 would only cover the consultation fee of one subsequent visit.

Singaporeans who are eligible will be issued an invitation letter starting from August later this year, allowing them to redeem the subsidised screenings at all CHAS general practice clinics islandwide. Senior citizens will be prioritised due to a higher risk of chronic medical conditions, and the rest should receive their letters by the end of this year.

There is no expiry date for the “offer”.

Help Us Take Care Of Ourselves

According to The Straits Times, The MOH is worried that we can’t take care of ourselves.

It says diabetics can suffer “kidney failure, blindness and amputations” if they fail to manage their condition.

Likewise, some Singaporeans with high cholesterol and blood pressure levels are blissfully unaware of their health — there are “no symptoms in the early stages” — resulting in stroke and heart problems down the road.

No Excuse Not To Go

With the cost of living in Singapore rapidly rising, we welcome this initiative in encouraging Singaporeans to get their health checked.

With this initiative, cost is now no longer an excuse for most of us to get screened, so everyone should go for their screenings when they receive their invitation letters.

With Singapore’s fast pace of life and pressure cooker environment, our existing health problems may be aggravated or even develop new complications.

So, even if you feel like you’re fine, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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