Spot Chee Soon Juan walking around Singapore

GE might be over, but political efforts don’t just suddenly stop. Take Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for example – they’re already gearing up for GE2020.

How do we know?

Because SDP’s Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) is walking the talk. #walkthetalk2015

What is #walkthetalk2015?

SDP wants to be seen as the party “ever-ready to walk its talk”. To do this, SDP has developed a number of community programmes, provided more training for their members, and refined their policies.

Of course, these measures come at a cost.

In short, #walkthetalk2015 is a fundraising event by SDP to “ help raise the funds to support and sustain” their work.

In this project, SDP’s Secretary-General CSJ will be walking around Singapore over a span of 4 days to interact with Singaporeans, “in an effort to remind Singaporeans of the work that the SDP has started and will continue”.

Walking the talk

Starting tomorrow, CSJ will be trekking across Singapore on foot. Stalk his route here:

CSJ is Wally too

Find Wally CSJ as he embarks on his adventure!

Although a survey by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) have showed that social media did not play a decisive role for voters, SDP is still actively using social media to engage Singaporeans.

SDP isn’t giving up yet

It seems like SDP is here to stay in the political scene, despite their recent happenings.

First, former SDP chairman Jeffrey George was arrested by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for drug-related offences. Then, SDP’s first-time candidate for Yuhua SMC Jaslyn Go took to Facebook to express her disappointment over this year’s election results, seemingly a testament of her despair.

But SDP seems undeterred, and is still seeking validation from the people.

For this fundraising effort, CSJ will be covering 140km over 4 days despite persistent knee problems.

Kudos to CSJ’s never say die attitude. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping tabs on CSJ’s progress from tomorrow onwards.

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