8 Disappointing Cheesy Loaded Fries From McDonald’s

Most Singaporeans were cheesed off when they realised that McDonald’s latest Cheesy Loaded Fries, did not come pre-loaded with loads of cheese as promised.

In fact, some fries did not even come with any cheese at all.

Eager customers were mostly horrified to discover that McDonald’s offerings to them, paled in comparison to what influencer Xavier Lur enjoyed during his media preview.

Priced at a steep $4.20 per box, they were probably expecting cheesiness levels to at least match his proportions.


Their expectations clearly did not match the harsh reality.

Instead of Cheesy Loaded Fries, we got Fully Loaded Disappointment.Here are more disappointing Cheese Fries: https://mustsharenews.com/cheesy-fries-mcdonalds-sad/

Posted by Mustsharenews.com on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

To help satiate your hanger, feast your eyes on our compilation of McDonald’s most uncheesy loads. We rate 8 boxes of fries, based on just how much cheeses McDonald’s forgot to give.

1. Into the Cheese Slammer


In a 7-second video posted on this netizen’s Facebook page, this cheesed off netizen simply blew off his miserable serving and partook in a literal slamming of his meal. 13/10 for his high effort video for a low effort meal.

2. Half-Baked, Half-Loaded


This unfortunate insta-story has a tragic but not-so cheesy ending. Is this cheesy load half-empty or half-full? We’ll leave you to decide, but we border on pessimism in this case. 5/10 is probably already too generous.

3. Crouching Bacon, Hidden Cheese


Hidden among ginormous turkey bacon bits are cheesy ninjas who have mastered the art of camouflage. You really have to go full on eye power mode if you want to spot the cheese in this sad little box. 7/10 for making cheese hunting fun again.

4. Wherefore art thou cheese?


Minimalist cheese art. Just look at those exquisite swirls. 3/10, because we don’t get it.

5. Say Cheese

Just when we thought no amount of food styling could rescue this uncheesy load, this netizen’s mad photography skills made this entry somewhat palatable. 9/10 for food styling, 2/10 for cheese.

6. Hot Cheese Mess


Nothing more needs to be said for this hotbed of disappointment with a side serving of disgrace. Sad, just plain sad. 1.5/10 for being so messed up.

7. Error 404: Cheese Not Found


The box actually looks cheesier than the fries. 8/10 for box, -1/10 for false advertising.

8. Four Cheese Nightmare

What’s worse than one uncheesy load? Four, evidently.

As one uncheesy load does not maketh a nightmare, we personally ordered four boxes in pursuit of journalistic integrity.

Clearly, our McDonald’s server ran out of cheeses to give too. 4/10 times four for killing our lunches.

The rightful King of cheese fries

For the brave souls bent on seeking cheesy redemption from McDonald’s, a word of caution for this sale.

Don’t forget that for just $2, cheesy comrades-in-arms can fall at the feet of your rightful King.


Were you cheesed off by McDonald’s too? Because not all cheese fries were made equal, share your equally sad cheese fries photos with us in the comments and we’ll rate them for you too.

This article was written out of pure disappointment.

Featured image from Xavier Lur.