Chelsea Flag Stomped On By Haters Who Appear To Be SMRT Staff


ICC Fever Hits Singapore, But Some Are More Feverish Than Others

The International Champions Cup (ICC) finally kicked off its first match in Singapore on Tuesday (July, 25), with FC Bayern Munich beating Chelsea FC 3-2, ensuring that fans of the Bavarians took home the bragging rights for the night.

However, supporters of both teams took home other things that night — namely nice souvenirs to wave and cheer on their teams with.

Bayern’s fans got nice fans that helped in beating the humidity, and fans of Chelsea has huge flags. Here are the right ways to use them:

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Anti Chelsea Fan Club

However, one group decided to use Chelsea’s flag in the wrong way — they decided to step on it and take a photo of themselves doing so.


We know Chelsea aren’t the most beloved team around, due to its recent Premier League title successes and the wealth of Russian owner Roman Abramovich, and sometimes anti-fans display their hate in rather extreme ways.

So we wouldn’t have bothered to take a second look at that photo were it not for some interesting details that we spied. Let’s take a closer look at part of the photo.


In the top-right corner there’s a black bag on the floor that clearly has an SMRT logo.


Not only that, but there’s a piece of paper on the bag that reads: “CCL Rover Bag No. 5”

“CCL” is a common acronym for the SMRT’s Circle Line. Also, the staff whose job are to roam the trains from front to rear checking on commuters are called “rovers”.

Thus, the bag appears to be one that’s carried by a rover on the Circle Line.

Also, don’t the black pants and red shirt worn by the haters resemble the uniform worn by SMRT staff?

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Could the guys who are pictured stomping on a Chelsea flag be SMRT staff?

Considering that one of these flag could have been left behind by someone who left the stadium after the match ended on Tuesday night via Stadium MRT station (which is on the Circle Line, incidentally), that looks like a possibility


We know that the numerous disruptions to train services that show no sign of abating, aren’t actually the fault of rank-and-file SMRT staff.

But the SMRT can hardly afford another PR disaster, especially since foreign teams like Chelsea are bringing a much-needed boost to our economy and shouldn’t be made to feel unwelcome by the staff of public transport operators.

And we also know that having to work while everybody is enjoying a football match doesn’t feel good.

But if these Chelsea haters really are SMRT staff, perhaps they should have hidden away that bag and changed out of their uniform first?

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