Cheyenne Goh Will Be Representing Singapore At The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

18-year-old Cheyenne Goh will be the one to watch at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.

She’ll go down in Singapore’s history as the first Singaporean to compete at the 1,500m short-track speed skating event on Feb 17.

Cheyenne training in Goyang before the Winter Games

Who says this tropical country has no chance of winning at the Winter Olympics?

You go gurl!

To break the ice with our newest Olympian Cheyenne Goh, here are 12 cool facts about this young and energetic speed skater.

1. She is the first and only Singaporean competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics

For a country that never experiences winter, Singapore’s probably one of the the last countries you’d expect to participate in the Winter Olympics.

Cheyenne reppin’ the little red dot with her coaches

Cheyenne Goh is making Singaporean history by being the first and only Singaporean to be competing in the Winter Olympics.

She’ll be racing other top skaters from around the world in the 1500m speed skating event, at this year’s Winter Olympic games held in PyeongChang, South Korea.

2. She’s 4 secs away from the previous Winter Olympic speed skating gold medalist

As Cheyenne’s only 18, she certainly has the potential to rival the best speed skaters in the world.

Her personal best for a 500m race is recorded at 46.868 secs.

This is a mere 4 secs short of the previous Winter Olympic gold-medalist – Park Seung-Hi’s personal best of 42.792 secs.


With her skating career just beginning, other competitors should definitely keep their eyes out for this fresh challenger to the rink.

3. Need for speed in Mario Kart as well

Even the most hardworking teenager has a soft spot for video games, and Cheyenne is no different.

In a recent interview, the young skater revealed that her inner speed demon makes her a tough competitor for the popular Nintendo game, Mario Kart.


We’re not sure if we should take her on either, as she’s clearly talented at going fast and furious even in the virtual world too.

4. Began playing ice hockey, but fell in love with skating

Cheyenne revealed that her passion for ice skating began when she started playing ice hockey, in an interview with Channel NewsAsia.


After trying out speed skating at the recommendation of her father, she soon felt that she loved skating more than ice hockey.

But how did a Singaporean like her get involved in ice hockey in the first place? After all, ice hockey isn’t exactly an accessible sport in Singapore.

5. Born in Singapore but lives in Canada

Cheyenne has lived out most of her childhood years in Canada, as her parents relocated to Leduc, when she was four.


In Leduc where she’s based, temperatures have been known to hit as low as minus 35°C, so we think she’s probably had plenty of chances to acclimatise to her sport.

Since ice skating rinks are way more accessible there, we’re also glad that she had a chance to begin her incredible journey to the Winter Games.

To all her fans and supporters, you’ll be pleased to note that she’s since returned to Singapore to train and prepare for the Winter Olympics.

6. Her athlete hero is an Australian Speed Skater, Steve Bradbury

Cheyenne holds Steve Bradbury, a four-time Olympian in high regard.

He’s the first Australian to win gold at the Winter Olympics in 1994 and you can checkout his legendary performance here.

Since he’s Cheyenne’s personal hero, we can definitely tell that she’s set her sights on winning it for Singapore as well.


7. Taking a gap year

Like many students who take a gap year to pursue something they love, Cheyenne’s dedication to the sport convinced her to do the same.

She’ll be putting school at Leduc Composite High School on hold to train full-time for the Games.


We’re sure many of us at home will be support her commitment to her sport, and root for her all the way from sunny Singapore.

8. She trains 6 times a week, starting at 5AM

Most of us don’t even wake up for work at 5AM, let alone go to the gym at that timing.

But for Cheyenne, this is actually a daily routine for her, since she begins training at this time, 6 times a week.


For Cheyenne, training begins at 5AM in JCube’s ice rink. She spends 2 hours racing around the ice and another 4 hours doing related training.

All in all, she trains a whopping 6 hours almost everyday.

9. Ranked among the top female speed skaters in the world

With such a vigorous training routine, it’s no wonder that Cheyenne Goh is ranked the 36th best speed skater in the world.

In the Intercontinental Short Track Invitational in Calgary, she clinched the global ranking of 36.

This amazing feat would also eventually go on to qualify her for the Winter Olympics. 


Simply ska-mazing.

10. She’s already won 3 medals at the SEA games

That’s not all. Besides qualifying for the Winter Olympics, Cheyenne already has three prestigious medals to her name, in her short but remarkable career.

Cheyenne racing in red at the 2017 ASEAN Games in KL

In the 2017 ASEAN Games, Cheyenne won two silver medals and a bronze medal at the skating finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

That’s already three medals more than what most of us have.

11. Many firsts under her belt

This young lady has achieved so much at her age, that she’s got me wondering if I’m living my life right.

Cheyenne Goh was the first Singaporean to represent the country at Intercontinental Short Track Invitational in Calgary.


She was also the first TeamSG athlete to compete in the 2017 Asian Winter Games.

Now that she’s also the first Singaporean Winter Olympics athlete, we’re sure her subsequent career will only add more entries to her extensive list of “firsts”.

12. She’s got her own Wiki page

Every accomplished athlete needs a Wiki page to record their wins, and Cheyenne has enough accolades to justify her own Wiki entry.


We’re expecting her historic performance at the PyeongChang Games to add another spectacular entry on her page.

Singapore’s rooting for you, Cheyenne!

Training to compete among the world’s best is never easy.

And Cheyenne has already done Singapore proud, just by qualifying for the Winter Olympics.

We at MustShareNews will be right here cheering her on as she speeds her way down the rink in South Korea.


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