Give Out Free Chicken Rice Also Nobody Wants, Worse Still Get Scolding

Chicken rice boss Gary Lim has failed to pacify cabbies and the public at large with his attempt to make amends for his arrogant mockery of a taxi driver in a viral video.

Nobody Took The Bait

He tried to appease people by giving out free chicken rice at his 2 chicken rice outlets on Tuesday (May 2), but few took the bait.

When MustShareNews went down to the Serangoon Road branch of The Yang’s Tradition Hainanese Chicken Rice on Tuesday, the number of cabbies who took the free chicken when we were there was smaller than the number of reporters who were there. Read our story on the dismal number of cabbies who took the free chicken rice.

Fowl Response

The response on Facebook to our story mirrored the response to the free chicken rice, with most slamming Mr Lim and his business.

Here are some of the best responses.

1. Cabbies Have Dignity

Mr Gary Lim may think that taxi drivers “cannot accomplish great things”, but they still have their dignity — They are making a decent living too.

So his netizen makes a great analogy here, saying that cabbies should never swallow their dignity.

2. Stealing Someone’s Lunch

This netizen curiously named “Tony Tan” made a reference to something that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said during a recent discussion with union leaders about the future of jobs in Singapore reported by Today on April 30, a day before Labour Day.

Amid competition from other countries, Mr Lee urged Singaporean workers not only to “protect their lunches but steal other people’s lunches”.

3. Tour Group Leftovers

This netizen alluded to the fact that The Yang’s caters to busloads of tourists, by saying the next tour group would have to eat the leftover hundreds of packets prepared on Tuesday that nobody claimed.

4. Eat It Yourself

On someone’s suggestion that Mr Lim could donate the free chicken rice to old folks, a netizen hilariously replied that the seniors wouldn’t digest the food well, and suggested that Mr Lim eat it himself.

5. 99% Still Angry

This netizen referenced the dismal number of cabbies who took the free chicken rice, and the number of cabbies more that Mr Lim had to appease.

6. Dog Food

This netizen suggested the free chicken rice was only suitable for dogs to eat.

7.  A Bone To Pick

One guy hilariously got his metaphor wrong, and was called out on it. He meant that cabbies have “backbone”.

8. No Boss

This point is valid, as this netizen questioned why Mr Lim himself wasn’t around to personally hand out the chicken rice to the cabbies.

Perhaps he was afraid of facing the wrath of cabbies and the media.

9. Not Enough

Another valid point. Mr Lim counted out at least 16 $1,000 notes in front of the cabby. We’re sure he can afford to give out more than 200 packets of chicken rice.

10. Eating “Live”

One angry netizen suggested Mr Lim eat up all the chicken rice on TV, like one of those eating competitions, and also advised him not to drink in public.

11. Join Us

One netizen funnily suggested that after all the bad publicity, Mr Lim should give up selling chicken rice and become a taxi driver instead.

12. Diarrhoea

Finally, those who ate his chicken rice could be cursed with diarrhoea, one disgrulted netizen said:

Dignity Is Paramount

While it’s not surprising that people were angry with Mr Lim’s behaviour, it’s a bit surprising that most taxi drivers actually gave up the chance to get free food — this totally goes against the popular Singapore mentality that flocks to free stuff.

We guess there’s something that Singaporeans won’t do no matter how much free stuff you offer them — and that is give up their dignity.