Koryo Mart At Bukit Timah Sells Chupa Chups Canned Drinks

As a kid, I’d often hover around the counter of the mama shop staring at those gleaming candies that were carefully watched by the shop keeper. There were just so many variations, like sweets that you could whistle or those that changes the colour of your tongue. But the pinnacle of childhood happiness came in the form of a Chupa Chups lollipop.

For a humble price of 40 to 50 cents, you could get what seemed like an everlasting burst of cola, strawberry, grape, or an assortment of other flavours in your mouth.

So imagine our delight when we found out that this blast from the past now comes in a sparkling drink form.

Found in Koryo Mart

Images of the drink were first leaked by photographer Xavier Lur in a tweet on 5 Dec. Based on the pictures uploaded by the SMU student, it seems that the Chupa Chups drink comes in three classic flavours: strawberry milkshake, orange and grape.


Now you might be wondering where this sweet decadent drink can be found. Well, instead of teasing us with only pictures, Mr Xavier shared that they could be found at Koryo Mart located at Bukit Timah. It’s also walking distance from Beauty World MRT Station.


Time for a sugar rush

While PM Lee Hsien Loong raised the issue about diabetes in his National Day Rally Speech this year, the revelation of this drink has put our health plans on hold for the moment.

Given the popularity of the lollipop, it’s probably a good time for a sugar rush to grab these drinks before they run out.

Featured image from Xavier Lur.